Sunday, September 7, 2014

untitled ~ watercolors, old paper, oil pastels and graphite on stathmore 400 watercolor paper, 3 1/2" x 51/2"

after my post in july about drawing, i bought 'the drawing mind' by deborah putnoi.   i remember that i read it cover to cover and did most of the exercises,

and somewhere in there drawing stopped seeming like a big deal or intimidating in any way.   looking back, i think "now what was the problem?", ha! 

painted muslin cover on strathmore 400 watercolor paper journal

at about the same time i saw a tutorial on gwen diehn's blog for making a journal with paper from a strathmore pad and a rice bag.   i had the paper but not the rice bag, so i substituted muslin that i painted. i tore each sheet from the strathmore 400 watercolor pad into four pieces, which i then folded in half.  this gave me 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" pages.

i have *loved* working in this book!    the good thing (or one of the good things) about strathmore 400 watercolor paper is that you can put loads of water on it and it will not buckle.  

with my newfound drawing freedom and a small book with heavy watercolor paper in it, i was happy....   i felt like the guy on the left page.  : )

these are some early pages from the book. 

 the paper is very white, so i put a wash of warm grey or raw sienna on a lot of the pages.

realizing how important small page size was to me, i also bought a pocket rhodia webbie for pencil and colored pencil drawings at about this time.  the paper is ivory and super smooth...

lately i've been using neo-color II crayons in it instead of colored pencils...   it's another great place to draw and play with color.

on top of all this wondrousness, i also (thanks to galia), got 'water, paper, paint', by heather smith jones.  this book expanded my watercolor horizons manyfold.  suddenly i saw new ways to express myself with watercolors...

these are some of the  paintings i've done in the pocket moleskine watercolor book that i got after i filled the book in the last post. 

i've been using masking tape to cover up stuff i don't like, and then painting/drawing on top of it.

unlike the little book in the last post, which i only worked in when i was outside, i work in this book inside and out. 

i *like* landscape orientation now, something i never thought would happen!

i've been practicing painting faces using only watercolors - no colored pencil, oil pastels, etc.

one thing that i thought might be worth sharing is the greys i use (besides payne's grey, which i don't think of as a grey, but some kind of paint magic).   i use these greys more than any other color/s...  left to right: sennelier warm grey, sennelier grey (a dark green grey), and holbein gouache grey #2.

this is where my drawing - and painting - journey stands now.  thank you to everyone who commented on my july drawing post; i enjoyed hearing your thoughts...   as for erwin lian and 'the perfect sketchbook', he exceeded his kickstarter goal, thanks to the support of many artists.

* * * 

“Stop thinking about artworks as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.” 

~ Brian Eno, "On Art"


  1. good morning sweet Lynne, I loved reading through your post and allowing your paintings and artistic wanderings to make me grin and bring in some sunshine on this slightly gray morning here in MN. There is a wonderfully cool breeze coming through the open windows, rain might be coming along with a few more hot days but the weekend was glorious, the perfect fall weather, bright sunshine, temps in the low 70's. PERFECT!!! Love your newest little journal and totally love your color washes on the paper, I like to do that too. :) Each page is like the breeze here, light, gentle, comfortable and engaging. I can only imagine how in awe I would be to see them in person. Lovely as always Woman of the wood, who uses paint and paper with a gentle, loving hand!!!! xoxox

  2. I always love your posts Lynne! Soulful and inspiring! ( but now I have two more books on my list! :) )
    Hope all is well with you.

  3. Your paintings in the new sketchbook are gorgeous, what a lovely little work of art in itself the book has become! A beautiful post as always, thankyou for sharing.
    Jess xx

  4. I can't begin to comment on all the pieces here. I feel like I've spent days and days with you just hanging out. So many wonderful pieces. I love the masking tape idea and the painted faces without drawing. And that drawing book looks like fun. Great ending quote!!

  5. i love seeing your art Lynne
    or maybe i am seeing precious glimpses of you
    thank you for sharing all the things you have been up to, so fun
    i also will receive a perfect sketch book, fun fun
    sending late summer love

  6. Gorgeous post love all your new work and I agree on the book it's good too I think adding quotes to your book when you are ready would be wonderful idea ,just to cap it off ...watercolour is challenging that's what I love about it and I've given up trying to strive for perfection ,it's over rated anyway lol luv ya xoxo

  7. Oh, I'm thrilled that you were inspired by the book recommendation and am delighted to see the work coming out of it- tickled all sorts of pink ;)
    I'm off to check out the drawing book

  8. I always love seeing your drawings and this post is filled with so many beauties. And thanks for sharing some of the books that have provided you with inspiration.

  9. your journal, your drawing, your amazing water color techniques - thanks for giving us a glimpse into your art journey . . .
    love that Eno quote 'triggers for experience' just perfect.

  10. Hello lynne I love reading what you have been up to. I particulary liked the fact you are enjoying landscape formats . I know what you mean. I like squares but horizontal rectangles are rather frightening. I am just strange I guess. :) your little book is fabulousand I love the way you have drawn over the masking tape pieces!!

  11. Lynne, I am in love with all this wonderfulness. I can see and feel your freedom. Eno is a hero. That quote is spot on.

  12. Aw Lynne, this post makes me wish I could sit down and sketch with you so much! I love everything here. Your feather, donkey and the sweet face on the donkey page caught my attention the most...but it's just all so wonderful. Thanks for sharing all this inspiration friend.


  13. Oh and the fishing page too!! And the book you made too!!! and and and...

  14. As always, your posts inspire me... both to make books, and to buy books!

  15. sheesh.. you are so prolific... makes me teary.. i so miss studio time... days on end just playing and experimenting... your work is always enchanting... and inspiring... and your use of masking tape is just brilliant... thank you dear one.. xoxo

  16. Wonderful, wonderful post crammed with great little sketches and marvelous jewels of information.
    Lynne, my dear, you are inspirational.

  17. This is a very inspiring post. Makes me want to get my paints out and work with little paper. Thank you for all the practical information as well.\

  18. oh what a wonderful post Lynne! I enjoyed every thought, every word, every image and am off to check out the books. Thanks for sharing all this beauty! (I read and looked at it 3 times, and I will probably come back to it again)

  19. i have neglected leaving comments on your last two post totally engrossed in staring at the screen and reading and re reading and then taking notes on all your suggestions for good materials to work with. i have trouble finding a good watercolor journal so will follow your suggestion of making my own. i have become enamoured (note the french emphasis) with watercolors so need all the help i can get with supplies. i must take the time to stop and read back into your blog since your are always so generous and right on with your recommendations. i already ordered some of the pens you recommended last time. thank you, as always, for filling me up.

  20. I agree, Lynne, there is something magical about Payne's grey. If I don't have it in a painting, I don't feel like the painting is finished.


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