Sunday, August 22, 2010

wriggling out

chloe ~ watercolors and oil pastel on muslin

i didn't paint much last week; it was a week of selling stuff that i no longer use. on the one hand it seems almost miraculous the way money just appears in your paypal account, and on the other, you know you've spent a lot of time doing stuff to make it happen!

i think that my creek painting days are coming to an end... it's getting shady out there and the temps have really dropped. so these may be the last of the creek people. i guess then they'll be art room people. ; )

i have been stitching a lot. when i can't focus on painting, i love to sit and do the running stitch. i've finished the heart since i took this, but i still have more to do on the tie. this is silk from recycled saris on walnut ink stained muslin. one thing i've learned this summer is that walnut ink quickly fades in sunlight. it won't take long before this will look like plain 'ol unbleached muslin...

isabel ~ watercolors and oil pastel on muslin

back to painting... i used the paint that bled through the page from chloe for much of isabel. i like this idea. working on muslin is surely my first love... i love the way it looks so much!

dana ~ watercolors and oil pastel on old book page

here's my whole set-up for painting creek people. everything i need fits right in the watercolor case - daniel smith travel brush (the black thing), paper stump for blending, and a piece of oil pastel.

i also painted a creek person in this book. i got it on my trip - it's the sweetest little book of line drawings by matisse. i'm not going to paint on all of the pages - just some of them... it's very interesting doing this...

watercolors and oil pastel on book page

i like most of the drawings in the book way too much to paint over them...

i'm going to change the way i respond to comments... i'm going to e-mail my response to each person instead of posting it here - unless someone asks a question, and then i'll post the answer here. just so you know... : )

i'm going out of town again this week! roxanne and i are going to ashland tomorrow to play, and then later in the week i'm going south to visit friends...

i hope you have a beautiful week!

* * *

A crazy life, what! Particularly in view of the fact that I was supposed to be at work on the great American novel. Now and then, of course, I did write a few pages... My dodge now was watercolors. I dabbled in them, as the expression goes. It was a joy to go on turning them out like a madman - perhaps because I didn't have to prove anything, either to the world or myself. I wasn't hepped on becoming a painter. Not at all. I was simply wriggling out of the straitjacket.

~ Henry Miller, 'To Paint is to Love Again'



  1. Hi, Lynne
    So interesting to see your set-up for the Creek People. I love your stitching posted today; I have been stitching myself this week, very meditative and soothing. Enjoy your time in Ashland, what a terrific place!

  2. safe travels lynne!

  3. Have a great time Lynne. Your stitched piece is very pleasing to my eyes and Chloe reminds me of Hermoine from Harry Potter for some reason. She's very sweet.

  4. have a great time. lucky you to go visit Roxanne! love your stitches and I agree, i could sit and stitch all day. such a meditation! temps are dropping here too and I have been saying goodbye to my garden... sigh

  5. Enjoy Roxanne.

    Your watercolor box is a stained glass church opening life.

  6. Have fun in Ashland..but in the meantime please know that your faces are so...what's the word......the mixture of the page + your art is PERFECT..I REALLY love these..all of them. xoxo

  7. Nice paintings. I think of you sometimes when I am walking in my woods. I don't bring things with me to work on but I think about you bringing things to work on. I've mostly been hand stitching this summer although summer is not quite the proper word for what we have had. More like an extended spring/early fall. I'm freezing here. I hope you have a wonderful Ashland trip.

  8. Have a wonderful time. I'm playing with my plaster wrap on my muslin, painting it and just making pages for the Sketchbook Project. I think of you when I am humming to myself and painting. I also wish I had thought about painting my cast, on my broken wrist, when I was 12 and fell out of the apple tree. :)Bea

  9. AUGH! I hope you and Roxanne are having a lovely trip!

    The Dana is gorgeous. Love those colors. I also like the painting over the book page line drawing. What a cool effect.

    You follow your passion, woman! No 'shoulds'!

  10. As always I love your faces. I especially like the one on the Matisse page, something startling and exciting about this.

    Yes it feels like fall here, my favourite season, the air is cool, the sun is hot and there is a special quality to the air, a certain scent on the breeze. Enjoy your little get away.

  11. how great that you have been selling things. I think I should do that, then I don't. Was it house hold things you sold, on ebay or Craig's list?
    each bit of art you have shared is quite wonderful to view and enjoy. I always love when you share what you are using to make your art and I want you to know that you have planted a seed in me. A seed for using eco friendly canvas and finishes. I have only just begun to make art and understand acrylics, oils, milk base, canvas etc. but you have planted a seed. Thank you! Wishing you a wonderful trip!

  12. Hi Lynne,
    I think I like to go out for a coffee with Dana ;-). Nice to see your watercolour case. And the book of Matisse - first I hold on my breath - but I must confess it looks very good with your paintings inside.
    Have an nice trip!


  13. Glad I found you again.Some how I had lost you on my blogs..I have missed so much.
    You always inspire me.

  14. I love your stitching Lynne...isnt running stitch so meditative and such a beautiful, utilitarian stitch.
    Love those creek people and your painting in the matisse book looks fantastic.
    Enjoy your time away with roxanne and visiting friends.

    Greetings from Switzerland my friend. Thinking of you when I walk in these beautiful towns and woods.

    Jacky xox

  15. Happy Trails, Lynne. If you have the time, stop in at my friend's store: Red's Threads in Ashland. She has wonderful hand-dyed Bali prints and lots of wonderful clothing. Enjoy your trip. I made the messenger bag for my friend (like the one I sent to you) but I didn't put Gesso on it because I was afraid it would be too stiff once it was made into the flap. I will have to experiment with this more but I needed this to accept the pens and have fine lines. I posted a picture of it tonight if you get a chance to look, let me know. I wish I could say it was cooling off here. No chance for a few more days at least.

  16. I will miss the creek people. Perhaps they will show up again next year.
    Beautiful sashiko! -J

  17. Lynne, I had such a great time with you! I am so energized by all the art we saw. The drive, the sunshine, the painted houses and window boxes... the food! And it is great to be home too. My last week before work starts...
    Seeing your work in person is such a treat. It is even more beautiful when you can touch it, hold the pages and your matisse book... oh my gosh!!! Have a beautiful day today, dear friend and on your next trip! roxanne

  18. I have never thought of drawing like you did over a master's works. They work so well together, I thought Matisse's work was yours:)

  19. Hi Lynne, Its good to hear you are selling so much. I love to see your stitching. Have you thought of using a mordant for your walnut dye? I hve a few books on that subject, I'll look it up for you to see how to make the colour more fast. Until then, have as much creek fun as the sunshine and daylight alow xJ

  20. Love the piece you did over the page from the Matisse book. It adds a whole other element which makes the face really compelling.

  21. Sounds like you and Roxanne had a great time. I always love seeing what your up to. Dana speaks to me. Maybe it is because we both love hats ;)



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