Saturday, June 20, 2009

monkey me

somehow this piece sums up how i'm feeling these days... having had a bad case of Art ADD for weeks now, i'm feeling pulled in ten directions when it comes to projects. and the weather -- it's so crazy!

below are most of the pieces i've done in the last two weeks. i didn't do much art when i was gone, and then i was resting up from the trip for a couple of days... boy did i miss stenciling when i was gone! i've always loved to travel but now that i can't carry all of my art stuff with me it's losing some of its luster...

there's a full face under here - i finished covering it up when i got home. several layers of acrylic and watercolor here and there. had to get some stenciling in, you know...

i bought a book about marc chagall's art and life at the used book store on my trip. maybe it influenced these pages? oh how i love his paintings...

"he distrusts the word symbolism as much as the word literature. he never stops repeating that all he wants is to paint."

uh huh!!!

the once radiant (and giant) christmas cactus bloom with the last of my scaped off paint pieces...

a stenciled postcard i made when i got home.

i got a book called 'the natural way to paint - rendering the figure in watercolor simply and beautifully', by charles reid in the mail last week (see, i keep adding fuel to the AADD fire). the author encourages the reader to do contour drawings, so i was practicing that here.

believe me, neither the buddha head nor jimmie look even remotely like this!! but it sure was fun...

i've been out walking once since i got back. i sat on this juniper tree and painted for a while. this is the trunk you see here -- it's grown horizontally out from under the rock on the right, and to the left (outside the picture), it turns skyward and looks like a regular tree. i don't think my arms would wrap around it, it's that big.

before i got to the 'laying down' tree i saw this. i dearly love dead standing trees for the home potential that they are...

happy solstice to you -- may the sun shine on us all tomorrow!



  1. A breath of fresh air! The eye peering out from the foliage...the Chagall it all. I'm wondering if the book you bought is the same one I bought at the secondhand book stall a few months ago. It's huge....The World of Marc Chagall...text by Roy McMullen

  2. Thanks for another opportunity to stroll along side you for a while, Lynne. I love Chagall too! There must be something in the ether because I've been finding it very hard to focus on just one thing. You water colours and drawings are as full of character and life as ever. Love, love, love the photographs!

  3. Hey Lynne,
    I'm on vacation until tomorrow and I don't have any supplies with me either. I'm starting to go a little crazy!

    Your new pieces are.... let's just say..... terrific!I love em all! The work you've been doing with the stencils is fabulous! The Chagall inspired work.... wow!

  4. good morning Lynne - loving your contour drawings! - and the Chagall influenced pieces are just wonderful! :))))

  5. monkey art mind - I love it :)
    as always, I feel lightened and inspired by your art and surrounding images...
    xox k

  6. i have been all over the place with my art also . i am trying to cut myself some slack and just go at it slowly.
    as always i love your paintings.
    i hope you had a good trip.

  7. how did you know that I was missing what you were up to? :)

    the green heart in hand ... *sighs* ... and that tree bench ... mhmm

  8. Lynne--I, too, was on vacation to Orcas Island, Washington and did take my art box with some watercolors, brushes, and even some colored pencils but only managed to sit and sketch once the entire time. I guess when you go to a new place there is just too much stuff to look at and investigate for me. I didn't want to miss one single thing while there so art took a back seat. For me, my blog had to be my art for the week. I was looking at galleries filled to the brim with other people's art though. Lots of good stuff everywhere! Love your stuff, as always.

  9. Wow, Lynne - ADD maybe but wow ! You have been creating some incredible stuff ! I am totally in love with your Chagall inspired piece !
    Keep up with the monkeying around ! ;) And thanks for the loevely tour of your world !

  10. OMG, you have had an art explosion since you got home. I love it! Every single piece of it. And I love the diversity of the work you've created during the last two weeks.

    That's exactly how I feel all the time.

    This. No, this. No, this. Ummm, maybe that.

    But, it's all good.

  11. Hello monkey pleased you are home and we are getting to see your lovely artwork again.
    I am really enjoying your stencil work. I especially love that fern leaf you have used in a couple of pieces and the Chagall influence if fantastic!
    I love that you try so many different styles of art...they all have you very own *Lynne* touch though.
    Enjoy your art ADD...we are.

    Jacky xox

  12. Hey Lynne!
    So glad to see all that you have been up to. Wonderful all of them but I love the eye peaking out from the leaves. The colors and textures in this painting speak to me. And the contour of Buddha....beautiful.

  13. Dear Lynne,Hi !
    Hope you are well.I just want to say thank you for your comment,You are so kind my friend.

    All the photos and drawings are great as always.And I love Shagall's painting,too,they are sooo dreamy!

  14. Ditto on everything.
    Forgot how much I love contour drawing, the Chagall inspired pieces - such fine examples of being influenced without copying, love the dead trees.
    Amazing to watch the bustling activity around the 'dead' trees on my property.

  15. hello you!

    i love your face(s) influenced by marc chagall-- the noses especially.

    a great group of your travels, your work which is so You.

    sending peace across this nation to you.

  16. I love all that you do Lynne.

    Nobody does work like you do.

    Love Renee xoxo

  17. hiya robyn, been thinking about you... i think the book you bought is the one i thought i couldn't afford, hee!

    your 'breath of fresh air' comment put a smile on my face. : )

    thank you, lumi. yes, this focus thing can be a little vexing. i keep reminding myself to BE with it... xo

    lol, manon... it is crazy-making not doing art, isn't it? it's amazing to me how much it's become my life...

    have and safe trip home, and thank you!!

    hey jeane - thank you... i need to get over to your place and see what fabulousness you've been up to... xo

    k., as always, I feel lightened and inspired by your art and surrounding images... and THAT, dear woman, makes me smile... : ) xo

    yes, kathy, you have so hit the nail on the head with the 'giving yourself some slack' thing. all this creating is leading us *somewhere*...

    hi michelle, i am blowing you solstice kisses! you would *love* sitting on this tree bench...

    teri, i think there's something to that... when we're gone there's so much to investigate. i think that lately i feel frustrated that i can't put down on paper what i'm feeling because i don't have all of my art stuff with me. watercolors used to be enough, but now i want it *all* there! that's the main reason i'm interested in learning to paint with a simple watercolor palette... i think that would make me happy. : )

    well, thank you kim!! you always have the nicest comment! i value your presence here very much... beautiful week to you sweet woman...

    hee, leslie! you've made me smile!! that is EXACTLY how i feel. this, no that, no maybe this... (she shakes her head)

    hey jacky - can you see my monkey face smiling at you? : ) i've been thinking about you a lot lately. for one thing i keep gazing at the aboriginal art stamps you sent me...

    thank you for the vote of confidence on the AADD. : )

    hi leanne! so nice to see you here! i need to go by and visit you and see what you've been up to... i haven't been out visiting much lately. thank you about 'peeking woman'...

    hey parisa! i am so glad that all is well with you... i've been thinking about you and everyone in iran these days... your trip looks like it was wonderful. i love seeing life through your eyes...

    hey kathy, yeah on the contour drawing. very nice practice. there's an energy in the paintings that really speaks, even though the image may look all goofy. re: dead trees... they ARE the bustling centers of activity! xo

    hello, m.! you like those noses? that makes me smile. : ) been thinking about you on this solstice... and i'm sending you solstice love and peace...

    thank you, renee. and nobody leaves comments like you do... xo

  18. THIS is what art is. Exploring, having fun, expressing. Putting it out on the page and making it real. It doesn't have to 'look like' anything. That postcard is fab!

    I'm going on a trip in a few weeks, and I can't take my spray painting supplies! AUGHGGH!

  19. hi Lynne - u r doing some lovely art and I like the stencilling u've added to your bag of tricks.

  20. I was just told that the recent chaos that people are experiencing (Art ADD, worse than ever?) is due to the Solstice. I thought that it was the retrograde thing that caused crap-ola....
    Til I figure it out, I'll just stare at the fruits of your wonderful, diverse interests & talented hands.....
    I'm happy doing that.

  21. hey chris! thank you! it's good it doesn't have to 'look like' anything. : ) yeah, this stenciling is *not* travel friendly, damn it!!

    hello, kate... thank you...

    hey lisa! the solstice, huh? well, could be... lol, and i just got through mercury in retrograde! i think it *was* pale in comparison to this extreme AADD... and thank you, sweet woman...

  22. Love the variety here. And those watercolors are fantastic!

  23. I finally have a chance to look at these more closely and I love your new watercolors... especially the faces... and that you love Chagall. The cay at Mt. Shasta must have been beautiful, Lynne, I can just feel and smell that cold air on the top and smell the pines. Roxanne


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