Friday, May 4, 2012

watercolors, gouache and graphite in stillman and birn 'delta' ~ 7" x 7"

 when i decided to stop using acrylics (a year ago?) i wasn't sure if i'd be able to paint in a layered/textured way that satisfied me.  what i've found is that with gouache, casein paint, watercolors, colored pencils, and oil pastels i can get as thick and textured as i want.  i've also figured out that i don't have to buy gouache for opaque color.   if i paint straight out of the tube (which i do all while) i can buy tubes of watercolors, which are usually less expensive. 

lately i've been moving away from white casein paint and towards white gouache.  my favorite is m. graham titanium white, and a big tube that will last *a long time* is only $9.35 at dick blick.   i now have holbein, winsor and newton, and m. graham gouache in a bunch of colors and i like them all, but nothing compares to m. graham titanium white for a white - in my opinion of course!

* * *
“Screwing things up is a virtue. Being right can stop all the momentum of a very interesting idea.”

~ Robert Rauschenberg  via tumblr


  1. I love the cat girl. nd white gouache too!

  2. Such a sweet page Lynne... I have only just found gouache recently and I LOVE it... the only one our local art shop had was the Daler Rowney brand... so of course... now I want to try the one you have recommended :)

    Jenny x

  3. I'm just this week getting interested in gouache after reading an article in my monthly magazine. It's always interesting reading your takes on the materials you use :)

  4. First of all, let me say I lOVe the quote!
    My only white I ever use is titanium, no other stands up to the test as far as I'm concerned. I love to mix up my mediums too, so much more fun!
    Lovely work Lynne. :)
    Jess xx

  5. Oh MY's a Lynne Gouache Kitty! I love it! We went to the zoo yesterday and I took a fun picture of a giraffe. I think you have just inspired me to paint her.

    Why did you decided to quit painting with acrylics?

    Hope you are doing wonderfully!

  6. like your love cat, adorable... and that quote is sooo true... xoxox

  7. I adore your googly-eyed cat! It's a good idea to give up the more toxic art supplies, too, I think. I'm planning to use what I've got and not buy any more.
    *Love* that quote!

  8. aha . broke something i was working on yest and that quote spoke up from the dust in me brain.... ..........

    i bet you could make a beautiful drawing out of the dirt on your walks with some tree sap to make it all bind together on bark. knowing.

  9. Lynne, I've just gotten my first M. Graham acrylics and can't believe the quality and pigment. Wonderful stuff.
    I ADORE your cat (and friend)

  10. so simply delightful...or de-like-ble. what a wonderful view of what perhaps the cat sees when they look in the mirror...i talk to all my kitties so why shouldn't the seen as part people too. she can live on my door step anytime...xox

  11. Awwwhhh1! She is so cute!!! (This from one who feeds 18 feral cats everyday. I trapped and had all neutered last year, so now we have a stable population of wild, furry, slant eyed, cautious felines who, if I am very quiet, will let me pet them while I put their food down.) My husband will do it once in a while and they stand back looking up at him. Then he says, "You"re welcome!" Our new rescued dog chases them and they now just turn and give her a playful swat! All is well. All are happy. ;-)

  12. wow, such an interesting quote, thank you.

    someday I think i will stop using acrylics too, but it will take me a while to use what i have. thank you for sharing this brand of gouache with us.

    I love, ummm hum, love this art.

  13. Gorgeous Lynne she made me smile big time lol i love the way that u can rework gouache , funny love how u get texture u want but keep the subtle effect ...
    hugz bev

  14. in light of this - a day of screwing things up - Rauschenberg's quote is balm. (What a winsome catgirl)!xxoo, sus

  15. Hi Lynne, I must be doig something right, I screw things up all the time! Adore your cat. What a great picture. ox

  16. Oh so sweet, love the kitty cat!
    Great work.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents.
    Such a treat to visit your blog :]

  17. Meow - love the kitty and love his 'love' tag!

    And that quote should be on the wall in everyone's studio - expectation sure can stop you in your tracks.

  18. I love this little sweetie. Thanks for sharing your insight on paints, some day I am going to have to play around with water colors more, I've always been drawn to the dreaminess that can be achieved with them. You always seem to capture that in your creations and I adore that.

  19. Cat Cutie is a dream!

    Love this quote very much as well !
    BTW you won a prize from my 700th post give-away. I think I have your address but send it to me via email if you don't mind !
    Yay !
    Happy Sunday grooving...


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