Sunday, July 15, 2012

sophia ~ water soluble oil paint on collaged watercolor paper, approx. 4" x 6"

sophia was maybe my fourth or fifth oil painting. i stopped shortly after i painted her to wait until i got more colors.  initially i ordered six colors and yellow wasn't one of them; i thought that raw sienna would be so much more useful for faces, and it is, but you need yellow!

when i ordered more colors i got this airtight palette.  i wanted something that wasn't too big and definitely airtight... 

 i'm *amazed* at how far oil paints go - the smallest dab of color is all you need for most things.  so far i've used a lot of white and a very little of everything else!

me painting with watercolors in my 'office' this morning.  it may be possible to have too much paint, but i doubt it.

* * *

“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.”

~ Claude Monet


  1. Hi Lynne, you sure have been busy! Sophia is gorgeous. Oil paints scare me though, and I can't seem to get past water colours. Like the idea of the airtight pallette. Agree wholeheartedly with the quote by Claude Monet. Cheerio. ox

  2. Lynne, As I told you last post I too am having a love affair with oil! So rich and yummy! Sophia is lovely.And I adore that quote.xoxo

  3. Wowza ! These oils are adding something wonderful to your already very special faces. Love love love Sophie...

    Just home from a week in Vermont paradise. Full up with creative juices. Ready to continue the flow...
    Big Summer time love to you !

  4. Sophia is quite lovely, i feel a peacefulness in her or in me as i look at her.

    i love your office, we have so many mosquitoes at the moment, that would not be possible.

  5. Dear Lynne,

    Now there is an invention, a must have. An air tight pallette. Thank you for showing it! I like the papers and their bumpiness, the painting is very wonderful; the oil colors are so rich, and yes, yellow is needed for those skin tones.
    You find the most revealing quotes, but that one by Monet gets the blue ribbon

  6. indeed there is a deeper richness to the faces but they haven't lost their personalities or depth of soul. beautiful - quite. the air tight palette is a wonderful addition - a briefcase for the executive office. like the new images on you side bar too. cheers

  7. Sophia is powerful. Seems to be telling a story, deep allusions.

    (did u finish that book)


    love the case i will look for one. Hope you have some calm office hours with good air and light.

  8. Sophia looks as wise as her namesake.
    And I never met a paint i didn't love! xxoo, sus

  9. I LOVE this woman of 'oil' she is a treasure..her gaze, the shading, gosh everything about this sweet woman is making me smile. You are such a temptress dear girl...watercolors, oils, and water soluble at that, nope, one can never have too many paints. Love your office too...great views no matter where you look. ;)

  10. 'Water-soluble' oil paints?
    I need to get one of those air-tight palettes!!
    I love Sophia! Love that rosy cheek!

  11. Sophia has class...just like her name. :) I just love her!

    Loving these Stillman and Birn journals Lynne! Thank you for telling us about them!

  12. Sophia is so lovely! :]
    Her sweet rosie cheek and lips... ((sigh))
    Softly spoken. Such a wonderful piece of work, Lynne.
    This case is fantastic, have one myself. Took it on a trip, "airtight" was what I was looking for, this did the trick!
    I am curious tho, water soluble oil paints?
    Do tell... :]

  13. oooo, Sophia is a beauty in so many ways. She is such a deliciously delicate, wise beauty. She knows more than she tells and peers directly into the hearts and minds of those she meets the way most people watch television.

    as a painting I love the texture of the paper showing through and her wordy hair, her singular blushing cheek, the patch across her face. I think she might be my favourite so far, but then I forget your many painting beings too soon!

  14. I love this palette where you can make your oils more portable! You can never have too much paint! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez stewart

  15. you delight and astound!
    as does dear sophia.
    lucky us!

  16. Lynne, Sophia is truly beautiful. Your girls really glow off the pages now that you are using the watercolor oils. Guess you just have to buy the BIG tube of white! Still lovin' the outdoor studio.

  17. I love Sophia and I love your "office." Very serene and beautiful.

  18. can't wait to try these paints as soon as the show is DONE... sophia is beautiful... xox

  19. Hi Lynne well its all been said by the time i wake up and read your post they have said it all lol Sophia is gorgeous and she has depth glad u are enjoying the oils and as for your office well its just how i imagined ...
    hugz bev

  20. I adore your office and your painting.

  21. I have had the same experience with oils. Apart from white, I only use smidhes of the other colours. I love the face as always.

  22. Yes, a good hansa or cad yellow is so good for souring colors! The primaries always work!!!-ox

  23. Your figures are very delicate and ethereal. Beautiful and mysterious artwork.

  24. sweet! i find oil challenging, but then all paint is a little no-go with me, usually...
    i would like to invite you to next weekend's drawing challenge {28-29/07}. you may find the theme intriguing. love to count you in!... n♥
    drawing challenge

  25. aren't they so vibrant?

    Been wanting to make my own palette, but haven't yet! of acrylics, I mean... did I mention I'm scared of oils?

    I used to paint with oils, but the smells are too much for me now. I was 12-17 when I first used them.


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