Monday, March 15, 2010


so here's the nitty gritty... i used prismacolor and faber castell colored pencils on muslin that i'd soaked in walnut ink water and then painted with watered down ivory acrylic paint. each page is 4" x 4", with a tab sewn to it that i punched holes in so i could make a little book.

i wanted to experiment with colors, shapes, etc. on the faces, and a lot of them were started by something i could already see on the page, like a wrinkle or a walnut ink stain (see eyebrow above).

a print from my pogo printer - loved having that with me!

the back of the first book - this kind of binding was my favorite. the book laid almost completely flat.

front page of the second book - i think this binding looks nicer but it leaves a little hump when the book's open.



  1. Lynne, your work always makes me smile!

  2. oo you books are really so special! soft & sweet...i've been thinking about a pogo printer for the summer....

  3. Your FaceBook is way better than the one on-line ! So much more beauty in it ! ;)

    I think I need a pogo too...
    Happy Tuesday !

  4. LH, I love this little book! I am so glad you are back to help inspire me (you always do, whether you knew it or not)!

  5. smiling from ear to ear! your work is just so magical and love the journal!!

  6. LOVE these and THANKS for all the info about what you used.
    I think I might do one of these on doors as I've collected alot of photos of doors over the years.

  7. Nice to see you back! How great that you and Happy were able take a trip to see your family together... He has grown!!!

    Your refinement of your faces and the statements and questions these "beings" pose are so interesting and positive. I love checking in to see your latest...

  8. ohhhh, it is so WONDERFUL you're back !!!!! (seee me smile : ) it is just soo goood to have you back, did I already say that, hehehehe : ) love your new little books and artwork - hey, where is your shop ??? did you sell all ???
    happy, happy, happy : ) just wanted to let you know that !!!
    xoxoBlessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  9. ohhhh, in my excitment - forgot to ask what's a "pogo printer" ??? I want one, ha : )
    morexoxoBlessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  10. What a wonderful little book. I wonder what these faces were seeing, what you were seeing to bring out these faces. What influences were going on during your trip that helped create these. Rhetorical question, not needing an answer.

  11. heya, kelly! thank you!! xo

    thanks, jeane... oh! get a pogo printer! they're fun!!

    ha, kim! this is the only facebook i can do! : ) (you need a pogo)

    thank you, janine! i love this 4" x 4" size. and the muslin, well it's just the coolest...

    aw, thank you cat... xo

    dale anne, doors would be *good*! you're welcome and thank YOU!

    hey sweet anna... yeah, happy's grown! it was really a gift to be able to go with him. very grateful for that. love you... xo

    sandra! you always make me smile! yeah, i sold almost everything before i left so now i'm making some books, etc. so i can reopen it (etsy, that is). soon, i hope! a pogo printer is a tiny little printer made by polaroid. it prints directly from your camera. it's the coolest little thing. the prints are 2" x 3" and the back has a peel off thingy and it's sticky underneath so you can stick them in your journal just like that! amazon sells them... happy, happy to you, too!

    hey jan, well sometimes i wonder where they come from too... but i don't wonder too hard. i just welcome them. : ) xo

  12. Lynne! These faces are absolutely wonderful. And I love the text as well. There is something so softly vulnerable, hopeful, pure, and true in these pieces. And thanks for your sweet words on my blog :) xoxo

  13. love all these delicate faces, lynne - the books themselves are treasures. xox

  14. I just stumbled upon your site and was amazed at your talent! You are a great artist. I just added a link to your blog on do WONDERFUL WORK. I love the paintings on the sticks and trees.

  15. Your faces are so amazing to me. There is so much character in each one. And they are uniquely yours!


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