Sunday, April 26, 2009

journal pages

from the last month... a little of this, a little of that! most of them were done quickly -- i'm still not feeling much patience for precision...

'take your power', 3/18/09

'daffodil', 3/18/09

'seeds of change', 3/19/09

'love', 3/19/09

'all ways loved', 3/20/09

'quiet one', 3/21/09

'evolving soul', 3/22/09

unnamed, 3/23/09

'waiting', 4/3/09

'determinant', 4/07/09

'increased drama', 4/09/09

'higher vibration', 4/17/09

'blue door, green wall', 4/19/09

just seeing how much crackle paint i can get on one page, ha! 4/20/09

have you seen this magazine? it's a new photography magazine and it's pure heaven for color junkies!



  1. mmmmm, what a treasure trove of imagery :) I'm loving them all, but am especially drawn to unnamed and evolving soul.
    have not seen the mag - enjoy your slice of color heaven! xoxo K

  2. what a treat to have all these pages from over the month - they all speak volumes ... three stand out as I type ... "quite one" with its earthy skin tone, "vibration" because of, well, the heart, the colors, the design, the texture and "blue door, green wall" simply because I adore doors. :)

    thank you.

  3. Gee, there are some fantastic pages in there. Love the crunchy bits. Are some done with acrylics or are they all watercolour?

  4. Great treasures here Lynne - I have your crackle work up - I'll be after your daffodil next, showing you off, because you're just so damn clever, and you tie in with my posts better than I do!xxx

  5. OMG Lynne! What lovely, beautiful things. There is so much to absorb and enjoy here! You have been SO busy. I'll have to come back later when I have more time to take it all in x

  6. Hi Lynne,
    I just think all of these pages are awesome! I can't pick my favorite! Love 'increased drama' and the colors in 'blue door, green wall' are fabulous! Love them all!
    That magazine looks great.... I'll have to try and find it!

  7. Oh lynne, there is some profound beauty in what you have been creating! I started keeping a list as I scrolled down them, "Oh that one (love) is my favorite, oh and that one (determinant), oh look at that one (quiet one)..." but when I got to "blue door, green wall" I said "Oh, I want that one !!!" Just beautiful...

  8. Lynne, forgot to ask - who publishes that magazine - it looks right up my stret. thanks x

  9. seeds of change, and then the little chair person with the metalic splash of brilliance on its back--two distinct sytles emerging, and a sense of a three D tone to the 2 D landscape--a metalic old bronze underworld....

    and punning.
    you're stretching open.

    that mag is put out by B&W a black and white mag i have enjoyed in the past, it looks like a yummy look.


    sense of wonder off the map lifting me like a wind here... : )


  10. Patience is highly overrated, if you ask me!

    I was going to say this one was my favorite...but then there was *that* one...and THAT one, and the other one!

  11. LOVE your pages!!!

    Yes-that magazine is FAB. My jaw dropped when I saw it on the newsstand a month or so ago. YUM.

  12. oh my! 'quiet one' and 'unnamed' - fabulous!

  13. You are generous to show all of these! It's great to see the variety and depth of your work. Who needs to stress over precision?!

    daffodil and determinant are my favorites, just so you know.

  14. such a treat to see this sweep of creative flow - love them all - and thanks so for sharing - you are such an inspiration

    xox - eb.

  15. Hi Lynne!
    I am in love with your blue door, green wall! Hope you are doing fantastic! Hugs.......

  16. hi karin, yeah, i love unnamed too... he/she came out of the blue. maybe more like him/her will present themselves. : )

    hey michelle, you are welcome sweet woman. the blue door/green wall page was inspired by one of the photos in the 'color' magazine. some of that photographer's shots just make me swoon. niches, and colorful walls. doors...

    thanks, zom. yeah, there's a mixture of acrylic and watercolor here. it's all mixed up. most pages have both.

    lol, pam! well use the daffodil any 'ol day! and thank you!!

    lumilyon, you are so kind. thank you... the magazine is published by ross periodicals in novato, CA. i can't find any online contact info...

    hey manon, thank you, and yes, check out the magazine. it's *good*!!

    thank you, kim! as i said above, that door was inspired by a photo in the 'color' magazine. i appreciate your taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment!

    yes m., seeds of change... sense of wonder lifting me, too...

    thank you, cynjon... and lol, yeah, i think patience is overrated too... i mean it has its place, but it's not *everything*! : )

    heya kelly! always nice to see you here! thank you about the pages, and well *of course* you'd like the mag!! xo

    thank you, jeane!

    you are generous to leave such a nice comment, chris! thank you! (and yeah, i DO like knowing which ones are your favs : ).

    eb, thank you... xo

  17. It's like eye candy here :) and I have just gorged myself on these pages Lynne..."quiet one" "blue door, green wall" :) :) :) your a wonder, Jo xx

  18. Lynne I have missed seeing your journal pages... they all speak of a tenderness of spirit to me.

    Especially love "Blue door, green wall" and "Quiet One". Wonderful imagery and glorious colour.

    Will keep an eye out for that magazine too.

    Jacky xox

  19. Fabulous inspiration, such a variety, love it all. The magazine looks pretty cool too.

  20. hey andrea! you snuck in there! blowing you kisses and hoping this finds you well, too! xo

    ahhh,jo... you are kind! *you're* a wonder if ever there was one!!

    thank you, jacky and ro... yes, keep your eye for this magazine -- it's good!

  21. Those are all beautiful pages in your journal... I grabbed that magazine the moment I saw it, very wonderful. Thanks for sharing pix of your art.

  22. I love higher vibration and the last one with loads of crackle ....if I had to choose, but they are all wonderfully Lynne H.

  23. hi heartfire, thank you for your nice words... yeah, i was hooked the second i opened the magazine up too. : )

    hee, robyn! distinctly me, huh? 'me' is obviously all over the map. ; )

    heya kate! and thank you!

  24. I thought I had left a comment here... what I tried to say was that I love the life and color in your new works... and to watch you evolve is a wondrous thing! Roxanne

  25. higher vibrations - WOW!
    love seeing you on your pages

    back again
    thank you

    xox - eb.

  26. I love the 'higher vibration' picture!

  27. Oh i simply adore your's magical and juicy!

    Love, Violette


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