Saturday, October 16, 2010


watercolor and oil pastel on collaged plaster cloth ~ small eyed boy # 2

eyed boys...

a couple of small eyed boys dropped by to visit this week... they don't manifest fully on the material plane (as you can see); they slip between dimensions to drop off a message (or two). i dearly appreciated their visits...

but mostly i haven't been visiting with small eyed boys or anyone else; i've been helping my dh figure out why our septic system stopped working. that takes top priority, you know...

this is the scene after we finished digging. all i can say (well not all) is that i'd forgotten how much energy digging takes!

i'm happy to say that we've found the problem... and that we'll be clearly marking the spot on the surface where the line enters the tank!!

i wish you all a happy, creative week... i'm gonna go see if i can find any more of those small eyed boys.

* * *

"Who is the man who triumphs? The one who believes. Let the "intelligent" ones doubt, criticize, categorize, and define. The man of heart believes. And the world belongs to him who believes most."

Henry Miller, 'Paint as You Like and Die Happy'



  1. oh that is a fab miller quote... I believe! I believe!! good thing you found the problem! good thing those boys don't completely materialize, they look so good slightly out of focus! xo

  2. love your painting and so glad you have solved your septic tank problem....sounds like very hard work.

  3. Love those small eyed boys who have been visiting...nice to know there will be more visits.

    I've been down that 'septic' route... big holes in our lawn etc...not so nice.

    Hope your digging has solved the problem.

    Jacky xox

  4. Here's to more small eyes boys..the color son him are just lovely..

    I hate digging...i don't even like to dig a hole for a plant. Yuck.

    Got your email too....I will put the package into the force on Monday. :)


  5. awwww sweet, sweet little small eyed boys, where do you come from? Where are you going? Can you see me? Am I too tall, too big, too old to play? :)Bea

  6. Ooh, I have met his sister.

  7. I laughed when you said small eyed boys.. it so aptly describes the whole slipping between dimensions thing and little boys.

  8. Here's to small eyed boys! ...
    and 'drat! ' to the other thing! -J

  9. Hi Lynne,
    huh hot - I am fallen in love with the small eyes boy. (I also like the background colour a lot.)
    Nice to read from Henry again. I can only agree - but he should have added also "All woman of heart believes!".... ;-))

  10. sorry for your septic issues - I hope they are fixed easily and swiftly! Your small eyed boy is wonderful...

  11. Oh you poor things, I hate "those" problems, and the mess you end up with.
    But I adore your small eyed boy... especially when I look closely at the fragmented cloth and the amzing symbol on the bottom right side. I hope to see more, and that your life gets back to normal. At least there is no snow yet, and the ground isn't frozen.
    sending love and wishes for you to have a Sunday of art... roxanne

  12. I find the thought of these small eyed boys drifting in for a visit very comforting as I'm sure you do.
    Glad you've sorted out the septic tank problems.

  13. well, the visit from the small eyed boys sounds interesting and fun and I love the portrait. As for the digging, good on you, yes mark that spot. I must say this is a perfect Halloweeny photo! Looks like you have been up to no good.

  14. yes. yes to the magical little boys :) xo Deb
    (no no to the other issues!)

  15. Oh those small eyed boys from another dimension - do they only visit you Lynne? Lovely post that has made me dreamy - thank you

  16. Those of us who count on septic tanks and wells surely appreciate what you went through. These are two of our biggest concerns here. You have to have water and when the well can't just turn on the water like in the city. It does give us a deeper appreciation of what it takes to really live on your own. Some of these kinds of things are taken for granted. If you had to dig a hole for a failed septic tank, you would know what I was talking about, right Lynne? Not an easy (and pleasant) task I might add. Those boys are delicious...I wish I knew what messages they were bringing with them. I might need to hear their voices.

  17. love the small eyed boys...I bet they still see the big wide world through those sweet small eyes...

  18. I love a lot your painting!
    you are an artist!

  19. Your small eyed boy is adorable! And I love the Henry Miller quote. You always find the best quotes!

  20. the man of heart, isn't he like a small eyed boy or girl?

    Septic issues, crud!

  21. So you'll be marking it with painted totem poles yes?

  22. hmmmmm, just read about those small-eyed boys and their dimensional issues - feeling a deep and curious resonance ... interesting.
    thinking of you lots
    sending love and deep blessings

  23. Small eyed boys..YMMM..
    I do enjoy your work and how your mind works..
    I can not find the plaster Paper.
    I went to the Michael's here and when I ask about it..They looked at me like I had 3 heads..LOL..
    Here to life and wonder.

  24. Now that the digging is over, maybe a few of those small eyed boys will be back to visit!!

  25. Here's to future visits from small-eyed boys! And I hear you on the digging thing...few things rank lower on my "fun to do" scale than digging. (of course, we live in a high rock area, so....


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