Sunday, January 24, 2010


colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolors on muslin and and moleskine page

so here i am, still 'becalmed', and thoroughly enjoying it...

watercolors, acrylic paint, stencil, and sharpie poster paint markers on moleskine page

image transfer, colored pencil, and oil pastels on moleskine page

image transfer, pigma micron pen, and sharpie poster paint marker on moleskine page

the image transfers above were made with photos sent to me by a friend. the images were much nicer than my transfers, but still, some of their gorgeousness comes through... the top photo has incredible purple berries in it, and the bottom one is of dried witch hazel flowers.

what i did a lot of last week was draw/color images on muslin and then cut each one out and glue it to the page. the angel, the boat, and the star in the top picture are colored pencils and oil pastels on muslin; after i'd colored each one in, i cut it out and glued it down. same here, except i did most of the coloring with caran d'ache neocolor II crayons. i used the crayons both with water and without. the rug was made by scribbling with dry indian red and grayish black crayons, and then rubbing them in (like you do with oil pastels).

i thought it'd be nice to just show you the ingredients instead of writing them down. i left out a crayon, though - that's grayish black (love that color!) around the edge of the rug. otherwise, everything's here...

colored pencils, acrylic paint, oil pastels, and caran d'ache neocolor II crayons on moleskine page

you can't tell from the pics, but gluing the muslin pieces down gives the page an added dimension. i like it... AND i get to work on muslin without totally covering up the paper.

the face was cut out and glued down. the ingredients on this page are the same as the one above.

colored pencils, oil pastels, sharpie oil paint marker, and acrylic paint on muslin and moleskine page

i used a template that i found here for this figure... she moves - the brads come out on the back side of the page and i just covered them up with ripped pieces of paper.
. . .

"When you become a lover of what is, there are no more decisions to make. In my life, I just wait and watch. I know that the decision will be made in its own time, so I let go of when, where, and how. I like to say I'm a woman with no future."

Byron Katie, 'Loving What Is'


(turn it up ; )



  1. Wow---this quote is spectacular. I have been going through some really emotional times in the last two months. I lost a dear friend and will probably never speak to her again and this has really been a hard thing to grasp. But, this quote seems to speak to me and help me figure out what is important and what is not. Lynne: you always seem to have the answers for me. Thank you immensely!

  2. ahhh, sweet teri... thank you... byron katie has the answer, that's for sure... xo

  3. oh, Lynne, how I love this floating you are doing - the figures are wonderful and the first picture I really like - the little boat sailing along guided by the star and my fav is the cat lying on the rug - keep floating Lynne - it obviously agrees with you xxo

  4. Wow I love the Floating piece. She looks like she is embracing the light.
    The transfers are amazing! I am a horse girl so I am drawn to that one but they are all so interesting.

    It is cool seeing your art supplies.

    More yummy inspiration.


  5. So many that I love. Floating is obviously paying off because you are creating wondrous things, Lynne. I keep going back to the witch hazel page and "becalmed"..... and the last one.

  6. LH, thank you for posting this! I love every piece of work!! You make me want to get back to painting or playing with muslin rather than the doll making I have been using it for lately! Thank you!

  7. Lynne,
    All of these are so beautiful and moving. I love the transfers. Have a book out of the library on transfer techniques right now. I was surprised how delighted I felt to see the photo of your tools. It gave me such a happy feeling. I love love love your handwriting too. Oh the little yellow dog and red bed is perfect. But they all really made me pause and smile. The first one sure drew me in. I love the image and the calm.

    Wow. Amazing art.

  8. you are producing (so much!) amazing art... my goal of working for a couple of hours in the studio every day isn't yielding many finished projects but I'm in an experimental mode:)
    I love those crayons - I have them in gray, I'll have to get the colors!
    love the piece below too!!

  9. hey jeane, i don't feel inclined to stop floating and start swimming, that's for sure. a lot of stuff floats by... xo

    thank you, patti. she's either embracing the light or being guided by it - or maybe they're the same. ; )

    robyn, those witch haze flowers are something, aren't they? and they're dried for heaven's sake! such beauty...

    thanks janine! i'll bet your dolls can advise you on this. ; ) xo

    bethany, thank you so much for your nice words... they mean a lot. for the handwriting i just use my left (non dominant) hand. one of the main reasons i do this is because it makes me *slow down* and pay attention to what i'm writing. if i use my right hand it seems my mind sort of clicks off and i go into automatic mode. you know the thing that surprised me seeing the picture of the 'ingredients'? it was how simple they really are... xo

    thank you, thank you, patti... i think this experimental mode is the thing... just seeing what comes our way - trusting that whatever we need will come our way. as for the crayons - oh yes, you need more! hee! they're so versatile. and they go a long, long ways. i've used mine so much and have only used a couple of colors up completely. i buy them at dick blick now - just replacing the ones i need. xo

  10. I love the floating image in particular Lynne. I just say your comment at Jeane's blog and though "Lynne and I have to stop meeting this way!" So I came over for a visit.

  11. Always such a pleasure to visit your blog...such wonderful, personal, art.
    I too love the floating are always open and experimenting and sharing it all with us.
    I dont know why, but I love when people share photos of their supplies too...I was surprised too at how few you used in those pieces.
    Love the neocolors...I bought a few new ones on the weekend as I had a Christmas voucher...olive brown,crimson alizaron,light ochre,gold (which looks light olive green),aubergine,venetian red, malachite green and orangish yellow...dont you just love the names. I was so *happy* with new stash of colours.
    Thanks for this lovely calm post.

    Jacky xox

  12. gross!! this is sooo bad.... yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  13. leslie... still smiling... : )

    hi jacky, oh, i don't have some of those colors you named! aubergine?!! and olive brown?! orangish yellow is one of my favorites, though. i have about 5 that i've used up almost completely and that's one of them. they're like old friends when they get down to about an inch long. : ) i always enjoy your visit here, jacky... xo

    hi anonymous, of course i don't know what you find gross and bad here - i can only say that nothing here seems that way to me. peace to you...

  14. Nothing gross here at all..

    Lynne you have been inspired, all of your work is wonderful. i love the moveable figure. The picture above it is wonderful. i see what you mean aout cutting out the muslin.

    I think i feel some experiments coming on.

    The song, we all need to hear this from time to time :)

    Love to you xx

  15. Wow Lynne,
    Another amazing post...when do you start teaching classes that we can come to and personally soak in your enchanting enchantment?
    Big Love,

  16. well ... my favorites are 'lucid dreaming' and 'creative possibilities'. Really love the recent work, I was going to say 'direction', but it seems like there should be no direction.
    wonderful and inspiring - just like you!

    p.s. my word - "layarer" that fits

  17. p.s. that should have been 'lucid visions' - maybe even better than dreaming

  18. i do believe that is my favorite bob marley song. i sing that one a lot. :0) i love becalmed with the winged being hugging the star beams. they are all magical and light. kudos!

  19. wonderful new works lynne - they leave me becalmed and smiling. I'm ready to curl up on the cozy rug with Yellow dog, to read a good book :)
    xxoo K

  20. If there's one good thing about disappearing from blogland for a while and returning again - it's visiting an old friend and seeing how there work has travelled in new directions. I love the way your painting has developed in all your recent posts. If only I could find my earphones to listen to your video. x

  21. The words and images support each other... nice. -j

  22. Showing pics of your ingredients - what a great idea. I like the transfers Lynne...but then again I really like all the pages you posted!

  23. I am loving watching what happens next in your art.

  24. hello

    love your naked little girl image and its words worth. so true.

    xo blessings.

  25. dearest lynne, I thought I left a comment here, but I guess I did not. I love your floating woman on the boat, and the horse, ( so much like the ones I am trying to draw) and all your amazing work. Things have been crazy here, but I am back at work tomorrow. blessings to you. roxanne


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