Monday, June 29, 2009


graffiti wall project

i cut the 2' x 3' floor cloth that was covered with pieces of collaged paper from seth and julie into *mostly* 6" x 6" pieces -- turns out the floor cloth wasn't really 2' x 3', so these four pieces are smaller than the rest. they're my trial run...

i added paint


and oil pastels...

i attached

40 gauge copper sheeting with brads and eyelets to the back of each flag, after i embossed a design in it...

not only was the copper karin's idea, but so was the flag idea! thank you karin! i was gonna make a book out of the pieces (shocking, huh?).

i ran the wire through the rope (will use lighter rope the next time) so that the flags wouldn't slide to the center.

definitely smile making!! thanks seth and julie!

i'm thinking the next ones will be individual flags; maybe heavy copper wire in the eyelets to hang them from (so they'll swing). ribbons, ripped up fabric hanging from the bottom... definitely want to put some in the forest for the trees...

must cut new stencils before proceeding...

i spent a lot of time last week fooling around with paper clay. first i made molds with it using things i already have. here are three pieces that i made from a sterling hand charm, a milagro, and a doll arm. once the mold was dry i just mashed a gob of paper clay into it, after i'd covered it with badger balm. what took so much time was experimenting with ways to make the paper clay look like, well, something besides paper clay. i'm still experimenting... oh, and the matchbook is another idea i'm messing around with. i liked the milagro piece here...

at some point during the week i picked up a piece of muslin instead of a paper towel to wipe off paint... good-bye paper towels! the pieces are perfect to use as the base for another painting, or... the round marks are from a stencil dauber.

this is my version of a card... i got a bunch of brass (or maybe they just look like brass) safety pins on ebay for a dollar or two. they seem so useful.

been wanting to do this for a while...

it's warm! i can play in the creek! the holey rock usually goes somewhere where water can flow through the hole, but when i picked it up this year it'd cracked. so now it just sits there looking beautiful...

one more thing! a big 'ol wave to roxanne who had a group of us at her home on saturday for art and drumming. thank you, roxanne!!



  1. Gee, flags with brass on the back - what a great combination. I bet your place looks great.

    I am thrilled you loved "then a sacred ibis..." (those titles will be the death of me, I won't do that again, lol).

    An artist friend of mine stretched his paint rag. I said 'there is a quick painting'. But he argued saying that it had taken him months! tee hee

  2. fantastic post. love it all. the paper clay sounds interesting. you are brimming with creativity.

  3. When I come to your blog I'm like a little kid in a candy store! It's always so exciting to see what your doing Lynne!
    These flags you're making......oooh....... they're terrific! My props to Karin!
    The stenciling is awesome .... everything is!

  4. Lynne, I've admired a few embossed metal pieces lately and am interested in trying out this technique myself. The flags are stunning. I'm thinking that the grafitti tiles would make great abstract designs to emboss onto copper. Loving those glimpses of where you live and TOTALLY jealous!!!

  5. This is all so very yummy! Would have loved to been there for the drumming!

  6. Hey Lynne, well, I gotta say, your art ADD has been paying off big time!! Your embossing work is beautiful. I love the way the flags turned out - which is no surprise to my imagination :)
    The paper clay castings are beyond yumminess - I love them, and your matchbook container. I must have a few thousand matchbooks from all over the place, as they were my way of collecting souvenirs during travels in the past. I see how well they can be given new life!! thanks for that inspiration.
    And I am also inspired by saying good bye to paper towels - at least more than I do. I tend to feel guilty each time I use one, but your muslin idea is such a good one, to then reuse and create with?

    mmm mmm mmm, yes indeed I feel invigorated and inspired after this visit!!
    much love my friend,

  7. Love those copper backed flags! They look so beautiful in the trees and I bet the light is caught beautifully by the copper.

  8. aaiiyyyeeeee!!!!! OMG - this all makes me want to howl with the pure glory and gorgeousness of - geez - everything. Everything you touch sparkles with pure magic - no surprise there. YOU are magic!
    An alchemist of the highest order.
    I love you dear friend!

  9. The pieces for the graffiti wall project are stunning! As for the copper prayer flags....Lynne you are a genuis! Such a great idea!

  10. Oh and I must thank Karin for her part in the copper prayer flag idea!

  11. WOW Lynne!! What a glorious take on the GWP! I LOVE it...the copper is so rich and flags....LOVE IT!

  12. oof that was me....I messed up signing in =)

  13. Hi lynne, is it in the air or something? I am just loving what is going on here...all of it! Do you just make art all the time :) glad that you do...l think the copper page books are just gorgeous, but so is everything else. Glad to see you are using muslin to wipe up with too. My friend actually uses her paper wipes as book covers too, she just seals them well. Loved todays visit.

  14. zom, i DO love 'then a sacred ibis...'!

    hee! i'm laughing at the title thing. and smiling at the non quickness of a 'paint rag' painting... : )

    thank you, kate! that paper clay *is* interesting. and fun and easy...

    hey manon! gee, i feel like at your blog! : ) thank you!

    hi lumi, yes, do try out the copper. i've only just begun to learn about it myself. i think the possibilities are endless...

    leslie, you would've *loved* the drumming, i have no doubt...

    karin, i'm right there with you on the paper towel thing... that's why i'm *so happy* about the muslin discovery.

    thank you about the paper clay, and as for the flags, thank YOU!! xo

    hi katherine, thank you! i can't wait to see how the copper ages... what colors oxidation brings to the surface...

    thank you, kathy! (my fellow alchemist) your words have made me smile inside and out. : )

    thank you, robyn! karin and i both thank you... ; )

    hey julie, thank you!

    lol, jo, some days i feel like i don't make art *enough*! i've decided (lately) that i do more than i think, though... messing about here and there eventually adds up. ; ) xo

  15. You inspire me. really & truly.

  16. Amazing! Not only are those flags a great idea...but they turned out so well. Love the additional surface you added to our papers. And I bet they look even better after some time outdoors!

  17. Lynne--Yet another flag, making me more envious that I don't have one hanging in my yard or trees. By the way: you're not related to a Chuck Hoppe are you?----------Like I said in my last comment to you: if you ever want to sell one of those me!

  18. Oh my God those graffiti flags are so gorgeous ! And I can only imagine what the copper will looke like when the patina sets in ! What a great use of those amazing materials !

    Happy Summertime creating, Lynne !

  19. Love your blog, it's very inspiring!

  20. Yep, those copper-backed flags are the bomb! As are the paper clay pieces and the matchbook.

    AADD becomes you.

  21. So many exciting things here, flags, colors, ideas and always your deep love for nature... someday I want to walk along your creek with you... thank you for being part of our beautiful Saturday, I hope you do get a drum... and I love the match-book art you gave to me. I wasn't sure I could photograph it, it is so small. Have a beautiful night... Roxanne

  22. Fantastic post... brimming with your wonderful art. I love all of these new paths you are taking us down. Those flags look incredible, just looooove the brass. Yes I think the trees at Mt. Shasta would love a couple of those!

    Jacky xox

  23. the brass backings to your flags are wonderful - I have to say, I don't quite understand the graffiti project(sometimes these collaboration projects go over my head), but I have enjoyed seeing it evolve - what a treat to come upon these amazing paper/brass flags outside - there is alot going on here as usual - loving the energy :)

  24. michelle, thank you and ditto!!

    hey seth, yeah, i can't wait to see what time and the elements do to the flags... and thank you!

    hi teri, no, i'm not related to chuck hoppe - at least that i know of! thank you about the flags! did you get my last e-mail saying that i'd love to just *give* you one?! xo

    hiya kim, happy summertime creating to you too! yeah, i can hardly wait to see what oxidation does to that copper.

    thank you very much, M!

    hee! thank you, leslie! this AADD is getting to be a more comfy garment... ; )

    hi roxanne, thank YOU for saturday... yes, we will have to walk along the creek someday... xo

    lol, jacky! i'm sure the trees on mt. shasta WILL have a few of these flags on them!!

    jeane, yes the gwp is a bit confusing... basically we took the idea of gluing down collaged papers to make the background of a wall, and then we'd add our own graffiti to it. i obviously do not have a wall, which makes it even more confusing. i guess they're little walls, though... little flag walls... ; )

  25. Seriously Lynne. Wow.

    Everything is like wow.

    You make it all sound so easy and then you look at the finished product and I am always stunned at how they just claw into my heart.

    Love Renee xoxo

  26. Left you an award Miss Lynne! You so deserve it!

  27. Wowwwwww,this post is full of amazing and brilliant things,specially that flag of copper page books!!!!!!!!!!You are so talented work good and a lot!You are fantastic!
    I wish you health and happiness to continue your creative way.


  28. i was here the other day and my computer went bonksozo (well you can imagine what that means...) so i shut it down. Wanted to say there is so so much beauty happening here; the matchbook and that copper (a particular love of mine, copper) and well, all of it. You stun me.

    so ... planting peace is graceful. :)

  29. Lynne, you are truly inspirational. I have to bring my notebook with me to jot things down when I visit your blog.


  30. Very interesting and original your work. I like it very much.

  31. thanks so much for sharing the tip about the muslin. i always feel wasteful using paper towel. i just finished some fabric booksleeves and want to do more work on fabric. now i get to "make" my own printed muslin!


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