Thursday, September 2, 2010


watercolor and oil pastel in muslin journal

it always seems like a big step to get back into blogging after being gone for a while. here i am... taking the plunge!

i've seen so much in the last couple of weeks. so much art, beautiful scenery, people, great food. i'm full... now i'm gonna stay home for a while and digest it all...

my favorite 'mound', on the way to roxanne's. i've posted pictures of it here a couple of times before. i just love it...

roxanne and i had a great time together. we did a whole lotta talking and laughing, and took a whole bunch of pics. this swan didn't want anyone near his family!

the next few pics were taken in ashland. we went on a snapping frenzy. two people looking for shots can come up with a whole lot of shots. it's interesting to see what each person notices...


i'd like to say a big thank you to our mutual friend, anna, who put us up for the night. we each knew anna before we knew each other; roxanne since high school, and me since the late 90's when anna and i helped start a women's art group here in northeastern california. years passed and anna and i lost touch, only to be reunited again by roxanne, who i met through the blog world! anyway, anna is a crazy talented artist whose work roxanne and i adore... thanks, anna, for everything.

the piece at the top of the post is the last piece i painted before i left. since then i've been stitching, and i don't have any pics of the pieces that i've left behind. this is a piece i just finished yesterday - the words "all you problems are taken care of" are stitched on the back. i like the idea of leaving pieces like this on restaurant tables (or maybe checkout counters)...

a friend gave me this box last week - a bar of soap came in it, and it's a perfect thread and needle container.

i'm working on this now. it'll be the second tie that i've completely covered with stitching. i'm fascinated by how the stitching changes the nature/energy of the fabric. it becomes something very special once it's covered with stitches. this piece also has spots that i burned with the magnifying glass. muslin and silk...

this was laying beside our doorstep a couple of days ago. a pinecone flower... what perfection. i'm enjoying these late summer days so much. i feel like i want to soak it all in....

one thing that i did last week was pass on twelve big boxes of teaching material from my days as a special education teacher. it was time for them to go, and it feels great having empty space where boxes used to be. just before i left to deliver the boxes, one of my first students called me to say "lynne, i've gotta joke for you."

* * *

j: what did the ocean say to the lake?

me: i don't know.

j: nothing, they just waved...

: )



  1. Waving back!:)

    Lovely post, full of inspiring and gorgeous pics! Loved the peep into your sketchbook!

    Love Julia x x x

  2. Dear Lynne, your home!!!! I love your post, and I loved our time together so much! I have the day off today and was going to writ you. It is gorgeous outside.
    Your stitching is beautiful. I love the subtle pieces, but your scraps of color remind me of your paintings. sending love to you on this second day of September.

  3. i am glad you are home.
    i missed you...

  4. Lynne, your stitching is amazing. So friendly and inviting. I remembered to look up walnut dye, it seems that no mordant is needed, maybe you dyed the wrong type of fabric to hold the colour. Here is a link from Jenny Dean who really knows her onions, so to speak.

    I look forward to seeing more. If you are interested in natural dye, Jenny Deans book can be bought on Amazon for around £3.50 which is a super bargain. India Flint (who has a blog, 'not all those that wander are lost') also has a book with amazing techniques and information. xxJ

  5. I am waving back! Happy you are having a wonderful time! Love the new pieces!

  6. I'm waving too!!! Glad you had a wonderful time. The pics are gorgeous!! Love the new pieces....stiching is awesome!!

  7. Perfect.
    I love a happy ending.
    At first I thought your post title was
    which I liked. But when I got here I saw it was
    waving...and I was still intrigued.
    I'll be telling that joke.
    Wholesome cleverness.
    The world could use more of that.
    I will also write down the word waivering in my journal.
    I suppose it will lead me where I need to be.
    As always, I thank you for the inspiration, the smiles and
    I thank God I "met" you :)

  8. Well, I grinned when I looked at your photos and I grinned again at the joke. What a great end of the summer you had. I can see why you want to just stay home, for a bit, and think about everything. SOOOOOOooooo many wonderful things to process. :)Bea

  9. hi!
    nice to see all your lovely stitching.

  10. Lynne I just love your stitching...and yes as someone commented, it is very much like your paintings, the colours, the composition....beautiful.

    The tie is amazing. I love how you burned the holes with the magnifying glass.

    The fragments you stitch and leave about are beautiful. How lovely it would be to find one left for you are very thoughtful and generous of spirit.

    How lovely for you girls to spend quality time together ...the warm friendship of sisterhood.

    Sending love.

    Jacky xox

  11. Aiyeeaahhh! your stitching - a deep inhale, my breath catches and my heart goes pitter-pat. I am so obsessed with stitching and fabric right now - and it all started with YOU!
    As I peruse the web in search of light and creativity and inspiration, I continue to steer towards the blogs and websites of textile artists and vintage Japanese fabrics. Curiouser and curiouser.

    Glad you're home safe and sounds like a divine vacation connecting with wonderful women - perfect!
    xxoo + blessings

  12. hey Lynne, one of the nice things about going away is the getting back and now i'm back i'm going for a rummage around ur blog :o) i love ur stitching - I've just beed drooling over an armchair which is covered in patchwork fabric with little running stitches on it and now u've got me thinking maybe i should make one! hope ur well kx

  13. Lucky is the person who finds a piece of art you left on a table or countertop!

  14. ah, your post overflows with life and creativity. So glad you had a wonderful time away. Your stitching art is wildly fun. I love the idea of leaving things behind as well. And the covering of ties.... great. Welcome home and back.

  15. You and Roxanne must have had such a great time together!

  16. Wonderful creative post. Warmly,Karen

  17. Hi Lynne, as always, good to see you. I really love your new stitch pieces as you might well guess I would. Your painting and drawings are always fun to behold but the stitching bits are an interesting departure. Hope you get some more summer, hope I get some more summer! Glad you had a good trip and welcome home.

  18. Oh, Lynne - so good to read this post and get a glimpse of your sunshine trip to Ashland. Love your stitch-work.


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