Friday, September 5, 2008

here and there


wednesday, upstream...

gazing at the top...

creating at the bottom.

laying on my back, losing myself.


walking back, a nettle giant...



thursday, dana cemetary, about 50 miles from here

the marker, this flower...

these trees...

such gentleness...

and beauty...



the passage of time,

yet somehow


of timelessness.


  1. this takes me breath away. The tin marker with flower, wins hands down as a powerful image. As I am only just discovering the world of photography, please please share with me how you got this great image... did you just snap, or did you use lots of buttons? ..See? I am such a buff at this.

  2. Another nice walk with you! I loved seeing your flags in their new natural habitat. The tree in photo #2 is spectacular. The things that tree must have seen in its life! I, too, am drawn to taking photographs in cemetaries. The images taken there tend to be imbued with meaning. Your text at the end says it so well.

  3. I am so enjoying these photographic meanders.

  4. Lynne, so nice. I love the old fashioned touch to some of the pictures!

  5. Lynne, this is so heart felt...I felt my heart warm, as I read your words and pondered your images...really beautiful.

  6. g + d, thank you... that is so very kind. i love that photo too...

    mostly i just snap - i have a canon powershot A540, and it has a setting called 'P' that i use a lot because i can increase (or decrease) the exposure time easily in this mode. but you could just use 'auto' mode too. most of what i do is in photoshop elements 2 -- do you have photoshop or photoshop elements? if you do i will tell you the things i do. a big part of it amounts to increasing the contrast, messing with hue and saturation, and using the ttv frames. if you want to know more, e-mail me and i will tell you everything -- i have no secrets! : )

    kate, now which pic are you referring to re: my flags in their natural habitat? does the flagging in the top pic look like my tree love flags?!!

    oh yes, that big cedar must have seen so much... three people can sit inside it at the bottom - it's been burned out by fire. it's a beauty...

    thank you robyn! if i'm not drawing/painting, i'm out meandering, which means i'm snapping pics!

    hi jo, thank you! yes, i like the ttv frames that create that effect. i'm a photo glamorizer at heart!

    thank you, jo... isnt' that the thing about photography -- we're taking the photos because we relate to the subject. for that brief bit of time we're sharing ourselves with each other -- subject and photographer. it's a heartfelt experience...

  7. I just love this Lynne! The art you made to honour the tree and the memorials in the cemetry.
    Isn't it great how our blogs enable us to have peeps into each others' worlds?!
    I've been admiring your lovely 'aged' photos for some weeks. Is that aged black edge something from PSE?What si a ttv?
    Sorry to be so thick!

  8. Ooops! At first glance, I thought they were your love flags happily blowing in the breeze! Now I've enlarged the photo and see I was sorely mistaken. My apologies! I guess I was in such a hurry to scroll down for a virtual hike with you that I failed to scrutinize the top photo.

  9. thank you jeane!

    annette, yes, i just love how this blogging allows us to peek into other worlds...

    on my sidebar under 'misc. tutorials', you'll see a link to a ttv tutorial. ttv stands for 'through the viewfinder'. yes, you use PS or PSE to put these 'frames' around your pictures. real ttv photography has people holding the camera lens of one camera up to the viewfinder of another and snapping, so that you get this kind of edge around the photo, as well as an antique-y look.

    thank you kate h!

    kate! hee! i'm going to take that photo out as it's hard to see the flagging without clicking. it was such an example of extreme plastic flagging i couldn't resist a shot of it...

  10. Sheesh! My cheeks are still red with shame!

  11. What beautiful words to end that post. The photos alone are amazing, and I love the fact that the flower is used as a marker. I'm glad you appreciate the beauty of graveyards as much as I do.

  12. I have a mystery weed in the back yard, and you've just identified it for me as nettles. Yikes. Thank you!

  13. Thanks again for another beautiful walk. Given that it is pouring rain here, these are welcome travels.

  14. kate, it's nothing! your thoughtful and considerate comments always mean so much to me. xo

    thank you arnold... yes, i do appreciate cemetaries... so much beauty there.

    hello i need orange, if you touch your mystery plant it will tell you right away that it's a nettle with a little sting! thank you for stopping by!

    thank you seth... i'm wondering if you're having any time to do art these days...

  15. Hi I just found you trough jo stocker.
    Great work!!
    I just LOVE the third photo from the top, it is amazing.

    I will come back :)


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