Saturday, July 28, 2012

prismacolor pencils on beach rock - approx. 1" x 1"

what, what, blogging, you say?!  well  i do have somewhat of a good excuse...  last week i went with roxanne to camano island, WA where she taught her bookmaking workshop, 'the thread that weaves'.  we were gone for six days, and oh my, did we have a good time...   

looking towards whidby island

we were on camano island for two days and one of them was gloriously sunny.  you know i was happy walking on the beach while roxanne was teaching.

barnacles and mussels in clam shell

at low tide i saw *so much* life; barnacles, mussels, and shells whose names i don't know.

i was in walking heaven...

 prismacolor pencils on shell and rock

and drawing heaven! 

the other day was rainy so i stayed inside the trailer that sue and bill simpson (earthtone studios) provided for us. words can't even begin to describe the generosity and kindness with which they treated us...

prismacolor pencils on piece of 'beach brick'

since i've been home i've been catching up in my 'daily book' and drawing on rocks, etc. that i brought back with me. 

and i've slowly gotten back to painting with oils.  just so you know, the 'airtight' palette is not airtight!  even though i placed the palette inside a ziplock bag before i left, most of the colors had dried beyond usability.  so i scrubbed and scraped it clean and started over.  this is my palette from this morning -  notice that i'm using very small dabs of everything except white!

that's what i've been up to...  savoring these summer days, i am...

* * *

“Really, I think one’s art goes only as far and as deep as your love goes.”   

~ Andrew Wyeth,  'Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography'


  1. Sweet treasures from the sea.. Love them Lynne, they are adorable.. Like little mermaids..

  2. Hi Lynne, so glad you had a great time away. What an adventure! I am in love with your first little stone face. She is so delicate and angelic. What beautiful little keepsakes all those stones are! Keep enjoying the good weather. ox

  3. I hope you brought back loads of them because they are gorgous. I am always tempted to pick up some rocks on my travels but then never do. One day!

  4. Oh my gosh Lynne... your beach rock faces are divine... I'm heading for a beach holiday soon... I might need to collect some too... I just LOVE them... I'm amazed too... how well the prismacolor works on the rock surface... fabulous!!

    Jenny x

  5. Beautiful delicate work on the stone and shell pieces.

  6. Lynne, I missed you! Glad you had a wonderful beach holiday. I love these rock and shell faces, they are wonderful.xoxo

  7. Oh Lynne, it was such a beautiful time... you are such a lovely traveling partner and your new art is so lovely. I am doing a post about our trip today. Loved the road time too. Talking and laughing and dreaming.

  8. Oh,how you made your little treasures even more special with the artist lynne's kiss !
    The first image reminded me of the West Coast Candian artist I found recently. Her stones are like babies !!!
    Happy happy summer frolicking, Beautiful !

  9. Oh so very lovely Lynne. The beach looks beautiful, as do your lovely rock and shell drawings. So makes me want to see (and touch them) for real.

  10. sounds like you had an amazing adventure Lynne. I love all the delightful faces adorning some of your treasures. Can't say I would smile big and wide if I came upon one of them on a beach somewhere, or a trail or path...yes, smiling huge, I am. Summer is now on it's slow journey to 2nd favorite's been far too hot for far too long and so very humid so i am ready for a change..I'd give anything for some 70's and a breeze. Welcome home sweet friend!

  11. hi Lynne well what a time u had and u indeed used your time well from the bush to the sea and what wonderful art u made thanks for sharing and so glad u enjoyed it...hugz bev

  12. No no no!!! Too wonderful, these stone and shell 'canvases' - as always, you inspire me beyond belief! Glad you got away to the San Juan Isles - such a beautiful spot. - sus

  13. ha, you have found your source of inspiration. how delightful. one day travel will be on my menu again.
    you have had a whale of a time, it reads.

  14. Those beautiful, innocent, child like faces are so poignant, and what a perfect support, smooth gifts from the sea!
    PS i so wish i could have come along!

  15. Lynne, Happy that you enjoyed our little part of the world. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate, but I find the shore more interesting when it is not. Life long training, perhaps, dealing with the rain.

  16. it looks as though you had a wonderful time. your stone and shell paintings are wonderful~

  17. My goodness, you were so close to me while you were on Camano. I wish I'd know....I could have come and taken you for a drive or a lunch or something while you friend was busy teaching....well, next time! Glad your holiday was good, glad you are back to the blog. I missed you.

  18. Incredibly cool and how lucky are YOU! Love it! I'm scared to use oils, though.

  19. something timeless, eternal and perfect in this tiny rock face, tiny moment.

    love them.

  20. Incredible little drawings on the rocks. sweetness!
    and you can see that there was fun being had.

  21. First of all I am jealous that you got to go with Roxanne and be part of her workshop -- but mostly I am so inspired by your ability to be in the moment and create such incredible work with whatever is around you.

    Beautiful sweet faces.

  22. Simply adore, how you gather up the elements that are
    surrounding you, inhale your thoughts, and apply with art!! (creativity) ~xx
    Visual expression is touching places in our heart, where no one goes. :]

  23. Oh my goodness Lynne, so many beautiful creations came from your trip! I did not know you could draw on rocks and shells...and it looks so amazing! Your trip sounds blissful as I know it was! Hope you are happily creating today as I type this. xo

  24. Those faces on rocks rock. ']
    I've ordered this new pallate with a sponge insert under the paper and a lid as well. I haven't received it yet, but will report back if it works well.
    All the reveiwers swore it was great. we'll soon see

  25. so glad you had walking heaven. ... so nice, I don't think there are many other things nicer than to wish that on someone... xo

  26. I love your rock faces-and as someone has already said-they rock! I used to paint stones when I was little, and have drawn on rocks and pieces of shell more recently-inspired by you. I now want to have a go at painting on mother of pearl buttons as I was reading about that yesterday. So many things to do and so little time!
    I am glad you enjoyed your art time away-it looks and sounds wonderful!

  27. whimsical way to make your art collectible. are the rocks small, as they appear in the photo, i.e. hand size? painting in miniature is an art itself.

    I spent a week on Whidbey Is in 1969 with two close friends. We stayed with a friend in the Navy. He was stationed there with his wife. It was such a beautiful place. A year or two later, the movie "Five Easy Pieces" came out and they filmed it on the island. Recognized it right away.

    I wonder if I'd recognize it now?

  28. Okay, never mind about the dimensions. I re-read your headline, 1" x 1"...DOH!

  29. oh wooooow.... how wonderful these little pebbles are.... just so perfect for your paintings !!!

  30. Wonderful faces Lynne, I don't have a beach close by but I do have a creek. I think it's time to explore. Thanks for sharing.


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