Friday, September 12, 2008

haiku friday

sunshine stored lies here
radiant warmth heart smiling
trees melodic song

today was a fabulous day out wandering -- saw so much! became entranced with the big culverts under the gravel road i was walking on... for now i only have this pic edited, and

this one -- the biggest vertebra i've ever found! more than four inches long!

what i mostly want to tell you about is the new peter beard book that's scheduled for publication in november (amazon is taking preorders). i found out about it from kelly kilmer, who's turned me on to most of the art books i've bought in the last year. she's got an eye for The Good Stuff! thank you, kelly!

i haven't seen anything that's grabbed me like this for a long time... it moves me. it wakes up new parts of my brain... this is photography, collage, and journaling at its most brilliant.

you can go to his website to see more...

from yesterday's walk. not many pics, just this one of the day's tree love...


  1. Wait til you see/read the book I'm going to post about tomorrow (evil laugh). It's nothing like Beard, but it's fun!!! :)

  2. Lynne - I can see how you would relate to the peter beard books - definitely in your art family as my teacher would have said - love the culvert pic

  3. kelly, yes, you should be laughing an evil laugh because you're the temptress for sure!! ;)

    jeane, thank you about the culvert pic! i sure had fun taking it...

  4. Oh good! I always get very excited when I see you've added a post. Peter Beard is my hero! Naughty boy but such amazing journals and artwork. I discovered him years ago when I bought one of his books for my husband's birthday. The moment I saw it my heart started racing. I hope this new book isn't outrageously expensive ...will go and look.
    Love that culvert photo. Looks like a fantastic abstract painting.

  5. robyn, well the funny thing is that all i thought about was 'bad boy' when his name was mentioned. i had NO idea what kind of work he did. like you, my heart raced when i first saw this book. it's fairly expensive, but not so bad. the original version was thousands, so i'm just happy they're making this available. i'm a big taschen fan -- some of my favorite art books were published by them, and they were very affordable considering all of the arty goodness they contain. i appreciate that...

    i keep thinking about your collage...

    joybear, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving kind words!

  6. oooh! want want want! I sent you the email and pic of your bones, feel free to pick any or all of

  7. BTW, I wrote a post in my old Coach Creative blog about Peter Beard last year.

    Do you know of Dan Eldon's journals?They are also amazing. Very sad story behind them.

  8. I just love your hanging pieces! I look forward to seeing you next week as well. Your blog is wonderful as always... Roxanne

  9. grrl, just wait 'til you see the other end of it... are there sculptures more elegant than bones?

    thank you, robyn! i went and read your post... i've been reading everything i can find about him...

    yes, i know about dan eldon and one of the first things that popped into my mind when i saw p.b.'s collage was dan. dang, i just went to amazon and looked at
    'the journey is the destination'... i want it!! i knew it was out there but never really considered it before. funny how all of the sudden we HAVE to have something!

    thank you roxanne!! i've been working on the cover of my open doors journal this morning. : )

  10. It's me again...I have an award awaiting you at my site! Roxanne

  11. You live in the absolute best place for finding nature's bounty!

  12. Oh, that photo of the culvert is mesmerizing. I love the way it pulls you in to the dot at the very end. Lovely colours too. And your vertebra..what a find!


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