Monday, January 11, 2010

catching up

acrylic, oil pastels, colored pencils, magazine image, and matte gel medium on muslin

whew, i thought i'd post last week but then i got sick... now i'm better...

one of the things that i've been doing is learning to make videos. nothing complicated, but i'd like to be able to edit them - combine videos and add text. windows movie maker doesn't seem to want to work with the video converter i'm using, though, so no movie editing for now. any suggestions re: your favorite format for saving videos (so far my fav is mp4) or video editing software (PC) would be greatly appreciated...

i've been taking it easy, reading a lot, painting some, watching a few movies. being quiet... last week i watched "in the realms of the unreal: the mystery of henry darger". the trailer is here, if you're interested... it really made me stop and think about many things, one of which is how a person can live in this world (in a city) for more than 60 years doing art without anyone knowing about it. it also made me think about my art in a way that's hard to describe. it made me slow down and *look* at what i do. i highly recommend it (the film that is)...

so here's my first video; it's about the art stuff i've been doing lately... it's me trying not to ramble too much and saying some pretty silly things in the process... ; )
. . .

"Actually, the main thing now is not to paint precociously but to be or, at least, to become an individual. The art of mastering life is the prerequisite for all further forms of expression, whether they are paintings, sculptures, tragedies, or musical compositions. Not only to master life in practice, but to shape it meaningfully within me and to achieve as mature an attitude before it as possible. Obviously this isn't accomplished with a few general precepts, but grows like Nature."

Paul Klee, from his diaries, quoted in 'Paul Klee, Selected by Genius', by Roland Doschka



  1. I love you voice and I love love love your laugh.


  2. Oh, I wish i could watch the movie clip. Old computer with no speakers...

    Your picture is lovely. I got your package this morning. The book is wonderful. I love it, thank you!

    Sending love xx

  3. Hey Lynne,

    Ooooooh! I thoroughly enjoyed your video. It's awesome to see what you're up to and also see some of your gorgeous artwork!! We want more!! Thank to so much for sharing!!!

    p.s.... OMG... i also love oil pastels!!

  4. Good to hear your voice Lynne :) I enjoyed touring all you've been up to and am glad you are feeling better. I hope you enjoy your new collab!
    Was wondering if were at all close enough to have felt any of that upstate earthquake?!
    xo K

  5. oh the trailer is fabulous, want to see that film!! and your little film is wonderful, I love hearing your voice and your laugh and talking about your work, well the film is priceless! xo

  6. Dear Lynne,
    I really enjoyed the video. I've wished for a long time that you would advertise some classes, so this is like a mini-class (to me anyway).
    How is Mrs. Mizzle? Does she ever contact you? (It takes me a while to get over things sometimes, don't worry, I'm okay, mostly, about Mrs M living with Jackie). : )
    Joanie Mintaliptek (not a legal name...yet!)

  7. Arghhhh...I wish our connection here in the country was better, I can't watch the video!

  8. I have to look at the video after posting that I love this new piece! Happy to hear you are feeling better...I was ill with some little bug last week too! Glad that week is over! Now to view the trailer, sounds interesting!

  9. Yay, it actually downloaded when I lovely to hear your voice!

  10. hee, thanks renee... : ) xo

    jasmine! i'm happy you like the book! love, love!

    thanks, manon... : ) yeah, i am TOTALLY in love with oil pastels and colored pencils!

    hey k., no we didn't feel the earthquake...we're a couple hundred miles inland... thanks for you well wishes about the collaboration. all is well! xo

    cat, oh i'm glad you checked out the link to the trailer. yes, do see it... and thanks about the video. : ) xo

    ms. mintaliptek, i swear you make me laugh so much... : ) yes, jackie keeps me updated on mrs. mizzle, and she's quite QUITE happy down in oz. she stays busy - does a lot of reading and chatting with the other (so called) dolls. i think they spend a lot of time sewing too...

    hey cynjon! if i were around southerners for any length of time my southern accent would pop right back up. i think i sound pretty non southern now. : ) xo

    thank you, janine!

  11. glad you are feeling better. You got me hooked with your trailer. Thanks for sharing all the info.

  12. Glad your feeling better :)
    Great video Lynne, so much information in 4 min...
    Amazing what slowing down can do for us! Lovely hearing your thoughts about this...will check out that film too.
    Jo xx

  13. Lynne, I hope you are feeling better. This is an AWESOME video. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

    You have the best laugh :)

  14. Lynne Lynne Lynne
    Just hearing your voice is grand. All of a sudden there is so much more of you. How does that work?
    Fab idea. Looking forward to more.

  15. Lookin good, Lynne!

    I am using Final Cut Express....once I learned how to use it...I love it now. I have to tell you though...the greatest moment ever was when I stopped editing MP4....since they are already compressed, it is a hassle. Try editing another file format that is not compressed and you may be surprised at how much easier and faster editing is.

  16. What fun to HEAR your voice. I felt like I was peeking over your shoulder. Love the plaster work. Interesting effect with the sanding of the painted muslin. I like, I like. :)Bea

  17. Fun to hear your voice and get even more insight intoyou process.
    Enjoy your moleskin transformation !

  18. Oh, I didn't realize how much I missed you until I heard your voice on the video... Fantastic job! I love hearing what you are working on and seeing it on your work table, seems so alive. I am glad you are feeling better, and wow, the white pastel and the plaster work is wonderful. roxanne

  19. Darger - I remember when they found his work - it was like peeling back an onion - they just kept finding more and more - can't wait to see this film - and I love your mini film also - I wish I could steer you in the direction of some editing software, but I'm a mac - alas - your faces just get better and better Lynne xxo

  20. Thanks for sharing this video with us. I enjoyed it and enjoyed hearing your voice. You still sound vaguely southern to this left coaster. I hope you make more of these videos.

  21. Hi again Lynne, waited for better time and I went and watched the trailer. Looks fascinating! His work is truly amazing. I've seen some of the huge pieces at the annual Outsider Art Fair in NYC, and heard bits about his life from the dealers, but this will be so great, really rich! Seeing the vast amount he did, in his art cocoon, is just something else. Can't wait to watch it - thanks for bringing it to our attention! xox love, Karin

  22. hi linda, you're welcome, and thanks for stopping by... : )

    hey jo, yeah, it IS amazing what slowing down will do. it really changes your perspective... the henry d. movie really made me think... xo

    kelly, you are so sweet... : ) xo

    loani, it's crazy isn't it? the videos seem to shrink the miles between us to almost nothing.

    thank you, julie! i just e-mailed you with my thoughts... i appreciate yours... : )

    thank you, bea... it's nice to be able to communicate this way. : )

    thanks, kim! onward!

    smiling here roxanne... videos are nice! and thank you about the plaster and effect of the white oil pastels... : )

    jeane, i'll get this editing thing down; i just have to find the right software. one thing for sure is that i've learned a lot from what i've done already. henry... yeah, he's something... xo

    hi jan, yeah, i think i still probably do sound kinda southern. *i* can't hear it, but other people can. i'd like to make more videos... have to get some editing software... (you changed your picture : )

    karin, i think it'd be amazing to see the big pieces in person. it's hard to imagine him doing them in his small room...

  23. How lovely to hear your voice and your laughter...what a treat the video clip is, both to hear you and for all of tips and pics of your journal etc. I love the plaster technique. We did some of that with Stephanie Lee last year, but we used a plaster bandage (like they use for plaster casts). Messy and fun!
    I received a voucher from an art shop in Melbourne for Christmas, so I am going to treat myself to some portfolio oil pastels...I only have limited colours, and love the effect of them.
    Your moleskin is wonderful...thanks so much for sharing.

    Jacky xox

  24. To think that just a little while ago I couldn't watch video clips at all. It's such a treat watching your clip Lynne. Feels like I'm right there with you. Pity I can't feel the plaster and muslin pages!

  25. this is just like popping over for a cup of tea. I like the informal way, you're doing nothing wrong here....

  26. Thanks for the video. A great way to see what you are working on and so nice to hear your voice!

  27. Oh to hear your voice Lynne! I love the plaster and simply sanding the muslin for new textures. I also love your newest face. Listening and watching in the video format rocks!

  28. Lynne, I love your video! How do you have time? It is all I can do to work in the studio...Love you.

  29. Great video. It's incredible how the plaster makes the muslin look almost like a piece of tile or something. Even the sound of it when you clink it on the table...and love the sanding as well. I am playing with some muslin now too. Thanks for the ideas.

  30. WOW! I love your voice and your video and i love your pictures too!

  31. Lynne, thanks for all the ideas! I second Manon....we want to see more of your work. I would have never thought of the things you are doing.
    Sorry to hear you were sick. Sometimes a few days of movies and lying around refresh the soul as well as the body.

  32. hi jacky, i want to try that plaster bandage stuff (i think it's also called plaster cloth, if i've got it right...). until i get some of that my plaster experiments are suspended, hee. it is messy, that's for sure. but it definitely has its rewards... oh, you will like those portfolio oil pastels... : ) xo

    robyn, it IS amazing this way we have of communicating these days. these *ways* we have of communicating! xo

    hee, thanks, grrl... i think informal's the way to go. : )

    hi seth and thank you!

    teri, yeah, the tile thing... a tiled wall with plaster 'tiles' is something that came to mind right off the bat. xo

    hi b & w! waving! xo

    deborah, you're welcome... yeah, laying around can definitely be good for the soul - the soul may, in fact, demand it. ; ) i got your sweet card... thank you... xo

  33. I enjoyed your video. It is fun to see and hear what you are doing. I hope you do more of this. Your art is wonderful.
    I would like to learn how to post a voice recording only, of my poetry. Still have not figured that out.

  34. so much inspiration here! love your move into video...


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