Saturday, August 27, 2011

'imogene listening' ~ watercolor, oil pastel, and colored pencil in 'the merry men'

* * *

“The real artist’s work is a surprise to himself.”

~ Robert Henri

via mary ann wakeley's tumblr



  1. I love it when I surprise myself!

    Imogene, don't you love that name? Don't you wish that was your name? I think she lives in New York and hangs out with the intelligentsia. She can wrap her head around all this stuff but actually she is bored by it. In fact this kind of talk just makes her feel sad. She is waiting for the day when someone will speak to her from their heart, waiting to hear something that will make her cry and laugh, maybe even at the same time.

  2. she's beautiful....the colours are gorgeous :)

  3. She's just dreamy with a sophisticated air. Love her colors and that quote.

  4. Oh Lynne, I just love the colors you used to shade her features and the background. Is this watercolors around white oil pastel? Gimme a hint, please?
    Imogene, from the Latin, means "image, likeness".
    So that's what a listener looks like... ah! Thank you!

  5. Yay! I am finally here Lynne. My computer fixed and is on my lap and I am in inspirational, peaceful heaven.
    I have missed this oasis.
    Oh. I have missed your faces.

  6. She has heard with her whole heart, in someone's vulnerable moment, a truth that strikes home for her as well.

  7. Imagine listening...

    This has made me think, no pun intended.. We imagine flying, imagine floating, but I haven't given listening a thought..

    I love the phrases you use... Sets my cogs turning.. You can probably here them, a bit rusty...

  8. oh.
    wait. stop everything! i have made plaster paper for some inexplicable reason. i never ever ever thought of carving into it.

    *lightbulb goes on*

    (also i think i'm mentioning the plaster carving on the wrong post, but here i am anyway)

    i'm really excited about this plaster thing...


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