Sunday, October 18, 2009


ya know i do...

we had one sunny day last week, so there was no question how i was gonna spend it. went off to see some trees i hadn't seen since last fall. this stick now lives in the tree in the top pic...

this tree flag has been out two years now. look at how bright those caran d'ache crayons still are. jeez, this impresses me!

this one has one year of service in...

so beautiful...

farther along, this is me in total sun/sky/tree bliss... eating grapes and listening to shawn colvin sing 'crazy'. there cannot possibly be a drug better than this. i'm not far from the packrat mansion in this post from last september. it appears that the mansion is still occupied...

walking back... looking south i can see two valleys and mt. lassen, which last erupted in 1915.

i haven't done any art this week! it's come to me like a bolt of lightning that it's time to sell my lampworking stuff, and believe me, it's a lot of stuff. so i've been taking pictures and putting things online to sell. i still have my torch, oxy concentrator, and kiln if you know anyone who wants to start lampworking. i will make them a very good deal...

anyway, this is the disintegration bundle that i buried last spring when everyone else in seth's collaboration was revealing theirs. i felt so grouchy this morning (not doing art, you know) i figured digging might help, so i dug it up. no way! not nearly disintegrated enough!

oh yes, the doll... she arrived at my mother's and i think she is well loved...

i read this in 'the power of your other hand' this week...

...all progress must come from deep within and cannot be pressed or hurried by anything. Everything is gestation and then bringing forth. To let each impression and each germ of a feeling come to completion, wholly in itself, in the dark, in the inexpressible, the unconscious, beyond the reach of one's own intelligence, and await with deep humility and patience the birth-hour of a new clarity: that alone is living the artist's life: in understanding as in creating. There is no measuring with time, no year matters, and ten years are nothing. Being an artist means, not reckoning and counting, but ripening like the tree which does not force its sap and stands confident in the storms of spring without the fear that after them may come no summer. It does come. But it comes only to the patient, who are there as though eternity lay before them, so unconcernedly still and wide.

Rainer Maria Rilke, 'Letters to a Young Poet'



  1. I love all your photos. I can hardly believe the color remaining in that piece you say is 2 year old outside. I want to do this, put pieces of art around my property. I have before but they have disintegrated or just washed away. I am recently using my watercolor crayons and loving the bright colors. I love your mom's doll, she is lovely (and loved I'm sure)We have a pack rat building a midden in a box in the garage rafters. Can't bear to kill him, going to try and live trap him and carry him away because he is carrying away our garden harvest. I want to just leave him but don't want 20 of them next year. Thank you for your sharing and telling of your techniques and ingredients of your art. I loved the photo of your studio. You were right, I wanted to open it up and peek into all the corners. How do you get into it? It doesn't appear to leave room for you but obviously you get in. This is one of my very favorite blogs. Thank you. Sorry for the blithering. I don't get out much;-)

  2. Some day, we *will* go on a tree visit walk together...simple as that. I so wanted to go see my favorite poplar up the hill (she's HUGEMANTICTASTIC) but the hillsides here right now are more like hillSLIDES after so much rain.

    The doll is loverly!

  3. wow, so much going on inside of you Lynne. selling things and cleaning out. fall and spring really bring that out in us huh? your doll is wonderful and thanks for taking me on that walk with you, such beauty and good grapes too! mmm good! xo

  4. That looks like one TALL tree. Love the way your mom's doll turned out.
    It's nice to see your flags make it for so long a time, I imagine your sticks make it even longer.

  5. WOW What a great testament to those crayons! Beautiful, Lynne!!

    I recently posted some lampwork beads I purchased on my facebook and a couple of people mentioned they have always wanted to try lampworking.. Maybe once you get your itmes listed, shoot me an email and I will link it onto my facebook for you.


  6. I so enjoy these walks with pleased you got a lovely, sunny day to visit your trees.
    Amazing the tree flags still have such vibrant colour after all of that time. Do you heat set the colours?
    The doll for your mother is beautiful. Lovely, heartfelt gift. So nice to give something you have made yourself, thinking of that person while you create...lots of love in that beautiful girl.
    Another wonderful quote too...thank you Lynne.

    Jacky xox

  7. Lynne, your blog is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to visit. I love your nature shots and tree decorations. I feel like going out and buying some pencils and doing just that. Showing some love to trees :)

    PS your doll is beautiful.

  8. I'm in love with the doll. She is so delicately earthy. Does she have a name yet?

  9. I feel as though I've spent the day with you! I thought caran d'ache was more fugitive than that...but I've never tested it, like this. I love the wet and dry quality of them, especially for childrens' illustration. -Jayne

  10. Wow! Great shot of that tree! What kind of camera do you use?

    Love the doll! I am slowly working on three right now. It has been awhile!

    The colors in your tree flaf are impressive after so much time!

  11. October! such an intense month ... a big leap with the torch et al, but amazing when you know 'it's time'. Mom's doll is such a wonderful combination of stunning elegance and Lynne-ness.
    Now I need to see if I have any copies of 'Letters...' left for my own self - I always seem to give them away. Thanks for the walk - takes me back to PT and our Ft Worden walks.
    So much beauty - thanks dear one.
    love and many blessings ........

  12. Another tremendous post. Thanks for taking us along on the walk. It must be nice to visit all your flags and trees and buried treasure after so long. And your bundle...what a reveal that will be!

  13. What a beautiful place you live in, Lynne. Lucky trees and lucky you.
    May your creative time come quickly to that the grouchies fade fast !
    Happy Monday !

  14. You have me painting of fiber, you will have me clearing a path in my woods this year. Yes, you will my blogging buddy. Because I LOVE your walks in the woods. :)Bea

  15. You make me think of nature and life in such different ways.

    Love Renee xoxo

  16. Lynne--I love the flags and their gorgeous color...after all this time! I guess I was afraid to hang any of your flags in the yard for that very point. Now, maybe I can do it and not be worried about it. It just seems like such a shame to ruin your good art. Currently, I have them hanging all over the house. Our house is almost totally wood and we have big telephone poles (formerly TREES) holding up our roof from all points in our house so, really, I guess they ARE in the trees! They are sending my house good energy. Good TREE LOVE ENERGY!! Your doll is INCREDIBLE. Your Mom must be so thrilled.

  17. totally lost in all the Yes on this post! The tree, way up in those filaments of branch, tender.

    The prayer flags so vibrant; what is time, that they were out there two years or one? What can i put "out there" as a prayer i am thinking, to revisit in two years, inside anyone or a tree!

    the doll, so nice.

    the poem, you couldn't have given me a better thought to help think what was incubating. Love Rilke, now i might have to open books.

    Can't keep saying wonderful things... thanks for being you!

  18. exoblessings
    and xo blessings
    and peace

    (couldn't forget that)

    so selling that stuff means my beads are one of a last of its bread? : )
    better not eat them.

  19. hee, jan! i love the blithering - i don't get out much either. ; )

    i know that pack rats can make off with a lot of stuff... i hope you can catch yours so he can plunder somewhere else. my studio -- i thought about this later, that i should have said that there's a 2' wide hall beside it so the space seems bigger because of that. and that's also how i get into it. there's a small space for my stool at the table, and that's about all the open space there is in the art space proper. and oh yeah, the crayons - it's amazing, isn't it? and i don't heat set them because i painted them as i was sitting there by the trees... thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comment. i really appreciate it... xo

    yeah, cynjon! i hope we will. and we could do a little tree love dance and maybe some tree love art... i heard it's been wet back there. surely everything must be saturated by now. xo

    you're right, cat - so much going on inside right now. i'm gonna slow things down a bit 'cause it was getting a little too wild, lol. i *feel* there's so much change happening right now for all of us...

    hi yvonne, it'll be interesting to see how the sticks hold up. i've been amazed at the crayons and muslin. yeah, that is one tall tree! thank you about the doll!

    heya julie! isn't it a testament to the crayons? and not even heat set! thank you for the offer about the lampworking stuff! i'll see how it goes and if they don't sell quickly, i'll definitely take you up on your offer.

    hi jacky, no, i didn't heat set them because i painted them as i was sitting beside the trees. i can hardly believe the color has held up so well... thank you for coming along on the walk and for your nice words about the doll... : )

    jasmine, well i am just positively honored at that. and i think you should join me in showing the tree love. ; )

    hi loani, thank you! she's 'clara', which popped into my head about an hour after i wondered why a name hadn't come to me yet. and i think this really is a perfect name, because my mother had an aunt clara that she dearly loved who was a nurse in a time when most women didn't work. against great opposition my mother became a nurse too, with her aunt clara's support...

    jayne, i agree - i like the wet dry quality of them too. this has been a great surprise to me to see them hold up this well outside.

    hi janine, it's a canon A540 point and shoot. i love this little camera. i have a nikon single lens reflex that i could use, but the thought of carrying its big self around does not appeal to me. wow!! three dolls at once! can't wait to see them!

    hey kathy... well october certainly seems to be shaping up to be an intense one for me, hee! so much change happening now... love you...

    seth, i'm going to leave the bundle in the ground all winter - see what it's like in the spring. i want to see some patina on that copper wire! as for walking up on the flags - i do love that...

    hiya kim! well, i've already taken steps towards bringing the creative time in so the grouchies move out! gak! back on a more balanced path... beautiful week to you!

    smiling here, bea... : )

    love you, renee... xo

    hi teri, well i think the crow flag on canvas will not hold up so well (because mine that are outside are warping and beginning their disintegration process), but the muslin ones, yes... they seem quite durable. OR! you can leave them with your inside trees!! love to you sweet woman! (and thank you about the doll)

    oh yes, m., you are so right about the time thing... my husband and i talk about this a lot. remind each other to step out of it. use it only when it's necessary. kind of like you would a car. drive it then park it 'til next time. apparently i'm quite addicted to driving around in my time car - HA!

    the beads - yes, the last it seems.

    exo and xo blessings to you, poetic one!

  20. Tree flags..... you know how I love these!!! I think I need to come and hang out with you.... we'd have sooo much fun except for the pack rat!

    Thank you for sharing Lynne!!

  21. One of the best things about our height is that it lets us look up to trees even more.


  22. suddenly, instead of needing reading glasses, i am becoming dyslexic. instead of readying LovesTrees i read LoveStress. so i got off on a whole other foot to begin with. :0) your flags are fab gorgeous fab. happy trees. no stress for the trees or lynne or the flags. only the breeze. did you use the caran d'ache I or II crayons? curious. i would think the I version would eventually wash away out there. your doll turned out very lovely. what else do i know? i wish i was sitting in the sun with a big bag of grapes and shawn colvin so i could sing craaazzzeeeeeee real loud. i'm glad you got to do it and love trees instead of stress. oh so much better.

  23. suddenly, instead of needing reading glasses, i am becoming dyslexic. instead of readying LovesTrees i read LoveStress. so i got off on a whole other foot to begin with. :0) your flags are fab gorgeous fab. happy trees. no stress for the trees or lynne or the flags. only the breeze. did you use the caran d'ache I or II crayons? curious. i would think the I version would eventually wash away out there. your doll turned out very lovely. what else do i know? i wish i was sitting in the sun with a big bag of grapes and shawn colvin so i could sing craaazzzeeeeeee real loud. i'm glad you got to do it and love trees instead of stress. oh so much better.

  24. i hear ya, isn't life just too beautiful! so much going on.. loving the excerpt from 'power of your other hand'..

  25. Lynne,
    a beautiful post, beautiful art...I love trees too! While many might argue that man is the greatest living thing on our planet, I've always thought it is the trees...they give us so much...While the planet would most certainly survive man's demise, the world would be a pretty bleak place without trees.
    hug, hug

  26. okay, a couple things here - your tree love is contagious! - the photo of your feet and the grapes is fabulous! - hard to believe the color on those flags is still so bright! too bad stopped making those amazing water colors - and the doll - extremely appealing on so many levels! oh, I guess that was more then a couple, but so much going on here! whew! xxo

  27. Lynne, thanks for this tour, exploration, the beautiful photos, the link to last year... I love these images. trees change everything. i love to be out where they breathe.

  28. hey manon! aw, i'd have you feelin' the packrat love in no time flat... really! ; ) xo

    hee, renee! ain't it so! xo

    lol, kelly, that is funny. there's no way i love stress! uh uh, not me... hey, i wish you were sittin' beside me under the trees singin' 'craaaazzzyyyy' too! xo

    hiya vivian... yeah, really... it's all just so beautiful, so perfect if we let it BE...

    oh julie, yes, yes to your words... trees give so much. i think we really have no idea. we're living here with blinders on for the most part. hugs and tree love to you...

    hey jeane, i hope everyone catches a 'bad case' of tree love... ; ) and they still make these crayons! it was the twinkling H2Os they were going to stop making (but they changed their mind). xo

    chris, i think there is nothing better than to listen to them breath... watch them smile on us...

  29. i love your tree flags, small long cloth.
    and disintegration always make me feel free.

  30. You are signed up for two sundaes.

    I would never be able to sustain my 217 pound figure just by drinking water.


  31. I just read Tumbleword's post and now I finally get it about the XO you have on your gorgeous stuff.

    I was exoblessed by a special package once and felt the same way. Vert private in the unfolding of the treasures within.

    Exoblessing is now part of the vocab.

  32. Dear Lynnn... Oh, I am so glad I have some of your beads... they are treasured... still on my desk in front of my window... they glow and call for me to gaze at them as the trees turn more and more yellow. The face on your new tree art is another beauty... so pensive... and your doll... ahhh... graceful and lovely. She reminds me of my mother, she was also a dark haired beauty... and being outside is what I need today... (if I have time, but have to go to work and see my dad)... but right now is a beautiful moment... sitting on my couch with my legs up and the yellow light streaming in and thinking of our walk this summer! Roxanne

  33. I love the journey you took us on here Lynne -- visiting your trees and flags and sticks. Yes, the color is amazing after two years! I think your life is a work of art. It looks that way from here.

  34. thank you, jude...

    hee! thank you, renee! i like a lot of whipped cream too! xo

    grrl, i believe that exoblessings swirl extra heavy around your Being... xo (and i remember your exoblessed package)

    hi roxanne! smiling thinking about you having a quiet moment... yes, don't the trees turn more and more... i'm off to your blog as soon as i post this - will see what your week's held for you. sending you love...

    and leslie, your life looks the same to me - an exquisite work of art...


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