Thursday, March 18, 2010

facebook(s) finis

alrighty, here are the rest of the faces!

this is a carving by s. l. jones at the taubman museum in roanoke, VA. there's a great exhibit of outsider art there now. if you're anywhere in the area, i highly recommend it!

i sewed a pocket on the inside of the back cover to stick ticket stubs and stuff in.

thank you for following along!



  1. So lovely to have your back home. I've really enjoyed your two little journals and all of those wonderful faces and words.
    Sounds like you had a great time with your family (how nice to have your son along for the trip too...precious time!).
    I've been away too... just back today. Will do a post soon, maybe tomorrow when I have had a little rest...hectic times.
    Love to you my friend, I have enjoyed the visit. Missed you.

    Jacky xox

  2. The 'end' of a book is the beginning of another! I do love your soft 'almost there' style can say way more than a hard line.... -Jayne

  3. Love the catty ears and the birdie waver at the end. I also love imagining stories for your beings...such play for the imagination.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend , Lovely Lynne !

  4. LOVE these little facebooks! The faded quality of the pages is irresistable. I enjoy the small details you add, to bring your people to life. I want to try binding some pages like this! Great work and thanks for show us.

  5. " all you roamers, rovers and rolling stones who know the destination is the journey, ramble on. . ."

    These words and your little waving birdie-creature are an absolutely wonderful way to end this post! The end is the beginning is the end is beginning.

    Thank you for INVITING us along on your journeys!

  6. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time but I am also soooooooooo glad that you are back. I love looking at your wonderful faces. I study each one because they have so much character in them, even if I can barely make out them. :)Bea

  7. ohh love the writing on breathing and the barely there angels... yummmy!

  8. thank you, thank you, thank you - they are all just AWESOME !!!! and your profound words, ohhhhh : )welcome home AGAIN you sweet girl : )
    xoxoxoBlessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  9. hi jacky, been thinking about you... thank you for your nice welcome back - it's nice to be back. : )

    jayne, i'm making a conscious effort to stay away from the hard line... somehow that hard line makes everything a little too defined.

    hi kim, i like it when catty ears show up! beautiful weekend to you, too!

    melissa, yes, you must try this - it's so much fun! i too love the soft, faded quality. it's easy to do on muslin...

    aw, angela, thank you... well of course i've already started a new book - the end of one is definitely the beginning of another! xo

    hee, bea... yeah, they are pretty faint. i wasn't sure if they would show up in pictures at all. they don't lend themselves to being photographed, that's for sure. i sure appreciate your sweet words about them...

    thank you, janine!

    yeah, cat, i like those barely there angels too. : ) that kind of doodling is so much fun to do. the words are almost all by michael brown ('daily intent' link in my sidebar). his words help me stay focused...

    thank you, sandra... : ) and thank you again for your warm welcome home... beautiful equinox weekend to you! xoxo

  10. such a happy making book! lovely, lovely. :0)

  11. Lynne! Thanks for sharing them all. I love these. I was sitting here smiling and I didn't even realize it until now.

    pockets! cool things.

  12. oh, they are all quite wonderful!

  13. A beautiful
    Tenderness. You.

    Written on an iPod. I like this).


  14. More goodness. I especially love that little creature in the last picture.

    It's nice enough here today to be barefoot. Happy spring equinox! I wonder if you have gone to your mountain in celebration?

  15. I love them all! So soft and sweet....

  16. heya, kelly! thank you! xo

    oh, thank you, chris... now you're making me smile... : )

    thank you, tammie!

    peace to you, too, m.... xoxo

    jan, you're so smart... : ) yeah, we went to mt. shasta this week... (that little creature on the last page was so bold!)

    hi momo luna... sending you smiles and thanks... xo

  17. i really really really love these faces! my faves are the heart in the throat and third eye lovelies. they are all super duper gorg!!!! you are a shining star ♡

  18. Oh Lynne those faces are so SAD and so HOPEFUL! they make me believe in the world! thank you Lovely work!

  19. your version of 'facebook' is soooooo much better than that other one, that big FB thing. Not sure why I stick around there ... much more better here. So many amazing personalities in your work.


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