Tuesday, September 8, 2015

watercolors and gouache in pocket moleskine sketchbook

after the last post we had a couple of weeks of hot, smoky weather, then it cleared up and cooled off - and i was outside walking as much as i could.  seeing what the end of summer looked like in the forest.  here it is september 8...

i finished the pocket moleskine sketchbook i was working in; the painting above is one of the last pages.  instead of buying a new book for my 'daily book', i'm using the book i made with arches text wove (last post).   

this paper is truly a joy to paint on; having the pages be a little thicker is the only improvement i can imagine...   i'm doing pencil drawings on the backs of pages when i don't want anything to show through on the front side.

watercolors and gouache on arches text wove

paintings i did before i made  it my 'daily book'.

watercolors on arches text wove

if you research arches text wove you'll often read that it's good for 'light watercolor washes'.  i've found it to be good for light and heavy applications of watercolor.  it's strong paper and colors layer beautifully on it.

my newest love...   i read about watercolor paper coming in 'pochettes', which is a fancy way of saying pieces of paper inside a cover.  i thought 'aha!  i can make a pochette!'  

watercolors on BFK rives

i cut the text block out of an old book, then i ripped up sheets of BFK rives printmaking paper and saunders waterford 90# hot press watercolor paper.   these paintings are on BFK rives, a 100% cotton paper that i *love*.  i bought the cream color and it is luscious.

BFK rives on the left and saunders waterford 90# hot press on the right.  the saunders waterford is smooth but still has a bit of tooth.  it's the only hot press paper i've ever tried that i like.  and it's off-white, not white, which is a big plus for me.

using the same colors i painted on BFK rives (left) and in my little arches text wove book.  i couldn't choose a favorite - they're both gorgeous papers.

the front of my 'pochette'.  it was a book of fairy tales by nathaniel hawthorne...  i made the closure with 1/8" elastic and an old button.

watercolors in strathmore 500 series mixed media journal

and one more new paper!  a 40% off coupon was burning a hole in my pocket when i went to the big city to get my car fixed, so i got a soft cover strathmore 500 series mixed media journal.  again, *nice* paper!  also 100% cotton and a joy to paint on.

watercolors and gouache in strathmore 500 series mixed media journal

you can buy series 500 mixed media paper in sheets, too.

 maybe my biggest painting love - the little watercolor book that i take out walking.  i'm almost finished in it...

there's something special about painting outside, and i know i've said it before.

flies may be bombarding you, and squirrels might scold you continuously until you think they'll have a heart attack, but you keep going,

doing the best you can do while swatting flies and worrying about squirrel heart attacks.

and one more big  love...   

left in this tree, which has orange paint on it because it marks the boundary of a 'partial cut unit' in the national forest. 

it's been a wonderful summer for me, and i hope it has been for you, too...  

* * *

ink in pocket moleskine sketchbook, quote found on tumblr ~ thanks M!


  1. it's morning and I'm taking my daily blog stroll and to my delight you have a new post and you've been busy painting and wandering and doing paper studies for us. I enjoy your paper reports. I've got a list going of papers I want to try. Adore each and every little painting but my favorites are the blue dress and the shuttered windows....be still my heart. Or course are your wee faces and bits of nature did not go unnoticed. Looking forward to fall. xoxox

  2. Gees, I just lost my comment to this post and will try to remember what I said! Love your post! Thank you for sharing the pochette I had just cut up some paper wondering if I would bother making a journal for them but I love the idea of a pochette! I am sure I have an old book here the size I need!

  3. Pochette ! Even the word is enticing! It is like a mini portfolio..how wonder. You are so clever lynne. I love how you observe the small differences in paper and how it affects your style. I love your posts I always finish reading with renewed inspiration.

  4. Ah Bliss to you!
    is it birthday month alteady. Again. Solstice on the way. Xo

    I need to make one of those books.

  5. If in bliss bliss we could prob train the squirrels to fetch pecans or something. And the flies to help the honey bees or wash their hands before lunch. At least. ")

  6. What a fabulous and interesting post. I was riveted. Thanks for all the paper information - invaluable.
    Love your work and the hanging dress with flower is my first fav, but the feathers obviously came in close second.
    have a wonderful week.

  7. Lovely post lovely, love the red flower too ,well I have several Pochette,s but now they have a lovely French name how wonderful ,I will be showing off now....glad you have enjoyed your summer of painting and alters and wood wandering....

  8. I can only imagine sitting in that forest under a tree flipping through your beautiful journals, Lynne! You inspire me to play more and work less! Thank you!

  9. i ALWAYS love your posts. beautiful work. kind & generous information.
    any chance you'll have anything in your shop in the not too distant future ???

  10. always such a delicate feast for the eyes, your work. and it always makes my heart smile, your wanderings in the woods and your exploration of paint and paper. so full of heart and spirit. thank-you <3

    and beautiful fall is in full swing here too!

  11. Lynne, it is you, the artist, that makes the art beautiful.....not the paper!!

    1. leslie, thank you! *and* i do think that lovely paper helps. ; )


  12. So beautiful your almost 'fragile' paintings it gives me the feeling to walk on the tips of my toes ... thanks for sharing .

  13. debora, thank you... it's funny, but i don't see the fragile quality. i *do* see the quietness of your paintings very much, though!


  14. I loved seeing all your pages
    and hearing about the paper
    i have not tried text wove yet, some day.....
    such charming details
    i think i will wander tomorrow, sketchbook in hand
    surely i will think of you

  15. Lynne, I don't know how I missed this for 5 days. I love your pochette! Don't you love that word too! I love all your work, but the woman or man with the flying black hair and the one with the red hat stole my heart. Summer has been delightful and a challenge we have almost entered Fall and I think it is my favorite. Love you dear one. xoxo

  16. Hi Lynne,
    Lovely work-I especially like the blue dress.Interesting to read about all the papers you use. I have not tried any of those, in fact have not heard of them but they are sitting at the back of my mind!
    I like the idea of the pochette, so spent yesterday making one. It was a fun thing to make as I got to use lots of different supplies that I have, and to add gold to things which I love to do. I cut up all different types of paper that I have, so it is ready to go. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. well, i adore all your work, but the little naturalist drawings are so wonderful, they put a smile on my face, as did your pochette.. and now of course, I must try my hand at it as well!! xoxo

  18. OMG, sweet Lynne, so many delights that are making me smile. I especially adore the pouchette style journal ; what a great way to repurpose an old book cover. I have many of them and that blue dress at the top of the post...SWOON,

  19. I don't know how I keep missing your posts - probably because I'm not on blogger often enough. It appears that you had a wonderful, productive, and relaxing summer. I love your nature drawings and paintings that you do on your walks. I picture you in the serene forest, happily sitting on a big rock, observing and painting, and I smile. Your pochette is wonderful, and looks easy enough for even me to make one... Big hugs to you. xoxo

  20. I wonder what people think when they happen upon your half hidden treasures in the woods. I wonder what children think. It must be magical.

  21. i have to embroider that last quote you painted. it touched me to the core. so happy your summer waa happy and fulfilling and sooooo fruitful. you are an oasis for me every time.

  22. I almost missed this wonderful post. Squirrel heart attacks and all.

    Love love.


  23. what very lovely sketches...and a lovey story as well.

  24. You may find relief from the flies from this homemade recipe. Put a nice light olive oil in an eyedropper bottle and add a FEW drops of citronella - the kind used on skin. This worked for me by adding a few drops to my fingertips then rubbing it on my ears and face. Wonderful relief. Hope you find the same - and my face and hands smelled good.

  25. In love with everything you do! So very amazing! Xx

  26. Your art is really simple and interesting, for a real gourmets! My writer from http://pinkelstar.com/ says it is amazing! Good luck to you!


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