Friday, October 22, 2010

one's love

watercolors and oil pastel on muslin

yes, i've had quite a few more small eyed boys (and one small eyed girl) visit me... i don't know much about them other than what i said in the last post, however i have learned that they

belong to a tribe called the 'free people'. well of course that made me love them even more...

colored pencil in moleskine journal

they visited my pocket moleskine...

colored pencil in moleskine journal

(the only girl to show up so far)

watercolors in zecchi watercolor journal

and my new watercolor journal, given to me by kathy dorfer...

kathy is an amazing giver of gifts... it's like she looks into my soul, sees what i want (or need), and then gives it to me. she also gave me a set of zecchi watercolors... these are the highest quality watercolors that i've ever used - they have only three ingredients: pigment, gum arabic, and honey, and for most of the colors i feel like all i have to do is wave the brush over them and the color jumps right up there. i can't say enough good things about them... i don't think they're available in the U.S. (she brought them back from italy for me. yeah...), but they're definitely available in italy and possibly other european countries, too. or, you can order them anywhere by phone. the paynes grey is exquisite - a hint of green as well as the usual blue; and dragon's blood and indian yellow! oh my! (yes, she gave me that travel brush too, in a smaller size that i'd been wanting; and some silk, and, and...)

later she sent me some pogo prints of windows that she saw in italy... now they're making my colored pencil case more beautiful...

so these watercolors are me fooling around in the zecchi watercolor journal (about the same size as a small moleskine watercolor journal)...

i saw a photo of a venetian horse statue in a book, so i thought i'd give it a try. my horses always look so unhorse-like!!

i've started doing more daily journal type stuff in my pocket moleskine, which i pretty much abandoned over the summer. i really *like* doing this kind of thing. it's easy... it's fun, hee!

the face was done with derwent tinted charcoal pencils that i just got. i really like them (if you click you can see the colors at the top of the page)...

i did this with charcoal pencils in the watercolor book and it worked great until i went to blend them, then bits of paper started coming off. shading with charcoal is such a dream... if you're a virgo (like me) and don't like getting your hands all charcoal-y, you might want to try it in pencil form.

i've been out walking some... i feel like the rain and snow can come now - i've been by all of my favorite trees one last time, and met a few new ones to boot...

this is a large area of springs that i discovered last spring. considering that all grass here is now bone dry and brown, this is remarkable. i was wondering if it'd still be green...

this is a new tree that i found a couple of weeks ago and wanted to go back to and visit. you can't tell from the photo, but most of it is dead, which is rare; junipers live so long you just don't see dead ones.

here are five entrance-ways for arboreal homes... the first four were in the tree above, and the last one was

in this tree, which is a completely dead juniper. this area has such a feeling of calm - i can't begin to express it... i was so glad that i got to go back and spend time there. while i was sitting there drawing, three deer 'snorted' at me. my thought when the first deer snorted was "wow, that was a loud exhale!" ha! i looked around expecting to see a giant buck, but it was a medium sized, very inquisitive doe. there were four of them, and they stayed near me for about a half hour. i was beginning to think i was sitting in their spot...

i have some links to share - books and inspiration, but this is already so long i'll stop for now and post them separately in a few days.

until then...

* * *
"One's art goes as far and deep as one's love goes, and there is no reason for painting but that.

~ Andrew Wyeth



  1. I am new to your blog. I just want to say I love your work, it inspires me. It reminds me of a card I had once that said "I've seen the deer people and I'm no longer afraid". Your quotes are lovely also. Lorrie

  2. I love sitting and having a chat. Thanks for the catch up. -J

  3. What a great post, Lynne.

    Your sweet young free people are treasures - I especially love the way you talk about them :-)
    And what you did with those exquisite watercolors ... WOW!

  4. Oh Lynne, this is one of my favourite posts. I'm enchanted with everything you share. Your new watercolor paintings are exquisite and the sweet free people lift my spirits. A wonderful start to my day. Thank you!

  5. Wonderful art, wonderful gifts! Isn't so fun and relaxing, I've only recently got my watercolors and journal out. I love to just drop some paint on the paper and watch what is so theraputic!

  6. Huhu Lynne,

    another great post! I really had fun to read and to look at all your new paintings. The free people: the one with the square head makes me laugh a lot. And the new ones you did with your new colours: I am speechless. They are so brilliant - I love the horse - or is it an unicorn?
    Thanks for this inspiring post.


  7. well the watercolors go on the list for the bird and the red one is very magical, your horse doesn't look like a horse because it is a unicorn, silly girl!! lol!

    and it creeps me out to have stuff on my hands, charcoal... glue, etc guess that works for aquarians too!
    and wow green grass, I know right, brown is the new green... lol!
    oh and you trees... quote, moleskine and free people are fab! xo

  8. beautiful Lynne. Your new friends are obviously at home x

  9. I am always inspired when I come to your site, by the intuitive way in which you work, by your prolific and delightful, soulful creations (I especially love deer boy) and by your wanderings. Such a magical life of following your heart!

  10. okay, I couldn't even finish the post before coming here and saying, that HORSE! THAT HORSE. okay?

    i have a friend who always. gives. the best. gifts. little, grand, reused, whatever. they are just what one wants at the time. I love that kind of talent.

    okay, back to the rest of the post. but I'll look at the HORSE again, first.

  11. un horse like? WHAT?

    okay, I also think the bark is groovy. i didn't know this about juniper trees.

    I know about juniper berries mainly because of gin.


  12. You are a lucky ducky, indeed, to have those delicious new watercolors! Just looking at those rich colors made me drool a little. (tee-hee!)
    I can never see enough gnarly old trees. We don't have many left around here, so it always makes my heart skip a beat to see one still standing.

    And, I LOVE that your small eyed children have told you that they are from the "free people" tribe! They have wisdom and mischief in those eyes, and obviously already know what is important in life.

    Love and hugs,

  13. i love what you have done with those
    paints. the color is soo cool.
    great post lynne.....

  14. What pleasurable gifts you do receive. I am quite taken by the subtleness of those charcoals. Very entertaining post.

  15. I love that square-headed boy...she is luscious. Their lips are so red! I am going to try and find a link for those paints if they can do that kind of color. Simply wonderful. What a lucky person you are to have a special friend that can read your wants and needs. She probably feels the same about you!

  16. Beautiful beautiful watercolors - those little bird friends with your people especially catch my fancy. I am intrigued as well by the tinted charcoal, which I have never seen before. Ok, I am going to go draw now! Thanks for the wonderful post, Lynne.

  17. Beautiful post. Painting with honey how awesome.

    I love that the deer hung around.


  18. Lynne, your blog is my favorite book! I can't get enough. I love the Free People Tribe, small little nuggets of LoVe.
    I am a teensy bit jealous of your art supplies...someday :)

    PS: I like your horse, it reminded me of a unicorn. Isn't that what Free People ride?

  19. Oh Lynne, you have been so busy, and you share so much with us! I had conferences this week and had tons of preparing too... and they went super well, so I am glad for the extra work.
    It's a beautiful stormy day here, leaves flying... rain pouring down. I just look and look, and walk out in the gardens in it and get all wet. It has been so dry until now. I relish this day.
    Your new paints sound amazing. And the cover of your case with the windows. And your free people children... You have filled me up with your art and words! sending love, roxanne

  20. I love the little people you are breathing life into! The colors are so beautiful. The watercolors make me lean in and wonder about ordering them. But then again, my sister lives in Italy. When I visited this summer, try as I might I had trouble finding wonderful art supplies there.

    Such a lovely post. i always love it when you share art supplies you are enjoying. Thank you.

  21. Wonderful post! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Love the free people kids, so inspired! Your images are always a delight to peruse. Thanks!

  22. I love your girl..and the new watercolors..I am in desperate need of some new onew...right now im using my Faber Castel watercolor pencils...I love them too..!Im your newest follower..!

  23. Your drawings are so simple, but rich and deep and vibrant -- they make me tingle with delight! And thanks for sharing your new set of watercolors . . . I'm going to go check out the link as soon as I finish typing this comment!

  24. Lynne,
    I like those tinted charcoal pencils - I've never used them - but I love how it looks! And the rock with the blue heart - so pretty!

  25. oh goodness lynne.. such wonderful hues and you make the most amazing images come to life! thank you :)


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