Thursday, February 7, 2013

tombow marker, watercolors and colored pencil in stilllman and birn 'gamma', 4 x 6

thank you for the smile making words you left on the last post...  : )

i drew the face above at the same time i drew 'the unbearable lightness...' face, but i didn't paint it for a few days (heh, i was distracted by dura-lar and arches drawing paper).  i used a black tombow dual brush pen to draw the outline, and then used watercolors and water to spread the ink around.  even though the ink had been on the page for a few days, it was still completely soluble and moved around as if i'd just put it there.   i really, really like this pen and thank tammie for turning me onto it.  the tombow number for this color is N15.

sumi ink and watercolors in my 'daily book'

back to sumi ink...   i like to use ink to work looser if i start feeling too detail oriented, although, lol, i think i'm pretty hopelessly detail oriented.   the other thing that's freeing is to paint faces without drawing in the outline of the head - let the shading of the face determine the outside edges...

colored pencils on dura-lar

a darkish picture of a piece on dura-lar.  i can say unequivocally that it's the most perfect surface for colored pencils i've ever used, but, i haven't used acetate so it may be better or just as wonderful.   it's super smooth and you can keep adding layers of color...

watercolors and watercolor pencils in my daily book

thinking about seed pods... and faces...

watercolors in my daily book

i drew these pods from online images...  thinking about what i've been learning in the botanical illustration book helps me at times even when drawing from pictures, although i have a strong urge to just make things look the way i think they should look!

watercolors, colored pencils, and soft pastels on arches drawing paper, 9" x 12"

this arches drawing paper has my heart!  oh my!    this is the third sheet i've worked on - i was working on the figure in the lower left when i took this pic.   i've decided to fill the pages up without thinking about 'composition'.  i just want to draw and paint on this paper - cover the surface...

the color swatches on the left were done with albrecht durer watercolor pencils, and they're nice on this paper, but regular watercolors are even more gorgeous.  the rose hips were painted with sennelier watercolors and in person they're vibrant.  also i love the way watercolors spread out and leave those beautiful watery edges...

and soft pastels, sooo beautiful on this paper.  i was practicing drawing the head at different angles.

if you have a suggestion for a particular brand of pastel pencils i'd love to hear it...  

* * *

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” 

~ Robert Henri


  1. Lynne, these newest creations of yours are entrancing, they pull me in, tug at my heartstrings to leave me suspended in awe, really and truly in awe, it's just a wee bit past 11:30 pm and enjoying every single word and thought like a delightful bedtime story with the happiest kind of ending, where all things in the world are at peace, life moves at a half count instead of the regular break neck speed that is so prevalent during the day. I'mm so very glad I chose to peek in on you before calling it a night, so I'm wishing you a very good night and many sweet, sweet dreams.

  2. i really like that daily book Lynne!

    thinking of that 'urge to make things look the way i think they should look' isn't that what makes your draings yours, bringing that zing into them?


  3. Lynne, As usual these are all wonderful.I love the looser images the best. I too find it hard to be loose :-). I will have to get some of that paper when I can afford it.
    Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  4. a visit here can be dangerous - it makes me want to go shopping to try out all your toys...little ghostly nymphs peeking through...x

  5. every time i see your art
    it is a joy to my heart

    loved hearing about all you are playing with

    love the tombow piece, so fun to see the pen used through you

    new papers to try, thank you for sharing all this

    how do you like to sharpen your pastel pencils?

  6. i have been enjoying catching up on some of your posts as i have missed many.... i just love the way you do color... so light and soft and sweet. and you are making me want to go get a bunch of new supplies!

  7. Such dreamy images Lynne! I love them all.

    I can see I've missed a bit here while I was away!

    Happy weekend to you.

  8. A wonderful array of mediums and so well used , the Tombows i adore they flow so well , i did get some Letraset aquamarkers and i hate them so buyer beware lol glad u are playing with pastels they are so something that is so suited to your way of working... great quote too re the pastel pencils i have Derwent and i also have the pan pastels but havent used them much yet...
    hugz bev

  9. I adore the second image, the ghostly face and her anima floating above her left temple. Her little rosebud mouth and green tulip "ear"--hmmm, I think I will just meditate on her. My visits here are always inspiring.
    Grazie mille.

  10. delicate work....I like hard conte chalk pastels and soft unison chalk pastels :)

  11. Your art makes me happy...something about it feels very free and light. It makes me want to paint and I think your explanation of how you do things and the sharing of your materials is so well done that I could learn to paint by following your "mini tutorials" You are so generous with your knowledge and that is so beautiful in this world. Thank-you for sharing

  12. I love spending time with your images. I can never look at them just once... I have to go back and study their mystery. I never used pastel pencils (just Rembrandt soft pastels) so I can't offer a suggestion. Sorry.

  13. How dear Lynne do you keep all your stuff sorted out in your remember what medium you used on what paper and why you did it and then days later you post about it. I've looked back at my sketchbooks and said to myself "how on earth did I do that?" LOL. I LOVE all your pretty faces and plants and swatches here. Have not tried the Arches paper yet, but plan to this week! I DO LOVE LOVE LOVE the two pencils you shared about last week...the 8B and .7mm mechanical. I will never buy cheap pencil packets again.

    I will check out Tammie's device too! xoxoxo

  14. i agree with henrietta, you always make me want to go shopping... no suggestions on the pastel pencils, but have you tried bristol board and cp's? it used to be my favorite... back home and anxious to get back to the studio... oh and L. O. V. E. love the winged heart and eye xoxox

  15. Gosh, I love these faces! Especially that second one, in your daily book!

  16. Everyone has said it all but know that i feel the love of what you do with your art. I feel better just visiting.

  17. Lynne, your posts and your lovely drawings never fail to inspire me. this time, though, you've also inspired me to shop; I just ordered a landscape set of those tombow pens! he he!


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