Sunday, April 19, 2009


my three week stay with a friend in dallas is coming to an end... it's been a time of sitting in the sun and talking; buying new art supplies (and some cool clothes); a whole lotta reading of what i guess is called spiritual nonfiction; and, of course, making stuff. as if to reinforce my intention to take a blogging break, my computer screen died just after my last post; from there it was just a short hop to staying away from the internet almost entirely during my time here. i've loved the break... it's felt intensely freeing and i have no idea where my blogging journey is headed.

i've eaten, read, talked, and just generally soaked up the sun in those chairs at the far end of the pool... a lot different than home, huh?

as part of tying up loose ends here i just sent my 'vision' collaborative journal off to karin (you can see her first pages here). above is a weird pic of the front cover when i sent it off. who knows what juicy goodness karin might do to it?! the buttons on the left are sewn to buttons on the inside so that something besides glue is holding the cover on... this is what happens when you punch two holes in the cover and then realize your eyelets and brads are too short for the job. the tie is muslin and some shiny gold ribbon that i saved from a gift.

the inside front cover -- i cut the window out of the top layer of paper and painted it on the piece underneath. none of these pics are great, but you can get an idea...

the first page... after i collaged and wrote on the page i put down a layer of matte gel medium, which i then painted on with caran d'ache crayons and twinkling H2Os.

the second page, which has about 50 layers of paint on it... seriously, i painted and repainted it the whole time i was here. finally i covered most of it up.

tim holtz crackle paint... my new favorite thing. thank you, julie,for turning me on to it. i found a lot of tim holtz products on sale here so i've, er, stocked up... the sparkle in the cracks is the twinkling H2O color 'stargazer'.

one of the other things i've been doing is playing with paper clay -- it's my other new favorite thing! these are the first 'dallas brick people' that i made, and only the one on the left was finished when i took this pic. i found a lot of brick pieces at a construction site nearby, and i've already mailed a very heavy flat rate box full of them back home...

this is a little, brief glimpse of the last few weeks of my life... thank you everyone for taking the time to leave a comment even when i wasn't answering. i hope this finds you all thriving no matter where you are or what you're doing -- no matter what your 'present moment' is. my journey continues to coax me closer to the one thing that i think is really all that matters... being present; being here now...



  1. woo hoo!! so very excited about getting my hands on that treasure of a book! I just finished my last pages, so will be packing and sending soon :)

    I am completely in love with your paperclay*brick beings... So glad your time away has been a creative blast and true vacation. love, Karin

  2. I need to read your post! Totally amazing! Your and Karin's pages are wonderful! Love your brick creatures. Exciting!

  3. I know you need to take your break Lynne but it's wonderful to see some more of your lovely work and ideas. I've missed the faces SO much so today's has cheered me. I'm a layers freak too - whether digitally or with real media and your comment about covering layers made me smile.

  4. Hi Lynne,
    I missed you! Welcome back! Your break sounds perfect....I think I need one of those!
    The journal is amazing! Omg! The layers, the colors, everything is awesome.
    I'll check out that crackle paste.I just have Golden's but this one sounds great!

  5. How wonderful to have had such a creative break! It must have been very satisfying to focus so keenly on your work. I know I have enjoyed seeing your amazing creations. Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. I love all of your earthy goodness in layers and textures.

  7. laying by the pool, doing art, talking with a dear friend, reading wonderful books - sounds like paradise to me! missed you and your sharing posts - you have done something that blows me away - your clay brick figures are over the top - your faces now in three dimension - Lynne, these are just crazy good!

  8. ooohhhh...sparkle in the cracks...great idea!

    Good to 'see' you again, Lynne!!

  9. jeez, you guys are so sweet!!

    karin, i will be smiling a BIG smile when i get your book!! and thank you!

    thank you B & W! so nice to 'see' you again!

    oh lumilyon, you are so kind... i'm very happy to be here reading your words...

    hey manon, thank you!! the pics are poor so you can't see much, but it means a lot that you liked what you *could* see. yes, check out the crackle paint... it's very cool and the crayons go inbetween the cracks nicely. : ) as for taking a break, i highly recommend it!

    hi just a plane ride... so nice to 'see' you again! yes it was satisfying in many, many ways... and thank *you* for sharing.

    thank you carmen!

    hey miz jeane... smiling reading your words sweet woman... thank you about the brick people -- that paper clay is some very cool stuff...

    heya julie! yeah, put some sparkle in those cracks... good to 'see' you too!

  10. been missing you tons, but absolutely thrilled to know that you have had such a soul-full sabatical ... am hoping you don't decide to vanish from the blogosphere completely.

    those journal pages are wonderful - I'm especially drawn to the window on the back cover.

    AND those Dallas Brick Peeps are AMAZING! Keep on playing with that paperclay ... uh, please. :)

  11. First, a wave and a big ol' XO backatcha!

    Second, the pages look loverly!

    Third...YUM on the brick people!

    It sounds like you're having a splendid time and doing well.

  12. So glad you are enjoying your "time off" but of course glad to hear from you too. That journal looks like it will end up as a special treasure and those brick people are my new best friends!!

  13. Wow! I love what you've done with the paper-clay. Those precious faces, all so sweet. Sounds like you had a wonderful break!

  14. Oh, LYNNE...welcome home! Has the snow melted yet? What a glorius time to be in Texas... Your newest creations are beautiful..and your clay people... they have a life of their own! I'm so happy you are back... Roxanne

  15. Hi Lynne - wonderful post and inspiring new work - love the sparkling through the cracks - so happy to visit...

    happy spring

    xox - eb.

  16. So lovely to read your post and catch up on all your news.
    Your paperclay brick beings are wonderful, cant wait to se more of them. I have been playing with papeclay too (did a doll class), its wonderful stuff.
    Beautiful journal pages, they are truly wonderful. I wish I could see them in real life and soak up all of the details. It is a treasure (as Karin said).
    Sounds like your vacation has been lots of fun and very relaxing.

    Jacky xox

  17. hey michelle... *thank you* for your kind words! sending love to you my fellow breather be-er...

    hiya cynjon! waving and blowing kisses right back atcha!

    hey seth! thank you!

    hi anna, thank you! yes, i had a refreshing, restful break... xo

    hello sweet roxanne... as i write this i *am* back, and no more snow here... went out wandering today and it was gorgeous, gorgeous... thank you about the brick people -- that paper clay is amazing stuff!

    eb, i'm blowing you kisses and wishing you a glorious, joy filled spring... which i know is exactly what you're manifesting...

    jacky, i will have to pop over to you blog to see if you've posted any pics of your paperclay dolls... it IS the best, isn't it? i'm sending you wishes for beautiful fall weather and colorful leaves down under... xo

  18. Hey sweetie - so glad you're home safe. Looks like a good time was had by all. Those little brick creatures - OMG - are astonishing!!!!!!!
    You have such a gift - everything you touch - total Lynne-ness. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

  19. I'm coming from Roxanne's have wonderful things your work with cute!

  20. Welcome back from "off the map" though i wonder if, you are all back...

    Yes! those clay paper people hit me big! The fractured exposed earth of their broken misfired clay hearts; talks; like bone and also pure gesture the way you use them... and

    like your paintings so much of the inner work you do, the power of inner aspects of the psyche... it shines through-- can imagine a whole set of them, almost like story board figures. Their personalies relating to each other, making a wholeness, a cosmos, a you.

    thanks for the little love note... xox :)

  21. Here you are! Wow. Missed you.

    Do you KNOW how much I love that XO tag?

    I'll send you my address!

  22. HI Lynne,
    Oh you have been productive! I love the brick people! Can you really put clay on a brick and fire it? What was your favorite book or 2? Glad you got that time. Thanks for the inspiration. xoxoxo

  23. thank you, kathy... yeah, my creatures have total lynne-ness and your jewelry total kvk-ness. : ) xxoo

    welcome fly in amber, and thank you!

    m., yes, a whole group of them -- holding a confab (whatever that is).

    i'm back home -- 'on the map'? i dunno... xo (have i told you lately that your writing is poetry?)

    waving and smiling and sending hugs, chris. thank you for the warm welcome back!

    hello caroline... always makes me smile to see you here. : ) this clay is air dry, and my fav books are both by michael brown: 'the presence process' and 'alchemy of the heart'. xo

  24. Welcome back Lynne, it all sounded great!!! Those figures are gooood...:)
    As is everything else here. I'm really glad your back...feels "right" Jo xx

  25. Lynne everything looks so amazing.

    I am glad that you had a wonderful holiday with your dear friend.

    So glad to hear your voice.

    Love Renee xoxo

  26. arghh!

    I have just had the same blog detox - inadvertently too.

    Now lets me ohh and ahh.. first about the paper brink people... I love them, and the fact that you sent a box of bricks to yourself. Such an artist!

    And the pagers, oh mi giddy aunt!

  27. Boy you have no idea how I've missed your posts, Lynne...but I do understand and respect your need for a break.
    To get straight to the nitty gritty.....Your brick creatures are phenomenal!!!
    Every word and photo in this post hit the spot.

  28. hey jo, i'm smiling here reading your words. : ) thank you about the paper clay beings... xo

    and i, renee, am so glad to hear your voice. could you feel me sending you love from dallas?

    my dear grrl... well YOU would send yourself a box of bricks!. thank you about the brick people and pages... xo

    thank you, robyn! you've made me smile for sure. now i need to get over to your place and see if i can do the same for you. : )


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