Saturday, May 26, 2012

'ladelle (tells it true)' ~ watercolors, oil pastels, gouache and colored pencil on bits of old pages glued to watercolor paper 

the idea for 'ladelle' came from norma of the fairyyellowbug queen ...  she's sponsoring a paperdoll challenge this week and she wrote to me with an idea;  i told her i'd present it to the muse and see what she thought...    she loved it, so 'ladelle'  quickly sprang to life!

here's the idea:  ladelle's skirt is telling a story.  it shows us the kind of face that ladelle is afraid to paint - she's more comfortable painting something prettier, less edgy.  her left hand is glued behind her back because she's afraid to use it; it paints more closely what comes from the creative right hemisphere of the brain, and that's just too uncomfortable...

i'm sure it comes as no surpise that this a subject that's near and dear to my heart.  over the years i've observed myself backing away from painting in a way that is free-er, and when i look to see what's behind that i see the fear of failure.  what, huh?!!!     yep.  

and then i laugh because who the heck do i think is gonna be sitting there judging whether what i've done is a 'failure' or not...   oh, yeah, me!!  ha!!    when i see that (again) i proceed...

 something that i think is interesting is that it took me roughly 2 minutes to paint the face on the skirt, and 30 minutes (at least) to paint ladelle's...    i know, i know, the face on the skirt *looks* like it took a couple of minutes, lol!  but it never ceases to amaze me how quickly something can spring to life if you let yourself go and just do it.

and truly,  i love ladelle's sweet face too!!   i love them all, hee!  

you can visit more participants in norma's challenge here.  thank you norma...  you are a rare and beautiful bird.

and speaking of rare and beautiful birds, amy  has a mondo bunch of mixed media (including book making!) tutorials here.

*  *  *
 “Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.”
~ Chuck Klosterman via tumblr


  1. You are one of those "rare and beautiful birds" Ms Hoppe. The idea behind ladelle is brilliant. Love this story... and the quote at the end, how appropriate for me to read today. Thank You! xoxo

  2. is that no just so true? sometimes i feel like, 'oh i have to finish this painting so that i can do junk i want to do and play around with my supplies today.' WHAT is that about? but i still do it. nearly every day. i guess i feel like if i put in enough time painting something that is considered artistic and i am refining my craft, i'll feel validated that i can sit down and doodle with my stickers and staples and markers.
    that's so sad. i'm not sayin i don't LOVE L.O.V.E. painting and love making portraits, but also... you know. i feel a little... guilty? if i don't paint them.
    i feel like your paper doll can see right through me.


    p.s. HEY thank you !!!! thank you delicious babe for sharing my link!!!!!!!!

  3. i've scrolled down a bit too, and had a look at more of your painted faces. i must say i love them all. they are eerie, sympathetic and also a mittle mysterious. (and probably much more too.)

    i've enjoyed the explanation you added. makes it all the more interesting and intriguing. and true.

    lovely to meet you.

  4. this is quite wonderful
    and how awesome that you have an understanding as to the meaning within your doll and what she is feeling or up to.

    so often in my art it is a mystery.
    i do find it interesting that i just did a piece about sleep when i was not sleeping well and have been sleeping wonderfully ever since. someone else had to point that out to me.

    lovely weekend to you.
    ladelle is awesome Lynne!

  5. She is absolutely divine. Love doing this idea. And the face that looks like clay next to her? Is that yours?

  6. La belle Ladelle...
    you know I understand every word you wrote, and not just with my brain. xoxo

  7. this made my day Lynnie!!! just love the duality of this piece!! carry on girl, you've got your brave girl pants on and it's wonderful! xo

  8. I love this Lynne-the dol and the story. It is terrible what we can do to our own self-esteem and feelings despite not intending to! I think I am much freer when painting or making collages at school as I am playing with the children and talking to them and not worrying. I mean to be that way at home but am never totally that free. I love the doll story idea in this challenge and wish I had seen it sooner!

  9. Hi Lynne! When the doll stands in situ it's neat how the eye goes directly to the skirt face and up to the doll face and back and forth and back and forth. NICE!!
    And I love everything about 'ladelle' ~~ the color combo. of her headgear with her bodice; the layering of the text and papers of course; her body language. Just adore her to bits, bits, bits, as I knew I would and as I deliciously waited to see. She looks nice standing in the out of doors as well.
    The story of 'ladelle' speaks to all of us and encourages us to be brave in our art as well. I bet as she kind of hangs out with you she can be one of your cheerleaders quietly speaking in the background while you work...encouraging you in her quiet way.
    She is adorable Lynne! Love your work. Love your thinking. It was huge fun having you play along in this week's drawing challenge. You are brightly welcome to join in any week any time you or your muse feels inclined to. To check who is the host and what the theme is you can drop in to Ariane's [] blog. She keeps the peeps in a row.
    Bless Lynne! *smiles* Norma
    p.s. the drawing challenge welcomes all!

  10. A lovely piece, this art doll speaks with such substance!! :]
    Love your flavor... Lynne.
    Take care.

  11. Loving Ladelle and the fab face in the skirt. I also very much enjoyed reading your post and know exactly how you feel. Annette x

  12. dear Lynne

    nice to me you!
    I love your doll
    its pretty face
    and beautiful skirt
    it tells the story of my life

    thank you for sharing
    Patrice A.

  13. hello Lynne, what an interesting, intriguing story your Ladelle is telling us, i came across that issue of painting in a free-er way myself and my thoughts about that were going the same direction as yours did.
    one should think that after many years of painting one should have a certain confidence (there are always periods i do) but at the other hand that certain fear of failure is also very challenging in a good way.

    i love your doll and her faces and i have to come and visit again because i see some very beautiful work here.

  14. Hello Lynne,
    nice to meet you!
    Wonderful paperdoll and words.
    I've scrolled and found your 'Gold Dust' paintings... great!


  15. Oh Lynne I'm in love with Ladelle! Two of your beautiful faces in one!! I haven't made a doll for so long, and your gorgeous post has put me in the mood to make something (or someone). Thankyou once again for sharing your Joy. oxox

  16. When we create something really quickly, it seems to come from the part of the brain that lets things flow? Don't dismiss a drawing that was done quickly, I do this too then people tell me it's my better stuff! I lOVe the two faces on your girl, lovely work Lynne!
    Jess xx

  17. what a beautiful paperdoll - the women on the skirt is so magic and tells mysterious stories to me!
    I'm happy to meet you and your blog!
    xx mano

  18. love this sweet little doll! Hope you make more. A story in a doll. I loved paper dolls as a child.

    and love the Klosterman quote. where do you find these goodies!

    going to check out the goodies now. it's hard to come in from outside to look at all these eye treats!

    happy wandering.

  19. The face on the skirt is very nice. It looks less planned and perfect than the dolls face. Try painting more like this.

  20. Hi Lynne love your little Ladelle paper doll shes so u , totally relate to your theory and love the klosterman quote think most artists would its perfect... of course u love them all they are part of u , was just thinking , ive told u before i love reading your comments section and wouldnt it be great to all be in the same room wow now that would be a treat....
    hugz bev

  21. Oh, she is just delightful ! And her story is so rich with the real guts of what this creative stuff is all about.
    I am so glad you bring your art into the world.
    Love and light !

  22. Dear Lynne,
    may I please invite you for the next drawing challenge? I'll be the host with SHADOW this weekend.


  23. 2 beautiful faces on one figure--fantastic!

  24. Thank you for a fantastic blogspot. I have only stumbled across you today and have truly enjoyed your past posts and I look forward to now following.

  25. Ladelle rocks...I love her rockin image and I love her rockin skirt...what a fun creation Lynne! I need to do this too...just fear...just do it.

    Off to check out the challenge.


  26. lynn I just love her!!! I think this could be your new forte! love the paper doll idea!

  27. ps. if you start making paper dolls like her I would love to put my order in!!!

    have a great day lynn!!

  28. Oh Lynne. Ladelle is so beautiful, and so you. My heart just sings when you do these amazing and true things! I get so inspired, and find my own little kernal of joy again - no matter how well its been hidden lately! Thank you so much!

  29. Lynne, ladelle is so lovely, and shares such an important story. I did not make a paper doll for this weeks challenge, but it is definitely on my "want to do" list.

  30. Let yourself go and just do it. Amen to that!

  31. Ladelle is so wonderful, and no, I don't think the face on her dress looks like it took two minutes... it looks like it took a very long time, so full of sadness and fear is she. There really is no judge tougher than ourselves, is there? She is beautiful, beautiful!


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