Sunday, December 5, 2010


this is what it looked like most of the way to ashland. roxanne drove from her place, and boy was i grateful...

roxanne invited five women to participate in a show at paschal winery with her; i don't think that any of us knew for sure how it'd work out in the end, so we were all delighted to find out that it was a blast! here are a few pics from the opening night; the flash seems to have stopped working on my camera so everything's pretty dark.

i left most of the pics big so you can click to see more detail...

this is anna standing beside some of her encaustic pieces... she's who roxanne and i stay with when we go to ashland.

more of anna's work...

some of roxanne's pieces in very poor light.



more wendy (who is blogless)...

one of gaelyn's pieces...

and another...

some gorgeousness from jan (also blogless)...

and more jan...

roxanne and jan... we all had smiles like this!

* * *

Beauty is in the honest gesture. It is harmony between you and your work. Integrity and presence are its main ingredients. No aesthetic concepts can replace what is authentic. When you let go of result you are free to be yourself. There is no greater beauty than the manifestation of that truth.

Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley, Life Paint and Passion



  1. oh lynnie, what a beautiful post. thank you for being there and thank you for your eyes and your soul that see beauty like no one else... I love the photo of anna.... sending smiles to you, roxanne

  2. The drive looks cold . I can see whyshe ask you and all the artist. All the art is amazing. Tell those girls to get a blog, so they can share their wonderful art. Hope you enjoyed the trip and the ride.
    Take care.

  3. What a fun event. I would have loved to have joined you, but I'm glad not to drive in the snow storm.

  4. Wow, what a great show, Lynne! I am blown away by the snow scene you had to brave to get there. Glad you made it home safe and sound, have a creative week! (ditto Katelen, get bloggin', girls!!)

  5. This must have been fun. I enjoyed the show .... but missed your work!

  6. Wow, look at all the beautiful snow- magic. Where's that? We are heading to BC on the 26th and can't wait for all that winter magic- soooooo humid here. Gorgeous work.

  7. How funny it sounds -
    like homeless
    or armless

    or indicating some large incapacitating deficiency.

  8. Presence, yes, (no aesthetic concept)that is the place-- then the entangled dance of divine and earthly self (at that given moment) arises

    and to be driven through the quiet temple of snow-tree-deep into the heart of Being and Beauty! What a gift.

    being so generous you left out your own work ?

    i agree with the others about blogless word. It hit me though with a sense of wonderment for both options. To be or not to be ...

    Congratulations to everyone and Roxanne esp who looks like she had a wonderful time.

  9. Eye candy everywhere, lovely like-minded companions, and a gorgeous setting ! Sound like all you need for a truly magical experience. Yay !

  10. 'blogless' was not laden with meaning in my mind... just a way to say that i couldn't link to their blog or website so you could see more of their work... : )


  11. blogless! it sounds so sad! and as for that drive in the snow well we just wouldn't do it over here in the Uk unless life depended on it! - no doult you've heard how hopeless we all are in the artic weather we have been experiencing of late! We've all been told to stop at home!! Hmmmm..... wonderful smiles, exhibition thanks for sharing Lynne

  12. Lynne--I thought that the color of all these photos was absolutely wonderful. I like that low light, that yellow cast. I think that the walls were yellow-ish anyway, right? So, it probably threw a generous amount of that into the art. I clicked on them all and blew them up so that I could look at all the details...incredible. I wish that I lived closer. I would have loved to attend the show. Wendy doesn't happen to work in Ashland at Red's Threads, does she? Just wondering. I remember when we lived in Siskiyou County and had snow all the time throughout the Winter. It became just "matter-of-fact" to drive in it all the time. It seemed to last the entire Winter too! It would melt a bit, the icicles would form, then freeze again at night. Some of them (icicles) got so long because of the melting and freezing each day. I am happy not to have snow but just a few times a year. I would rather drive "to" it than "through" it!

  13. Lynne,

    It was just so wonderful to meet you finally! I loved your art, and more importantly I loved you! Thank you for your kind words.

    I hope to see you soon, Mandy

  14. and your work....??? looks like a great time! : )

  15. Hi dear friend,

    Ditto.... why wasn't there any of your work on this post?
    Miss you already and look forward to seeing you again after the snow has turned it's back on us, whenever that will be ...

  16. Ooooh! I'm sorry I've missed so much of your blog while I've been away! This looks like it was a wonderful show! And it's such a treat to see Roxanne's beautiful face among all that fabulous art.


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