Monday, August 2, 2010

some people have asked how i get the pages to lay flat... the answer is that they just stay flat. if i really use a lot of water they start to buckle a little, but not much. the other amazing thing is that the paint doesn't bleed through to the other side except around the edges of the page.

to create some shading i put the watercolors on the oil pastel (say, on the cheeks, or on the edges of the face/neck), then i rub the paint in with my fingers. if there's still water on top of the oil pastel after i get all of the color i want, i wipe it off with my finger. it's sort of hit or miss and detail is out of the question, but i like it...

i also used some shiny mica powder on her face. i've had this stuff for a while but never use it. now i have the whole set out on the table so i can use them more often. that sparkle is nice...

this is rhonda sheila, secretary by day, linebacker by night...

yes, enough with the hair!!

in my muslin journal... i got my twinkling H2Os out for the watercolor part... i have, uh, a lot of twinkling H2O colors; it's a real luxury to have all that color already mixed up and ready to go.

these are done in the same way as the faces on the old book pages; oil pastel and watercolors...

all of the shading on 'waving man' was done with quinacridone gold and paynes grey from my daniel smith set.

a little stitching... i'm headed out of town tomorrow, and my plan is to take the flags with me and leave them here and there. they're hanging in various trees now, awaiting their true mission...

thanks to kelly, i found out about david choe's new book, previewed here. and on amazon, here.

* * *

have you seen stevie ray play a double necked guitar with his brother, jimmy?

now THAT's smile making!!

thank you everyone for your nice words about the creek people! i'm taking my computer with me, so i might be around!



  1. Stunningly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and explaining how you get the look and the materials you use

    Carolyn xo

  2. Love, love, love all of these, and thank you for sharing the process!

  3. Love Stevie & Jimmy...

    When I was a girl, my best friend Ingrid has one blue eye and one hazel/brown eye. Your beings reminded me of her...we lost touch along the way but oh those idyllic summer days with your beautiful best friend...

    Enjoy the new Month, Fantastic One !

  4. Have a lovely time.

    And, enough with the hair!!

    I've never met a linebacker/secretary, but I bet she's good at multi-tasking!

  5. Just lovin' all your work. Omg...I have the twinkling H2O's and I've haven't used them bad. You are reminding me to take them out!!

  6. I love looking at the drawings. I find them so fun and inspiring! Really, I do.

  7. Your images on the printer pages fascinate have a storyteller's heart and it shows in the portraits. Thank you for sharing . Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. That video is too cool! Now I am off to you tube to view more. Oh, love your art work too;-) but that stevie ray.............ummmmm!

  9. Here is my guy, Tommy Emmanuel, the awesome Australian

  10. hi carolyn, thank you! always so nice to see you here! xo

    thank you, diane... and you're welcome. : )

    hey kim, well, i really like doing eyes different colors. it's so *interesting*! yeah, stevie and jimmy... what a pair... you have a fabulous new month too, my fellow Big Heart... xo

    hee, chris... yes, well as i wrote in my e-mail, if anyone thinks she's not being a good multi-tasker they'll keep it to themselves, i'm sure. ; )

    lol, manon, get 'em out! they really are a blast of color... xo

    amy, thank you! that just really puts a smile on my face. : )

    hi mary helen, thank you... those images are on old book pages though, not printer paper. and yes, i think i do have a story teller's heart...i only know this because i see it in the paintings...

    jan, tommy emmanuel is amazing. i've never heard of him before, but will definitely check him out. i love the guitar...

  11. Geez, what manly men have to do to get a hug! LOL! Love the pages with the paintings on top of the print! So beautiful. You Rock! As usual.

  12. Thanks for sharing your process - always makes me want to paint when I see your pages! Have a nice time out of town. Great quote, by the way.

  13. Oh Lynne, you made me lol!
    Secretary by day, linebacker by night...probably my last 2 picks for jobs! Seriously, I'd rather be a garbage collector. Now that I thought about that...I think I already am one.
    I love sparkle too! and glimmer and shimmer...happy, happy!

    PS: I really think the tree apron is working! I feel the willow smiling, I swear. You are a magical woman :)

  14. Hi Lynne,

    I love your beings without hair, they have such honest appeal. The little boobies are cute too.

    Enjoy your trip and I am loving your fabric work...those prayer flags are beautiful. The trees will be ever so happy to be adorned with your lovely art.

    Jacky xox

  15. I am fond of the last three hairless ones, which seem like children emerging from the ether with tiny adult tendencies yet to manifest. tender and powerful.

  16. Nice collection. quinacridone gold... in what set? Goldens has stopped making the paint mixture, but you can order it special from their lab....
    The Vaughans' have 'it' there. -J

  17. Digging these faces. And thanks for sharing some of your "secrets" here too.

  18. I love hearing about your process, techniques, wavy pages or not. Such fun is each being your create. wishing you a wonderful time away.

  19. love your naked girls... and I am off to check out your links xoxo

  20. extraordinary beings - wonderful!
    speaking of stitching ... just saw this
    Must find out more about Agnes Richter...

  21. I love these! Just can't say how fabulous I think they are. Such amazing, tender character. Love secretary by day, linebacker by night!! I see them all hanging in a row in a beautiful gallery. Have you ever tried the photo dump where it looks like your work is hanging in a gallery. It would be fun to see some of these on the "fake" but real looking gallery walls. The link is on an older post of mine called something like "going to the dump"

  22. when I look at your faces I think, now that's sheer brilliance. amazing. courageous, to commit to your own inimitable style and share your tips even. I wonder if you've ever used those tiny jars of pure pigment... I've been looking for a reason to get some, don't know if they'd work on the paper or not.
    p.s. stevie ray is, well, in my humble opinion, the best guitar player in the universe; it's so cool to see my son, almost 15 be so into him too:)

  23. Every one of these is just delightful.

  24. Your faces are as smile making as Mr Stevie Ray Vaughan.


  25. Lovely work. Just thought I'd swing by and see how your summer has been going. I've not had a great deal of time for visiting blogs lately. The sun has been out :) x

  26. I'm getting itchy fingers to paint on old book pages. Your people really are so charming, Lynne. They always make me smile.

  27. ..."Those who take it upon themselves to minister to the human spirit shall themselves be moved primarily by things of the spirit....Great quote..great art...great music...thank you for sharing...hug, hug


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