Saturday, January 16, 2010


watercolors, oil pastels, colored pencils, and acrylic paint on muslin

this is the last drawing that i did last week... after that i decided i just didn't have the drawing zing. it became clear that my little boat had floated into the creative doldrums. usually when this happens i fret and fuss (and fret and fuss some more), but this time i decided to just do whatever the heck came to me... no worries about it 'looking good' or being 'a painting', or anything...

acrylic paint and oil pastels on muslin

first i got the stencils out...

acrylic paint and caran d'ache crayon on muslin

this one was done with extremely diluted acrylic paint on a wet page - everything suddenly becomes mysterious! the brownish lines are from a dripping wet caran d'ache crayon...

i wrote down words that i read or came to me... (parts of two pages here)

oil pastels and acrylic paint on moleskine pages

i did a painting thinking about the way jeane paints...

acrylic paint and glued down image on moleskine page

more words and i used that nice picture that had been laying around.

image transfer, acrylic paint, colored pencil, and oil pastels on moleskine page

words, an image transfer, and a pogo print of my pink grapefruit/cranberry juice.

acrylic paint and oil pastel on canson mi teintes paper

and for the collaborative project i'm doing things i wouldn't do otherwise - like use this shoe stencil...

so here i am, galluping right on through my moleskine. after taking out the centerfolds from the last two signatures (to make room for the muslin), i'm not that far from being done, which (as those of you who could watch the video know), i'm happy about.

stonehenge paper - a couple of people asked me about it a while back. roz has done a nice review of it here.

beautiful week to you!
. . .
seated woman with bent knee, egon schiele

"i am so rich that i must give myself away."

~egon schiele



  1. What a feast of a post!!! Glad to see you are galloping through your moleskin journal (we are loving seeing all of the pages).
    Such a great stencil of the dog...made me smile and I love the reds and greens in that first page. I knew that page had to be influenced by Jeane...wonderful.

    Thanks for the great quote from Schiele (did he paint at the same studio as Klimt? Love that painting).

    Have a wonderful, wonderful week Lynne...lovely to see what you do when your mojo does a go slow.

    Jacky xox

  2. And when you give yourself away I fall more and more in love.

    Renee xoxo

  3. I love the first painting and your bird stencil is so powerful. I can't stop looking at it.

    You enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  4. The first painting - I LERVE the colours.

    There is a joi de vivre about it all.

  5. Thanks for the smorgazborg!
    Oh Egon, What would you have accomplished if your life had been a tad easier and life much longer?

  6. This is the post I needed this morning! I didn't have the painting *zing*! Love what you decided to to.... I will follow your lead my friend!! I will play!!

  7. All so different, all so wonderful. You are "galluping" and it seems to work. What fun these all are. :)Bea

  8. I think you handled this doldrum brilliantly and now how do you feel? like you moved thru it?
    the vibe of you post feels like you did! thanks for sharing so much! xo

  9. I love everything you did but that first one is my very favorite...I LOVE it! Eye candy post LH! Thank you!

  10. Wow everytime I visit your site I am inspired. What a great post! You inspire me greatly to draw faces and I have been doing quite a bit of work with my non dominant hand. It is amazing what happens when you let go of expectations.


  11. jacky, i don't don't if they actually shared a studio - they may have at some time. klimt was a huge influence on schiele, that i do know. i am just so in love with schiele's drawings/paintings of people. his lines are utterly perfect, i think. you have a lovely week too... : ) xo

    ahhh, yes, renee... this is what we must do... and then we will all be fallling head over heels in love with each other. xo

    hi jasmine, thank you... i didn't feel like that first painting was done, but i couldn't see what else to do, so i moved on...

    loani, well, as far as i can tell, joie de vivre is the immediate result of letting go... (i love these colors too. i can't seem to get enough of that dark red lately.)

    jayne, yes, i wonder that too... 28! so young and look what he did in that brief life... every time i look at his work i am awed by the power of line and color.

    hee, manon! well when the zing leaves what else can one do?! ; )

    bea, this process of learning to just go with it, stay in the present moment is ongoing. i'm always surprised at how things 'work' when i do it... xo

    cat, i feel i'm still more or less in this calm, windless sea. but also like there is a lot to explore here. the passage to the 'southwesterlies' lies here. : )

    janine, you're welcome, thank you...

    yeah, patti, it really is amazing to see what happens when you let go of expectations. it's so tremendously freeing. i really love that you're experimenting with non dominant hand drawing. it's this experimentation that's so rich...

  12. It's nice to watch how someone else gets out of those doldrums--and how much you accomplished along the way!

  13. So many different approaches and styles. Your unique creativity shines through whatever you create!

  14. Well you got through the doldrums with style Lynne!

  15. hang tight because that galluping is leading you through this transition and it's going to be knock out! love the bird stencil piece xxo

  16. keep galloping! something wonderful emerging from within.. other aspects from self shining through. love.

  17. hi robin, hee, well i don't know that i'm out yet, but it sure is fun in here. : )

    heya seth ... thank you!

    thanks, robyn. : ) xo

    jeane, yeah, that's my fav too... here's to galluping!

    hi viv, as i just said to jeane - here's to galluping (and self shining through). : ) xo

  18. Hi!
    It's so funny that you just left a comment for me on my blog, because I had just visited yours to catch up and was digesting all the wonderful things you've posted recently! You know I adore everything about your style, right? I really liked you video, too, and hearing your voice was such a treat.

    I've been wanting to tell you, too, that I bought myself the Hundertwasser book, as well as the Outsider Art Source book you mentioned in a post a while back. I love them!!!!!! I feel such a connection with these artists, too. Thank you so much for bringing them to my attention.

    I'll stop gushing now!
    Love, love to you, too,

  19. great post miss lynne.
    as always a feast for
    my eyes .

  20. You call this the doldrums? I'd like to see what you do when you are on a roll.

    My fav.......the bird and the moleskin pages.

  21. OK to "gallup" sometimes, although "floating" is nice too...and look what you did!!! :) xx

  22. Lynne, i love all your art here... lots of it to feast my eyes on and feed my soul. The first page is my favorite, it makes me think of you hanging your glass beads in the trees by the creek, (I know that is probablly not what you meant though!) And the bird, and your words. so wonderful, roxanne

  23. i am so rich that i must give myself away!

    i love this, Lynee. So much.

    exo blessings

  24. uhm


    this one spoke to me so clearly,
    with the strong border that bounces you back to the figure...

    what's wrong with it?
    I love it.

  25. hiya angela... well, i've already e-mailed you, so i'll just say here (again) - thanks for your smile making comment. : ) xo

    thank you, kathy! xo

    hee, karen... the doldrums seem to be pretty full of action if i just let them... ; ) xo

    jo, yep, floating is much closer to what it is. or i should say that floating in the doldrums leads to galluping through the moleskine. : )

    roxanne, you changed your picture! i like it! i like the bird too... and the words... (and thank you : ) xo

    m., i love that too - so much... exo xo

    well, grrl, i felt it needed something more but i had no energy/desire to stay with it and see what it was. i felt like i was forcing things, and that's no good...

  26. Hey lynne, love all the variety of inspirational images. well, your zing sure appears to found it's mark in other ways than drawing! I really love the pastel piece you did (inspired by Jeane, I believe?)
    much lusciousness here :)
    xxoo K

  27. just keep playing...and playing and trusting and playing some more...great images...the force is with you...clearly.

  28. Hello :0

    Im new to your blog, I just found it today and I had to stop by and say how much I admire your work! I really like the stencils you did, and like you I also tend to 'play' when I get creatively stuck, its amazing what the results can be when we just make art for fun isnt it!

    Nice to find you
    Love Julia x x x

  29. thanks, k.... xo

    hi laura, thank you for coming by and leaving your kind words... yes, playing is the key as far as i can tell. : )

    julia, yes, it IS amazing what results when we just go for the fun! and thank you!


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