Thursday, February 14, 2013

a happy, happy me yesterday...  new paint, beautiful paper, a gigantic collection of colored pencils - everything! pales in comparison to the joy of this for me... 

and to draw in the sun is the best!   i took this pic to show you my setup...    that's my homemade colored pencil box that i've had for almost 2 years now.  it's been a great way to carry pencils around,  first and foremost because it keeps them off the ground.  i try to keep them in the box at all times because once they hit the ground they begin burrowing towards the center of the earth.  and because they completely fill up the box, they don't bang around in it;   i haven't found lead breakage to be more of a problem than with the ones i have at home.  originally i wondered if it was too extravagant to have a box of colored pencils for walking that duplicated the ones at home.  the definitive answer to that is 'no!'

all of that stuff (book, pencils, and sharpener) stays in my walking bag so i never have to wonder if i've got everything when i head out...

prismacolor pencils in sennelier journal, 4" x 6"

i drew the little girl (inspired by a kiki smith drawing) and rosebud on another day; yesterday i drew the face and flowers on the right...

watercolors, colored pencil, graphite, and soft pastels on arches drawing paper, 9" x 12"

this is how the sheet of arches drawing paper in the last post ended up.   all of that color makes me smile...  : )

it's almost over, but happy love day...  and may every day be a love day...

* * * 

“I often painted fragments of things because it seemed to make my statement as well as or better than the whole could."

~ Georgia O'keefe


  1. drawing in the sun? We're having snow... ;(
    greetings from the Netherlands, Annie

  2. Lynne... I feel your joy... there is nothing quite like art supplies... and how wonderful to be drawing outside... I need to do that more... your drawings are gorgeous... so soft and pretty...

    Jenny ♥

  3. All that color makes me smile too Lynne! And that scenery! Sublime.

    Belated happy love day to you, too!

  4. Oh my gracious goodness me! Such a heavenly temporary studio you found yesterday! And all that color makes me happy too. All that delicate just right amount of color! Fabuloso! Is that a even a word? Well, you know what I mean. :)


  5. Are you part bohemian gypsy?
    Working in the out of doors,
    shoeless with snow over the knoll.
    Freedom! That's what that scene looks like to me. Hurrah for art supplies too. The more, the merrier.

  6. when i was able to get away and take a few trips i always had a separate collection of "travel toys." you just never know when that urge to "just go" hits so need to be might enjoy some of these images - hearts in nature stuff:

    cheers - ani. xox

  7. This is exactly the medicine I need today....I don't think my toes will be allowed to see the sun... but a walk...Maybe I'll take a few pencils along and make an effort to overcome my fear of failure. Lovely imagination you have lynne

  8. Hey Lynne
    I love your 'take it with' art kit, always good to have art supplies at the ready. I recently picked up a set of Stablio's to bring to the dance studio with me, I sit and doodle and take notes as needed. I can always tell when things are going slow cuz I can fill a page with doodles, (means that the class spent most of the hour, stretching and or going over parts that they need to work no need for note taking. I like those kinds of days best. I like to doodle. Love all of you wee sketches in the sun, Spring is just around the corner by a month or 2. :)

  9. Waugh! I gotta confess, I envy your sunny walk - but you give me vicarious pleasure, anyway. love from Rainsylvania, sus and flossy (who says her fur is never going to dry out).

  10. Lynne, WONDERFUL! I love the little flower thingys at the top :-). We have sun, but too cold and muddy to sit outside. Glad you were able to though. Love. xoxo

  11. that's a great shot of naked feet and snow in the background... just love it... so california or colorado!
    and your sketch book is just wonderful... love your fragments... xoxo

  12. sos, send sun! divine to see your toes enjoying sunshine, even with snow in the distance!

    lovely drawings of morsels. and I love the thought of your pack just waiting by the door for you all ready to go!

  13. such a joy to see your art
    i love the colors too
    and bare feet, warm enough sun
    ooh la la, not like that here
    yesterday i found lion and wolf tracks in the snow~

  14. Bare feet, mountains, a sketchbook and sun. It looks so pretty and also are your sketches in this lovely colors. It looks so pleased and happy. Sending greetings :)

  15. Hi Lynne! The yellow bits in the middle with the dangling flower parts (is this wholly my imagination??) is just magical. I wish I could see this in person, up close. It reminds me of a costume design for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' or such. I know it might sound airy/fairy, but your art is truly magical to me. But in a real way. I have never drawn outside in my life. The closest I have ever come, is sitting on back steps in a private yard. Maybe it is time...*smiles* Norma, x

  16. good morning Lynne i love your studio its to die for and i love your drawings glad u had a happy love day my friend , those little rosebuds are cute , everytime i hear the work rosebud i think of Citizen Kane and still wonder what it means lol another mystery of this world ..
    hugz bev

  17. You make my heart smile! I love the position and attitude of life and art you seem to radiate! peace be with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. Oh how I long for the sun on my toes! I did feel it the other day on my face, and I stood there and soaked it up. It was delightful... and your beautiful drawings are so very beautiful. I look again and again, there is so much beauty and wonderful creative ideas. I love them all!

  19. Oh how I long for the sun on my toes! I did feel it the other day on my face, and I stood there and soaked it up. It was delightful... and your beautiful drawings are so very beautiful. I look again and again, there is so much beauty and wonderful creative ideas. I love them all!

  20. Ah, the good life! Love your photos and art, I have to get some of that arches paper soon!

  21. I love your outdoor "studio" shots. Hey, did you find a source in the USA to buy Sennelier sketchbooks? I want one so badly but thought they were only available in France. You've inspired me to take my teeney sketchbook to work today.

  22. The first photo exudes healthy contentment.Loving the bare toes, the box choc-a-block full of pencils and the water-girl with hair blooms.

  23. love those toes in the sunshine! And have art supplies will travel - how smart of you to keep your 'walking-art-bag' ready. And I also love how your pages accumulate beauty over a couple of sessions -- all that color makes me smile too.

  24. Oh to draw and paint outside! If I were to die then I would be happy!

  25. Lynne, your drawings are a delight! I can't even tell you how much I love these, from the rosebud and Kiki Smith girl to the exquisite faces on those two bottom figures on the second page... and the flowers growing on the watery girl's head... oooooooooooh....


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