Sunday, May 10, 2009

proceed to love

after, of course, mrs. mizzle announces who she's going to live with (and other miscellaneous news is shared). we'd both like to thank you all for your kind and funny comments... i don't think i've ever done so much smiling in front of the computer!

mrs. mizzle has her bags packed -- she's going to the southern hemisphere! she's gonna be an aussie! jacky, look for mrs. mizzle just as soon as the mail plane can get her there. she's smiling thinking about going to live with you and your klimt dolls... and the horses!

we've had this christmas cactus for 5 years and this is its very first bloom. isn't it the most gorgeous flower you've ever seen?! there's only one bloom on the whole plant... i think it put all its resources into this one amazing flower...

every morning for the last three days i've snapped pics of it before even putting the coffee water on. that's what flower love can do to you...

i've been out wandering -- leaving signs of tree love behind.

it's a festival out there! plants popping up, creeks rushing, birds singing!

eb's got me thinking about mandalas when i'm out... some indian corn that i left behind as a 'thank you'.

the main MAIN thing i've been doing is messing with stencils! yup, i'm catching up in mary ann moss' stencilry class. i am smitten!!!

these four pics are the inside and outside of my stencil portfolio cover, made on cardboard.

i've tried different techniques...

i didn't use spray paint,

i used a very little spray ink, which was maddening because the sprayer got clogged up easily.

mostly i used this roller sponge and regular 'ol acrylic paint. i need about five more of these...

the front cover... i don't think it can take one more thing, do you? i used three layers of muslin (glued together with gel medium) to hold the front and back together, and then painted over it.

she's offering this class again in august. i HIGHLY recommend it. not only is it chock full of videos and information, it's very well laid out. this is the first online art class i've taken and i can't say enough good things about it... thank you, mary ann!

okay! now we can proceed!

: )



  1. wow. Mrs Mizzle is adorable. Where is Mr Mizzle? I love the way you have taken the stenciling tricks and done them in a very Lynne Hoppe way. Fabby

  2. Whoo-eeeee I am so happy!!! I cant believe mrs. mizzle is coming to live with me Lynne...she will be so CHERISHED, I love her already.

    Your stencilling looks fantastic, sounds like a good class to do. Love what you did with the muslin for binding too.

    Looking forward to meeting mrs. mizzle.

    Jacky xox

  3. Hi Lynne,
    I just love reading your posts! Wow! I can't believe the bloom you got from the cactus! It's so beautiful. Your stencil covers are terrific! It looks like so much fun!!


  4. to LOVE!

    Congratulations Jacky! & safe travels to mrs. mizzle.

    we have 2 Christmas cacti on our lanai ... one never blooms (not even a single one) and the other is a RIOT of blooms ... next time I'll be sure to take a few (100) snaps for you.

    your thank you is simply lovely ... though I think the tree love counts as big thank you's, too ...

    Am totally and completely loving your stencil work - the pages are so lush and textural ... and as for the front, there just might be enough room for a teachers little gold star. :)

  5. Always such beautiful photographs to see when I come here...Happy Mother's day, Lynne!

  6. Flower love, tree love, mandela offerings, and beautiful art. Thanks for the great visit.

  7. I hope mrs mizzle loves her new home! what a wonderful creative post Lynne - you have been having fun I can see!

  8. well, could Mrs. Mizzle have gone to a better place?, except, well my place of course, but if she can't come? hurray for Jacky! ooooo love the little corn kernel mandala - stencils? - you amaze me! you are off and running in a whole new direction and turning it on its ear! love it here!

  9. Well I'm sad that Mrs Mizzle isn't hot-footing it over to South Africa but I'm really happy she's moving in with Jacky because I know she will be right at home with the Klimt dolls...and of course she loves Klimt owls too.

  10. Love, love, love the stencil art. I will be checking Mary Ann Moss out. Thanks for the tip.

  11. Lynn, I love your Tree love banner and the little corn mandala. The stencil work is wonderful and very "you" - looking forward to seeing hwere to take it next x

  12. lovin' the love :) and that cactus bloom was well worth the wait!! Sounds like you are having a blast with your stencils, and I love all your innovative ways to avoid spray paint.
    Happy happy spring joy!! xox K

  13. Oh great news about Mrs Mizzle, moving to Oz!!! Gee, I may even get to meet her one day :)
    Lynne, the colours of that cactus flower are gorgeous! I would be like you with a camera...
    The stencil work is the skull & crossbones and the "OM" symbol...two of my favs, and two that I have henna'ed so many times over the years!

  14. Have a look at this artist Lynne, she is a local to my area...

  15. mr mizzle? geez, i guess i should have named her ms. mizzle. ; )

    jacky! i am smiling!! as for the muslin binding... that muslin is SO handy!! xo

    hey manon, well believe it or not, the flower is even more spectacular today. this is like an incredible psychedelic flower trip! thank you about the stencils...

    hee, michelle! yes, to LOVE! that's very interesting about one of your christmas cactus' never blooming. i have no clue what prompted this one to bloom -- maybe it had to store up 5 years worth of energy before it could manage the feat. ; )

    hey julie -- thank you and happy mother's day to you, too!

    you're welcome, leslie. : )

    hi rosie, thank you and yes, i've been having fun!

    heya jeane, yep, mrs. mizzle picked a good home for sure... and uh huh, off and running again. : )

    robyn, oh my, i forgot about the owls.... yes, they will have so much to converse about. xo

    you're welcome, ginny. yes, do check it out!

    hey lumilyon! waving and blowing you kisses!

    karin, you should see the flower today!! total, total flower love here. happy, happy spring joy to you, too! xo

    jo, if i'm ever in oz, i do hope you'll give me a henna stencil. an om and a skull and crossbones would be nice. : )

    thank you for the link -- i'll check it out...

  16. I am so happy my friend Jacky will have Mrs Mizzle in her home! You are so talented and I am lucky as I will get to see Mrs Mizzle in the flesh one day. I know she will be cherished by Jacky and be very happy at the farm!
    Love how you leave decorations around in the countryside (your tree flags are stunning)
    And your Christmas Cacti looks luscious!

  17. Love your journal work and Miss Mizzle is divine, I'm so happy I'll get to see her in the flesh, as I'm visiting Jacky at the end of the month.

  18. Congrats, Jacky, you sure are happy, and of course, (I'm forcing my hands to write this) I am happy for you.
    Dear Lynne, on a happier note for me, the kind-of-forlorn-Mizzleless-Mintaliptek, I really do love the tree love and your stencil art.
    Happy days,
    p.s. I am joking you guys, I am happy for Jacky and Mrs. Mizzle! I just like to pout.

  19. hello dot, always so nice to see you here... i know mrs. mizzle will love meeting you. she might want to meet one of your dolls, too. : )

    jeez, ro! mrs. mizzle is so lucky! you, dot, jacky -- she gets to be with *all* of you!!

    thank you for your kind words!

    okay seriously, kind-of-forlorn-Mizzleless-Mintaliptek, you've set me off on a giant laughing spree again! thank you!! i'm waving and blowing smiles back to you!! (and thank you about the stencil art and tree love : )

  20. Dear Lynne, your art is looking so joyous, I love your stenciling, all the layers and the depth, your beautiful flower and your journeying into the woods. In the summer, I hope we can get together, and if you want to go to Ashland ever let me know! Roxanne

  21. i just left you a little award. i LOVE your blog!!!


  22. Lynne the flower really is the most beautiful.

    I love your book with Karin. Amazing.

    Love Renee xoxo

  23. Just SPLENDID work.
    I'm loving your Stencil play. The colors, the "voice"...just perfectly YOU.
    Bravo you and Mary Ann Moss (Yoda with sass, style and brains).

  24. Great things happening in this post. Love the stencil work!

  25. thank you, roxanne... re: this summer and ashland -- i'll be in touch. : ) xo

    i am honored jennifer! thank you very much!

    yes renee, this flower really is the most beautiful (if i do say so myself). and thank you about the karin book... xo

    hi lisa! thank you! yeah, mary ann is yoda with style, sass, and brains (lots of them). xo

    thank you, seth! it (the stencil work) is gonna come in handy on the graffiti wall. : )

  26. Congratulations Jacky on your new huse guest. Hope Miss Mizzle whispers lots of funny gossip in your ear.
    I think your blog is so much fun. I love every visit.

  27. I am loving your posts. I want to take the stencil class too.

    Thanks for the comment.

  28. That's funny, the last post is me too. Saying that I want to take the stencil class. And now I say "thank you for the suggestion" I will try the acrylic with the foam roller. Do you wash it out between?


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