Tuesday, September 21, 2010

light comes through

oil pastels, colored pencils & watercolors on muslin

every sunny day i'm out walking, and every cloudy day i'm catching up on the 'chores' i didn't do because i've been walking so much! i feel compelled to spend these sunny but cool days out wandering... but i've been painting too; all of the sudden i feel like painting up a storm.

i've been working on plaster cloth again - here are some pieces drying on glass, which i like because it lets them dry nice and flat, and it's easy to clean. the plaster cloth is just one layer thick, with a few extra bits stuck here and there to add strength and interest. ( there's a post here about adding plaster cloth to muslin - or paper - if you're interested)

even with just one layer, you can dig into it. after i put a layer of gel medium or acrylic paint on it, i squirt it with water to make the 'digging into' easier. after that i let it dry before i do anything else to it. it can only take so much when it's damp before it wants to fall apart.

all of these were done using oil pastels, colored pencils, and watercolors (with acrylic on the background). i feel like the 'creek people' taught me so much.

3" x 5", so i can't do much detail, especially with oil pastels...

when i draw, i'm erasing less. i just want to see what shows up....

this is on muslin, and it's on the back side of

this face.

in other words, all of the color in the 'ghost face', is what bled through the page from this one. the only things i added were the eyes, some light pencil lines, and the dangly earring hanging from her right ear...

i have been happily spending a lot of time at the green shrine tree. there's a smooth rock source nearby, so i visit and draw...

one day...


on my way home i leave the rocks in trees that i pass. you don't have to go far before your afternoon's work is distributed!

near these trees...

the back side...

* * *

this was left after i cut out the words "don't bite the hook" for the piece above. oh my...



  1. Lynne, love all of these! My very favorite is the one number 8 from the bottom...how did you get that effect?

    p.s. ty for your comment on my blog!

  2. Lynne, my friend, you are such an inspiration to me. I'm always such a happy camper when I come and see what you've got going on. *big smiles* are on this face!! Love everything!! xo

  3. janine, all of that color is what bled through from the face on the other side (the one right below it). i drew in the eyes, put some paynes grey for the pupils and white on the eyelids, and that's it.

    it's seems impossible to believe that this face is the 'ghost' of the other, but it is...


  4. Your *light comes through* every word and every image in your posts! You were a very, very good pupil when the creek people were speaking to you this summer.
    These are all gorgeous, and I really love the ghostly portrait, too.

  5. Lynne,
    Your images are lovely & ethereal. Thanks for sharing about how to make pages, I've wanted to try that. Have used the plaster for 3d but not pages... I like your random stitching, I like to do that kind of stitching too.... Also enjoyed seeing that mountain of glass - awesome! Where is it?

  6. Yeah I like the #8 also, although they are all cool. always fun to see what you have been up to. I like doing the rock thing too but I always wonder where they have gone to, they are never still there. Maybe I should make bigger ones

  7. i love the way you experiment with materials and love these figures. It must be nice to be so close to nature - i'm sure this is something I'm lacking with all my rushing around. thanks for sharing this x

  8. When you sigh...it puts another puff of magic in the world...
    Thank you

  9. oh yes, your light comes thru... and that barely there image is so intriguing and mysterious... your heart stones so loving, and your stitches are so beautiful....
    lets enjoy our walks while we can, we have plenty of winter time to make more art eh? xxoo

  10. Rock graffiti found in trees
    Very auspicious
    Much luck coming

    Old Chinese Proverb

  11. The bleed through effect is amazing and I love the 3rd photo of the golden haired girl on an antiquey muslin. Happy wandering Lynne. There will be other times for chores.

  12. Love your impressionistic ghost. A very symbolic situation happening there. Spirit vs appearances. Paradox of to be or not to be.

    The hook. So symbolic too. Whenever I do draw it appears. Lol.

    Happy birthday/solsticetoo!

  13. Hi Lynne . I discovered your blog because of Nicole's post .
    Here i see many of my friends have visited you already !!
    it is nice to meet you and your work.
    all the best .

  14. I love how you play with your canvas making it your own and unique. Each piece is wonderful in this post, the fabric art truly caught my eye. So much talent pours out of you~

  15. Dear Lynne, it is so nice to be here and brouse through your world, the land you walk and the faces you paint. I love the gifts you give to your trees, your mountains and the hills you climb. Your days sound very beautiful! Oh, and I especially love your woman in the last post with the red bird perching on her head! roxanne

  16. inspiring as always. love the bleed through and the Dharma words of course! love the width and breadth of what you create. such a wonderful, deeply personal style.

  17. how COOL! Those rocks are cool. And your drawings. I am loving working on different surfaces and I really want to try this. It is texture par excelence. I think. I don't speak French.

  18. I'm here via Seth's Studioscapes, and I found your 'ghost' image as I was scrolling down through this post. COOL! I've never worked on muslin, and I've never turned a piece of my old paper over to see what's on the reverse, either. Now, I have to look!

  19. Lynne, I love visiting your site it always makes me smile. I am smitten with the golden spiky haired face on the plaster cloth. I finally got some plaster cloth and am keen to try it. I have been working in the muslin book I got from you and it is a joy.

    You inspire me to be my authentic self with your beautiful art. ;)


  20. I heart the heart rocks!
    Light comes through, indeed!

  21. Lovely gifties to the trees and beautiful arty people gifts to the world. Keep soaking up the light, Beautiful Lynne, those chores will wait...;)
    Happy Sunday !

  22. Hi, Lynne - I just got back from 2 weeks at my parent's Colorado home today and am doing a little catching up with my friends. As always, your post is such an inspiration. The plaster muslin as a support fascinates me and I plan to give it a shot - maybe not this studio week but soon. very best wishes in the new week.

  23. Glad you are back to using plaster. You do wonders with it!

  24. Such a wonderful post Lynne, so full of magic and joy. It's always an inspiration to visit your blog.
    All your art is wonderful, but i love especially your plaster paintings. So intruiging i find them
    Just as your ghostface. Very beautiful.

    Sweet greetz!


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