Monday, July 12, 2010


pencil, colored pencils, oil pastels

i've been happily drawing again... instead of thinking about what i can't do, i thought about henry's words: "paint as you like and die happy". everything gets pretty easy then...

i'd like to thank marilyn rock for inspiring me to draw faces on old book pages, and pablo at the 'museum of pablo' for giving me the idea of drawing faces from old yearbooks. pablo, i can't find your blog - are you still out there?! anway, this face is from an old photo of one of my aunts. it's a lot of fun to do this - i highly recommend it!

pencil, colored pencils, oil pastels, inktense pencils on muslin

in my muslin journal, an imagined face...

i stuck this here so it'd be ready to work on the next morning. it looked so good! like a tree apron! (except this isn't a tree. i know...)

i decided i needed to start putting some 'secret words' on the back. : )

and now, some links and info that i've come across lately...

the first is the work of frédéric bruly bouabré, who i read about in raw vision. if you click on his name it'll take you to the postcard sized images that he created every day. he drew whatever was calling to him on found paper. i love these images and this idea... you can buy a boxed set of some of the images (i think it's 200, but i can't remember where i read that) here.

on roz's blog i read about places to get sample packs of paper. the sample packs at legion paper look fantastic. i love the idea of trying out a whole bunch of papers...

maira kalman has a new book...

and finally, in bratislava, slovakia this is the year for INSITA, an international triennial exhibit of naive/outsider art. i can't find much about it on the internet, but it runs from july 3 to september 26. from the article in raw vision, it sounds like it's well worth investigating.

* * *

Artistic growth is, more than it is anything else, a refining of the sense of truthfulness.

~Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark



  1. Lynne I absolutely adore the portrait you did on the old book just is so enchanting....and how inspiring are Henry's words "paint as you like and die happy"....I'm off to paint "as I like"!

  2. Yup, there you go....good words, good thoughts. My computer is freezing up on me so I can't go visit the links you put up. Maybe tomorrow, over my morning tea, I'll be able to visit them. But, thanks for posting them. :)Bea

  3. the portrait on book pages of your auntie is fab! and so is your tree apron...
    so glad you have decided to paint as you like and die happy... I am all for that too!!! have you been to a blog, called... ummm sweet as a loon? I will get you the link... xox

  4. The transparency and the luminosity of your artwork mesmerizes me.


  5. I love this work on the old book page. The simplicity of your painting and the yellowed book page make it very delicate and touching.

  6. Hi Lynne,
    I love the imagined face - it's looks a little bit wistful to me but also very soft and tender. And the idea with the secret words on the backside - huh, that's genial!

    I wish you a nice day...

  7. Great faces...both of them. Working on the old book page really adds interesting depth. And thanks for these links too!

  8. Another interesting post, thank you!

    Coincidentally, I was thinking of drawing portraits, etc. on old text too! I keep thinking of one that was done in one of my online classes! It is funny how things can get into sync with people online! I love the portrait you did on text and of course all of your work as always! I love that you are using secret words in your work! Now to go back and read again!

  9. Paint as you like... the rest will follow. Sounds mantra! -j

  10. hi cynthia, it's amazing how much depth and sweet energy an old book page has. i love that all you have to do is draw on it - no background work required. and thank you! xo

    hiya bea... yep, good words, good thoughts...

    cat, i went to 'sweet as a loon'... wow! what delight! it's a new avenue for sure for me. i'm enchanted with the energy that these pieces have.

    thank you, julie... xo

    hi zendotstudio... yes, isn't it touching? and all on account of the old book page. it's really powerful... thank you for leaving your thoughts... : )

    thank you, nicole! all of my imagined faces seem to look wistful... : ) i like the secret words too - i think they'd be nice to come across if you found the flag somewhere.

    you're welcome, seth - and thank you!

    janine, yeah it is funny how something gets going in the ethers and it's all over the place. i really love drawing faces from pictures. and i'm amazed at how big the ears often are!! i had no idea! xo

    jayne, it sure does...

  11. Hei Lynne, thank you for the references; when I grow up I want to be an "outsider" too.
    I am so glad that you decided to paint and draw like yourself, if you don't it leaves a hole in the universe where all your art belongs!!
    tree aprons is hilarious!!¡¡!!
    Enjoy this precise moment all day.

  12. Well, of course I love the muslin - stitching and burning - heaven!
    yes yes yes ... onward

  13. I love the way you showcase your work Lynne. Your work looks so beautiful mingled with nature x

  14. Hi Lynne, you are always having fun and being so creative! It makes me happy to visit your blog and see what wonderful projects you have done! Love the secret word idea! The faces are fabulous and printed pages always capture my attention. (I'm really having fun with the Bahrain newspapers as the Arabic writing is so pretty!) You are a wonderful spark of inspiration! Thanks!

  15. love love LOVE those tree aprons.

    i want a skirt like that.

  16. linky love..

    thanks for some new snacks online

    and why not a tree apron?

    sounds perfect.

  17. The tree aprons are keeping me smiling.I wish you could set up a hidden camera to see how people react to trees wearing aprons. Your aged page portraits are wonderful.


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