Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tying up loose ends

the last few days have been ones of tying up loose ends. finishing the last few paintings for The Book so i can start putting it together. i'm leaving in a couple of weeks for the east coast -- i'll spend a few weeks in virginia with my family. between now and then i want to assemble The Book and make a new journal to take with me.

a pluot. i finally tried one... they're gorgeous inside and delicious. much better than a plum, i think.

the most exciting development was the arrival of my easel in the mail. i LOVE it. what a joy it is not to have to look down at your work. the angle is adjustable, as is the height, but, heh, i don't think i'll be putting the extension up anytime soon. i just tape my little pieces to it...

here are the few pieces i've been working on. i used acrylic and watercolor on all of them.

after the dry creek walk...

little (4" x 6") and crazy, but i like it...

i wanted to mess around with modeling paste and corrugated cardboard...

done. what is this?!! i don't know... into the conglomeration it goes!

this took an afternoon -- i made a new coptic stitch journal for our art group. we're all working in a book and will decide what we're going to do with them when we get together again in a couple of weeks. this is the inside cover and first page -- neither of which are done. i used st. armand watercolor paper, which is heavy, so only two sheets per signature. i'd started in another blank journal (what me, hoard blank journals?), but nah, needed to work on some heavier paper.

i think i took this when i snapped the one of the easel (above). walking away, thinking to myself, 'ahhh, what a lovely, photogenic mess'. jeane, see my spray bottle (cobalt blue, edge of table)? uh huh, i've been gettin' jiggy with it. you're right, it's indispensable.

one last pic from this morning. i woke up and started taking pictures... what is it about some days? the light seems to call to you, and off you go to get the camera.


  1. Wow Lynne, I just love wallowing in all this creativity. There are so many gorgeous things to look at. Your bathing beauty is such fun and that blue floral page ...oh just delicious. Love, love, love the page with added elements. It is so you. You are a true "Nature's Child".

  2. Yes, I see your spray bottle! and I love you're getting 'jiggy' with it - isn't an easel nice? now you won't have to hold up your work every 5 minutes to look at it - and do I see the bathing suit girl on the easel with a head and then later without? I like the without, more interesting and something very crazy in the air, I too picked up my camera in the morning and laid in bed and shot the skylight and a little video looking out the window of the trees blowing in the wind - it's gotta be the light thingy going on!

  3. Lynne...I love your 'inspiration wall' and a new easel too, wow, I like it. It's so clean!
    Your assemblage piece is superb as are all the others on this post...
    and your morning image is perfectly restful!
    I'm heading off for a two week break soon...I like the idea of making a journal to take, will work on it!

  4. what a wondrous, rich series of photos and artwork. what a wonderful easel. what a beautiful curtain.

  5. hi robyn - thank you! right now i'm feeling (more or less all of the sudden) the urge to finish up this book and move on... i sure have loved sharing it all with you.

    jeane, yes it is fabulous not to have to hold my work up every five (or two) minutes!! and yes, that's bathing suit girl when she still had a head. i held my hand up there and visualized her without a head -- so much better. i'd glued some pieces of paper to the page and lo and behold they looked like a leg and an arm -- and she was born.

    the camera thing... that really makes me smile to think of someone else snapping pictures first thing in the morning. i love that.

    thank you, jo! that's the inside of a closet door and part of the wall in my art room. all of the sudden i saw it yesterday morning and thought 'whoa, that's a picture'!!

    if you do make a journal, please show us-- i know i'll be totally inspired and probably off on some new journal tangent after i see it!

    smiling here, kate... thank you... that curtain is a big doily i got back east, and when i go there in a couple of weeks i'll be keeping my eyes open for a couple of new ones. they sell them at antique stores for almost nothing considering how long it must have taken to make them. i think virginia may be the crocheted and tatted doily capital of the world.

  6. Oh Lynne, another touchingly beautiful post. You have inspired me again. I love your new easel and your paintings. And, the last photograph is lovely... Roxanne

  7. hi roxanne -- thank you!! well, i was inspired by you to make a journal for 'open doors', and i'm so glad i did...

  8. the shot of your little art world studio is so warm and inviting.. Your tree flags haunt me. I am possessed by them. I need to know more. Are they printed? What medium did you use? They remind me so much of the petroglyphs I was entranced by in Kauai.

  9. Beautiful post. I love seeing all the pages for journals...you are so talented, I love how you use the watercolours and acrylics. This will be wonderful journal!

    My favourite though...the light through the lace. Inpsired this haiku

    soft, subtle light
    nature and talent meshing
    a soft morning glow.

  10. grrl, i love my little (and it is little) art world studio... i keep taking pictures of it and each one pretty much looks like the one before. : )

    for the tree flags: i rip up strips of unbleached muslin, then i draw the outline of the shape with a pigma micron pen, then i color them in with the caran d'ache neocolor II watercolor crayons. that's it! the crayons are pretty much colorfast and don't run. if you heatset the paintings with a hot iron, they're VERY colorfast, but i usually don't do that because i'm out in the woods. i wish i had some pics of flags that i've checked on other than the one i showed a few posts ago, which wasn't a very good pic. most of them look great after a year of being out in all kinds of weather. make sure you stick with the pigma pens because they do NOT run.

    thank you jacky... you are so sweet! i'm working now on putting it all together -- it's more fun and less tedious than i thought it would be. actually, putting it together may be the best part!

    a haiku!! i am impressed! thank you so much for writing a haiku for one of my photos! i will print it out and put it in my journal!

  11. I'm doing blog catch-up and was delighted by what I found here (as always!). Where to start? I love love love your pieces with sewn objects on them. Headless swimming girl is fun and, I concur, much better headless! Your photogenic mess is VERY photogenic. A place where magic happens! I love your inspiration wall (were those Ghandi's ears I spotted?). And I am so glad that the light called to you and that you heeded the call. Your lace photo is divine!

  12. thank you, kate! yes, those are ghandi's ears... that was an apple (computer) advertisement on the back of a 'new yorker' magazine years ago. the only words on the page (besides 'apple') were 'think different'. loved it...

    yeah, i heed the call of the light. : )

  13. I love your original pieces -- the first 2 especially. So different and yet so distinctly yours!


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