Sunday, July 31, 2016

after van gogh's 'head of a woman' ~ gouache in stillman and birn 'beta', 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

my friends, i feel like i need to put up a post that officially lays this blog to rest, at least for the time being. 

i'm still painting, still loving painting...  a few weeks ago i took mary ann moss's 'Oh My Gouache!' class, which got me painting with gouache as much as transparent watercolors.  hey, did you know that you can buy a set of 18 (5 ml) tubes of holbein gouache for about $38 on amazon?  it's true!  if you've been thinking you'd like to try gouache (or take mary ann's class) but can't afford it, this set may be for you...  : )

mt. shasta from the pacific crest trail

a couple of pics from the summer that make me smile big...

golden-mantled ground squirrel

i hope this finds you well and painting.  i'm still posting on instagram more or less regularly (lynne.hoppe). happily, i do see many of you there... 

* * * 

 The great majority of artists are throwing 
themselves in with life-preservers around their necks, 
and more often than not it is the life-preserver 
which sinks them. 

~ Henry Miller, quoted in 'Life, Paint and Passion' by Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley


  1. I will miss you so. I don't do instagram, but I know every bodies' doing it. Happy trails.

    1. thank you for your kind words, donna... happy trails to you too...



  2. First of all your portrait is fabulous! I don't love gouache! Isn't that weird? I will miss your blog and the amazing paintings and information. I find folks are just too busy to read long posts and comment - same with my blog. I am on Instagram and happy to see your posts.

  3. that is such an interesting quote. Had to read it twice.

    so glad you are enjoying your painting and hopefully summer. I was happy to see a post, even if it is a resting post.

    sweet days and nights to you.

  4. Lovely painting and I'm happy seeing your work on Instagram ,it's nice to see more of you ,I'm posting to Facebook via Instagram as Facebook was becoming so time consuming ...big hug my friend hope you are still doing your alters in your flip flops lol

  5. I'm sad to see the end of your blog Lynne. I am just catching up with Blogland after a year or so away having gone back to school (at 38) and my internet being such a pain that loading blog pages has been a nightmare. I'm just thinking about resurrecting mine (now that I have a new internet account that's fast! yay!) but I do understand that a lot of people have migrated to Facebook and instagram.

    I'm so glad you posted that you are on instagram as I didn't know and that has been my lifesaver while my internet has been so annoying. Am following you there now. I am so lucky in that you bring me a daily smile - I framed your budgie and it sits happily on my wall between my bed and my workdesk. I just love it.

    Will stop waffling now - so pleased to find you on instagram.

  6. another voice here saying I will miss your blog. while I am on instagram and see you there it just feels so much less personal. does that make sense? but I totally understand about the blog. it seems like one of those things that the less you do it, the less you feel like doing it. good to still be able to see a little of what you're up to on instagram!

  7. Wah... But I am finally on instagram.. So let's link up there! 😘

  8. Lynne, I have been thinking about you.. A LOT and I am so happy to read this post and so relieved to. I've wanted to email you several times but got quite caught up in my own doing's and life. I love that you are taking Mary Ann's class. Isn't she the sweetest thing ever. It's on my list of classes to take. Love that woman! I'm happy all is well. I'll meet up with you on Instagram. My blog is also much ignored these days and I only post occasionally as well. That's life. I will miss your corner of the web though. It was one of my all time favorites.

  9. Came by to say Hi, and now need to say - enjoy your space.

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