Saturday, October 3, 2009

slowing down

it seems to have gone from summer to winter in one week flat here. besides a general slowing down after the whirlwind weeks of last month, the shorter days and cold temps have me switching to a slower gear... i spent the early part of the week getting a couple of packages together, and this face was part of one of the packages - i think i may be the slowest package put-er-together-er on the planet...

i'm thinking about blogging and whether to continue with once a week posting (the posts are so long), or switch to shorter, more frequent posts. maybe back to not so much talking by me... i'm wondering if it would be helpful/of interest to list the 'ingredients' below each piece. if you have an opinion on this i'd like to know...

these are the few pieces i've done this week...

i feel like i'm beginning to get the hang of image transfers using gel medium and paper.

i thought i'd try drawing this kind of nose. it's fascinating to me the different ways that people draw noses, eyes, and mouths...

all of these were done with colored pencils, oil pastels, caran d'ache crayons, and twinkling H2Os.

the back side of the face above - this was my first attempt at an image transfer using a transparency sheet. i let the gel medium dry before i took the transparency off, and it was practically cemented to the muslin. most of the image (a chagall painting) stuck to the transparency sheet, so i sewed it to the muslin.

i did these before winter hit... the two sticks on the right seem to be a couple - they look at each other from trees that are about 5' apart. she looks awfully intense but he's crazy about her...

i'm working on a doll for my mother's birthday and this is what she looks like now. she's upside down in a glass on the woodstove - i'm making sure her hair (yeah hair!) is dry before i paint her. in her brief life so far she's looked like trent lott, homer simpson, and abraham lincoln.

and this is what my art table looks like... i'm pondering whether this painted rick rack idea is the way to go... maybe i'll just put it aside and start something new, something that doesn't require thinking - it's been a full day what with meeting up with trent, homer, and abe...

Practise what you know, and it will help to make clear what you do not know.

~ Rembrandt



  1. Gosh, Lynne, I would post one short post daily. I hope you do not slow down that usually leads to quiting.
    I was reading blogger reports and they said.. more photos, less writing.. does that help?

    About you wonderful work.. YOu are truly in a class of your own.. and I adore it! Please do not stop.. ?
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  2. I just love your posts - I think you should post whenever the urge takes you.

    Yes, ingredients or 'how I did this' would be wonderful. (I tend to write-up my experiments in my notebook with sketches and then scan and post those - see some of my back journaling blog posts). Don't know if that tip will help.

  3. Lynne I just love all of your photographs and your inspire me each time I visit (as you're inspiration appears regularly in my journal). Plus I love how you give us little tid bits of information on how you achieved this or that...its wonderful!
    I had a giggle when I saw your mothers doll upside down in the glass (actually looks like she's washing her hair) reminds me of the photos we took of the kids when they were little that tend to get bought out for the 21st etc.

    Love the quote of Rembrandt's...brilliant for me today...practice what I know.

    Jacky xox

  4. No matter what you do I will love it ... except if you stop. The thing is to do what is comfortable and easy for you so that it doesn't become a schlepp. Now hurry up and get poor doll out of the glass so we can see her complete :-)
    Love all the nosejobs!

  5. I believe in posting often enough to keep it stress free but keep it interesting and often enough for others. Photos with explanation is good of course. I love your blog already and can't imagination it getting better. Do what makes you happy and I'm sure the rest of us will be happy too.

  6. What ever you decide to do I'll be checking in daily to read. You do realize you can mix it up anyway you want and those of us who enjoy your printed word and your beautiful artwork will still be reading.
    I, of course, LOVE to read about how something was created. That's the fun of the journey. I love the humble details of the work in progress, like the head of the doll drying in the jar, on the stove. That kind of thing makes me smile, makes you seem "real" you know? :)Bea

  7. I will be happy with what ever you choose to do as long as you do keep posting! You really inspire me!

    I have the worst time trying to tranfer images using transparencies...ugh, they always stick. I have only seen a couple of people do it right. I guess the trick is knowing just when to remove the transparency. I have some TAP and will have to try that. Have you tried Sheer Heaven? I have tried it on paper but not on cloth.

    These pieces are wonderful and colorful. I have to try H2o's!

  8. gosh! post when and what you want. do what works best for you! blogs come second in my world! art and life come first!
    these pieces are all fab, love how the transparency turned out, were you trying to transfer the image from the transparency to the cloth? I have been working on transfers from photo paper and wait til you see my mistakes! : ) xo cat

  9. Hi Lynne,

    I love your posts just the way they are but you should do what feels right or what comes naturally. I really like hearing the story behind the art whether its the ingredients or the inpiration, whether it was planned or just spilled out of you. Its all facinating, besides your beautiful art! :)

  10. I Study the lips and noses too...I guess it is just in case I draw one some day.. LOL

    Beautiful artwork, Lynn! Happy winter... It has been so hot here I am looking forward to cooling down very much!


  11. Your blog is one of my very favorites for all it's content. I love your photos of your work, I love reading about your process and intend to keep on reading whatever you choose to post whenever you choose to post it. I do enjoy learning how you create what you do and what "ingredients" you use. Plus I love checking out the blogs of your commenters. Thanks for all your sharing.

  12. I seem to agree with the consensus so what ever works for you. Your long posts are great because it feels like a real visit but I know I would love shorter more frequent posts too. And I do love when artists include their ingredients, so I vote for that!

  13. these transfers are so wonderful Lynne - and the doll drying her hair? so funny! I would love to know the ingredients of each piece - you use so many materials successfully :))

  14. I am fairly new at all this but I have found the largest range of styles and lengths of posts-- some daily and very short, others less frequent and very long-- and many in between-- I think everyone has their own style according to their personality and nature.

  15. Lynne, your posts are always so full of inspirational riches. I love your work and I love to read about how you have done it. I also love your trips into the woods. Basically, I love your blog ao please blog when you can, but don't let it become a chore x
    p.s. love the floral transfer and the faces are stunning x

  16. Blogging at your own pace will work for everyone (especially your), and I think it would be great to continue including a list of ingredients with your various delightful pieces...good luck!!!

  17. I personally love your long once a week posts - it feels like a good juicy visit with a friend. But I think you should go with what makes the moments in blogland the most fulfilling for you !

    I am so in love with your face exploration. It is always the colors that get me. They touch me in my artist soul, I guess - those brights that seem to celebrate life ! I just love anything lynne-afied !
    Looks like it was a great week. Thanks, as always, for sharing the path with us, beautiful Lady !

  18. wow, thank you everyone. i appreciate your input, and it IS helpful...

    jacky, that gave me a giggle about the doll washing her hair... my mother saw the doll i made for my sister and said she would like one, but could i, uh, put hair on it. hee!

    janine, i haven't tried sheer heaven - heard about it and thought about it, but haven't tried it. do you like it? it's been a while since i've read about it - i need to reinvestigate it...

    julie, yeah, prolly storing the info up for when the faces burst forth... : )

    thank you all for your kind words!


  19. I love your art and that you share your process. Your work is very different to mine, I use different mediums, but the more you explain the more confident I feel about giving it a go.

    Your nature/nature fusion give me inspiration.

  20. wow... to suggest, to even suggest what you should do with your soulfull self, i am not gonna do it; follow your instincts every day.
    Its awesome to come here.

    The part about the doll make me laugh so hard, and i think you were like a force of knowing, you knew i needed that laugh, cause it is funny!!! Also that part about the two stick marriage people, that is so funny, i couldn't help it!!! you gave me a bundle of joy joy joy!

    and on your packages, i must slow down and tell you; when i got mine it was like opening into a sacred box, a heart. The energy of placement the care, it asks the honor of pure true attention; not an everyday thing to open! I want to be with it, to meet it with stillness to receive it... feel it.

    Thank you so much!!!

  21. exoblessings, of course, raining all down inside and out, all over!


  22. I love the way you post. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I just look at the beautiful pictures. And sometimes the pictures require me to read about them. So the choice then is mine not yours after all. Keep writing.

  23. I love what ever you do Lynne. I can imagine the long posts are a lot of work, so I can see how breaking them up might be a less intense marathon kind of process! With it getting cooler out, perhaps you'll have more indoor time and won't mind the frequency thing? I like the idea of seeing a list of the materials you've used under pictured work :)

    I the mean time, love all the work you have shared here. The doll for your mom looks like the cation could read "good to the last drop - hiccup!!" I giggled out loud when I scrolled down to it!
    love the rembrandt quote, and love you!
    xo K

  24. i love your post . they always inspire me . short or long does not matter just keep sharing when you can.
    i look forward to your art.

  25. Hi Lynne: ) thank you for all the smiles, giggles and this down right fun post !!! I agree with all your commentors - do what your heart tells you at the time you are doing it : ) love, love, love all your art and words and especially your ever positive energy : ) of course, I love ALL your sharing, it has inspired me to keep trying and playing with all this stuff I buy and never use until you mention it : )

    unless you're totally finished with the transfer stuff, keep at it, once you get the rythm, the heat, the gel med, etc. you'll be pleased : ) I've never heard of SheerHeaven, is it a transfer type sheet of ?? I'll have to read up on it.

    time to pull out the sock yarn, ha : )

    Joy and xoBlessings up&down & allaround (love that) Sandra in AZ

  26. aw, you guys are so sweet and have put a BIG smile on my face!! i feel really *really* blessed to know each of you through this blog world...

    m., very glad i could give you a good laugh my friend.... : )

    loani, i like what you said - for some reason i feel glad knowing that just looking is good enough and no pressure to read...

    hee, karin! yeah, good to the last drop! she's awfully flexible, isn't she? i believe she was a yogini last lifetime. ; ) xo

    blowing you kisses, kathy!

    sandra, XOblessings (this is the *perfect* spelling for this word!) back atcha! i'm gonna stick with this transfer thing - we virgos are persistant ya know... ; ) xo

  27. Oh, such a wonderful post. There is a resonance here... -Jayne

  28. personal preference is for shorter/more regular posts, but that's just me!

    It's funny, before I scrolled down the page I was thinking how I wanted to "borrow" some of your faces to incorporate into dolls some day!

  29. blogging is such a lot of work. taking all the photos, editing them, getting them online. all that alone can suck an hour or more of your time which might be better used visiting with abraham lincoln. but i am selfish and i want your posts in whatever form works for you. they always make me feel something...happy, curious, inspired, connected. all good things. i always appreciate hearing about the process of making art. and i so enjoy your walks in the woods and the play time you have there. it is all lovely. do what you love and that is more than anyone could ask for.

  30. Just a little thank you for your kind comments on my attempts at creating muslin pages...I'm still working on more for a little book.

  31. thank you, jayne!

    hee, cynjon! from you that's a big 'ol compliment... xo

    lol, kelly, after today i want a break from abe!! thank you, and yes, doing what we love is It...

    you are so welcome, jaxx... thank *you*.

  32. LOVE the new noses, they look sharp! You are inspiring but you should Blog Without Obligation - it's YOUR blog, you decide when and how much to write!
    Much love,

  33. Oooh.... beautiful new work!! Love the noses.... they frustrate me the!
    When I started blogging it was once a week but then I ran out of things to! I like posting twice a week. The shorter posts seem to work for me. Do what feels right to you.

  34. Great work Lynne - i think you just have to fit the blogging into life - sometimes short posts and longer ones when there is more time - I love your posts and words, photos and that doll with her head in a glass of water was a treat! When I don't blog for a while I really miss the comments - it's like all my friends have gone away at the same time!! Thank you

  35. I love to look at your work. It is always so magical.

    Love Renee xoxo

  36. Yes... I am slowing down too. Or finally calming down. I am more in control and loving the colder weather. Your new faces are so colorful and look different each time I see them. And I love your posts no matter what you do! the romance of the stick people is sweet, lucky for all the intense girls out here that we have someone crazy about us. And I can hardly wait to see your doll blossom! Roxanne


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