Sunday, May 3, 2009

mrs. mizzle

this is mrs. mizzle and she's looking for a good home...

she wants to make sure you get a good look... she's made from a scrap of molding -- she was hanging out with the dallas brick people before i scooped them all up and sent them to california...

even though she doesn't look like it, she's very strong. i've decided that Beings that incarnate through me have a 'barely there' look, but don't let that fool you. we've -- whoops! they've come in to do a job and they're serious about it! her job (so she says) is to provide sound counsel and sage advice...

here she is with the 'xo' tag that comes with her.

and the other side of the tag (which looks pretty much nothing like the 'xo' side). i've been messing around with making tags -- they're just so dang fun! and handy for when you want to spruce up a gift, or a letter, or...

mrs. mizzle says if you'd like to partake of her sound counsel and sage advice just say so in your comment... i, i mean *she* will pick a name from a hat and tell you who she's going to live with next sunday!

i don't know who i've been more captivated by -- mrs. mizzle or the daffodils... i kept snapping shots. this one was taken last night with available light.

besides doing a lot of experimenting with paper clay Beings, i've been working on my graffiti wall project. the lower right corner has since been done, so all that's left are the top corners. my plans to cut it up are still in the works and supplies for finishing the project are hopefully on their way. here's what julie's canvas looks like now, and seth, i don't know what yours looks like at this stage!

earlier in the week, before the (lovely, welcome!) rain started, amelia taking a sun bath...

have a beautiful week!



  1. there is this lush verdant green ness to all your shots... and I love mrs mizzle. I bet she likes a gossip, dont you?

  2. ms. mizzle can come to my house any time.theres a group of ladies her size who'd like to meet her. And I cant wait to see your grafitti project when its done! thanks lyle

  3. Mrs. Mizzle...... I adore her! I can't believe she was born out of scrap molding!
    I'm so excited to see how your graffiti wall project will turn out!

  4. too cool lynne ! i love mrs. mizzle.
    i love the direction you are going in.
    i love watching the graffiti project unfold.

  5. Oh, Mrs. Mizzle! I could indeed use her advice & company ... especially at work where I so desperately need a sane woman friend!

  6. believe me when I tell you I could SO use mrs. mizzle's sound counsel and sage advice! she has a face that I could definitely trust. :)

    your graffiti wall just gets better and better. I'm amazed how the pieces of the three different artists are fitting together so well. looking forward to seeing the next phase.

    hehe - your flapping crane makes me smile ... I made similar versions (with the traditional peace crane) into Christmas ornaments ... to this day, that design is my favorite ... OH! and now that I know I can dip them in setting agent to make them stronger, I might just have to do them again!!

  7. oh, Mrs. Mizzle, I 'm in great need of sound counsel and sage advice - I've readied a spot for you! Lynne, where is your new profile pic? loved it - these little people that are manifesting are just fabulous Lynne! xxo

  8. If the Fates decided that Ms Mizzle was to share her counsel with the folks at Hapi Hapi Land, I'd be pleased!

  9. I've got a pot of tea ready for Mrs. Mizzle....

    Oh Graffiti wall...I love how we can take our time with you and meander here and there....isn't it a fantastic project? So beautiful..

  10. Mrs mizzle is marvelous ! If she came to live with me, how happy we would be. I just love her gown and am always in need of sage advice.

    Your wall is looking spectacular !
    Happy Sunday, Lynne

  11. I see that Mrs. Mizzle is in need of someone to counsel and that would be me. I coud use her to help calm me down in the upcoming weeks of doctors visits and I'm sure that Sun Hat Sue, sitting on my typewriter, would be excellent company for her. They would both have great fun here in the California foothills. I wonder if she might want to visit, if only for awhile? I will definitely be needing some sage advice. I would even take Rosemary and Thyme if they were offered! Some day I will post my project that went in a similar direction as yours. I ended up cutting it up into very small pieces and was happy with the results.

  12. I almost missed Mrs. Mizzle on the first picture.

    I think she would like to come and live in a foreign country.

    What about it Mrs. Mizzle. How will Canada do?

    Love Renee xoxox

  13. Ohh I'd love a bit of a chat with mrs mizzle - do you think she'd take to living in England? but it can be damp! She is much needed but she needs to consider it as it is a big move!!!

  14. my dear grrl, i believe that mrs. mizzle will be a good listener to *anything*!!

    lyle, knowing you as much as i do, i have no doubt that mrs. mizzle would be thrilled to hang out with you and your ladies...

    thank you, manon! yeah, molding! now i want more molding scraps -- my mind is working... maybe hardware stores have scraps?

    hi kathy! thank you! i'm pretty exciting about these new directions myself!

    nancy, mrs. mizzle would see that assignment as being of the highest order!

    michelle, it *is* hard for me to believe that you are in such need, being the sane being that you are... but i do know that mrs. mizzle would be most pleased to live with you. she might have a thing or two to *ask* you!

    as for the 'setting agent' that you put on the cranes... what IS that? i'd love to try it... xo

    hey jeane, my new profile pic was replaced by the old one -- but who knows how long it'll last? ; )

    cynjon, mrs. mizzle would so be in her element at hapi-hapi land. i'm not sure that she wouldn't take off with some of your creations never to be seen again!

    julie, mrs. mizzle ADORES tea! and i think she'd love being a sort of assistant to a film maker/workshop teacher/genius artist... : ) xo

    happy sunday to you, too, kim! oh i have no doubt that you and mrs. mizzle would have a blast!

    teri, first of all, i would love to see your project that you cut up into very small pieces... i may be inspired to cut mine up even smaller!

    sheesh, as far as mrs. mizzle goes, i can tell from what your wrote that you two would be instant friends (not to mention sunhat sue). and the california foothills... well who can resist them?

    my dear renee, you KNOW mrs. mizzle would adore you *and* canada!! xxoo

    rosie, mrs. mizzles name comes from the fact that she was born in the midst of days filled with mist and drizzle. so of course, yes! she'd love england *and* you!

  15. Ms. Mizzle is most needed in my home. I am in desperate need of sage advice. Being plagued with "work blues" when I just want to stay home and make art. Help me Ms.Mizzle!!!

  16. ahhh, I can tell the mrs mizzle is full of sage advise, from her years of observing the 'molding' human minds, up high, possibly in the crown somewhere, I imagine... who could possibly resist tapping in to such a gift of support?!
    happy happy, twinkle toes :) xoxox K

  17. Just got home from teaching and can't think of anything clever to say...but you know how very much I love your work and am always happy when you post!!!

    Have a wonderful day to you and Mrs. Mizzle!

  18. Scrap molding...ingenius! I think I need some sage advice so yes please Mrs. Mizzle, hop on over. The tea and cake are waiting.

  19. lol, lily! i do believe mrs. mizzle is just the person for the job! she ADORES art and will assure you that you're absolutely right not to want to go to work. ; )

    hee, miz karin... yes, all that molding has surely been an influence. definitely crown chakra. no doubt about it... : )

    thank you, kelly... mrs. mizzle would positively flip over your book collection. : )

    robyn, since mrs. mizzle loves to travel and she's partly made of wood, you can see how dearly she would come to live with you. xo

  20. WHY am I so late getting to see these things? Ms Mizzle! HOW did you carve her? she does look mighty mighty. and tags are always a kind of beneficent plus.

    Love the graffiti wall, and kind of miffy about the fact I can't see the bottom right corner...

  21. i meant kind AND beneficent.

    Ms. Mizzle loves me. just sayin.

  22. Lynne...3D suits you!
    Mrs Mizzle is gorgeous. So gorgeous she would have no problems migrating to Australia!!! She would be well loved here (fingers crossed)we love diversity in this country and people made of scraps of moulding are no exception to that rule. :)
    Love your wall and I think Amelia has the best spot!
    Thanks for your comments, lovely one!

  23. mrs. mizzle is so quirky and cute... I am in need of some sound counsel and sage advice so please put me in your draw.
    (I love your paper/clay play and that green you have used...).
    Loving the progress with the grafitti project. Looks fantastic! I love the riot of colours.

    Jacky xox

    Have to tell you, visited Grrls blog and word verification was flyce (very close to fleece) and this one is crone, not that I think mrs. mizzle is a crone he hee!

  24. I would have to agree with grrl's comment about the overall "green" quality here. Just beautiful.

    Mrs. Mizzle
    the graffiti "wall".....I need to learn more about this!!!!'s gorgeous.

    Always learning something new here, thanks Lynne and good luck with the copper. Can't wait to see what happens to it in your capable hands.

  25. I have always wanted (well, at least since I was 11) to change my name to Mrs. Mintaliptek, so I think Mrs. Mizzle and myself would get along just fine. Actually, if I had no hair, we could be sisters, except I'm also taller than she is. Okay, back to the real world.
    Happy days,

  26. What a lovely creature mrs. muzzle is. Oh, you are having so much fun Lynne... happy, happy spring... Roxanne

  27. Oh Lynne,

    Ms Mizzle is so YOU. THOUGH you PROBABLY DON'T SEE HER AS THAT.. aNYWAY... i'm enjoying and loving where you might be taking this,with so much humor and heart.... Is she an evolving avatar? Perhaps there will be many fun aspects of ms mizzle's PERSONALITY.....heeee! She's very fun and well-done, Lynne.

  28. hiya chris, i made her head out of paper clay -- it's as easy to work with as play-doh. it's like play-doh that hardens... i put a gob of paper clay on the already painted molding, did a little shaping, and that was it! i drilled a hole through the molding for her arms...

    i think tags are a kind of beneficent plus AND a kind and beneficent plus, don't you? ; )

    jo, yes i love 3D! i used to carve wood and soapstone and i always felt right at home in that 3D world. mrs. mizzle would be positively honored to live with your lovely self. xo

    hello loani, and i love your work! welcome -- it's so nice to have you here...

    lol, jacky, i think mrs. mizzle IS a crone! surely that must have been some kind of sign. ; ) and thank you...

    thank you, karen... i feel the same way at your place (always learn something). the copper came today! i'm in copper love!!!

    joanie, just when i think i've laughed as hard as possible, you come along and make me laugh even harder. yes, *surely* mrs. mizzle would love living with someone who's always wanted to be named mrs. mintaliptek!!

    p.s. i think mrs. mizzle may discourage frequent forays into the 'real world' though.

    heya roxanne, yep, fun is right!! sending wishes for a happy spring and love to you!

    hee, anna! well we all *are* barely there beings, so yes, i can see the similarities... i've already made more beings -- always evolving, we are... ; ) xo

  29. Great looking graffiti Lynne! I will post an update to mine soon!

  30. This is my first visit to your blog and I know I will return. I found the link on Glitter Bones blog. I wonder if you could find more molding bits at a furniture building shop, a woodworking shop? I'll bet they would have lots of scraps they would be glad to be rid of.

    I'm sure mrs. mizzle will find a wonderful home from all these kind people who have offered her a home. Over here in Oregon she might get mossy. I think I am getting mossy....

  31. Nice to meet you Mrs.Mizzle! :)
    I would be really pleased that you come to our house!Just call me before that I prepare everything!;)

    I'm so happy to see your brilliant posts again Dear Lynne!!!
    Have a fantastic time

  32. thanks, seth! i'll be checkin' to see what yours looks like!

    hi jan, yes, i've been wondering that very same thing. now i just have to find some furniture/cabinetry shops!

    lol, i'll bet you are mossy! well, mrs. mizzle sends her best regards, and we're awfully glad you stopped by (and hope you'll come back). : )

    hello parisa! oh don't you know mrs. mizzle would love hanging out with you and all of your brilliant art?!! yes, yes, i'm sure she would have words of wisdom for you as you work on your children's book. : ) xo

  33. Hello Lynne,
    Isn't Paper Clay fun?!
    "Sound counsel and sage advise" is always needed and most welcome at any time.
    Mrs. Mizzle is certainly has presence.

    Mrs. C.

  34. Sweet girl, what fun you've been having!You always make me smile and Mrs. Mizzle made me chuckle too!

  35. ms. mizzle
    a bed of violets
    under a star filled sky
    awaits you
    your counsel
    will create
    a new flow
    in the sky-water-land

    xox - eb.

  36. hello, mrsc... yes paper clay *is* wonderful! i am quite in love with it! mrs. mizzle's blushing at the mention of her having presence. ; )

    dear annette... so, so lovely to see you here. i must get by to see you... well you know mrs. mizzle already adores you -- all she had to do was take one look at those fairy shoes... xo

    oh eb! a poem! mrs. mizzle and i are sighing... and blowing you kisses... xo

  37. Wow! I've missed so much!
    I love Mrs.Mizzle and would love to hear great words of sage advice. Lord knows I need it! Thank you for being generous and offering her to a new home.
    And the graffiti collage is beautiful. Can't wait to see the final finished works.


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