Sunday, November 16, 2014

cover of homemade journal, watercolor and acrylic paint,
3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

last night i repainted the face on the cover of the journal i'm working in...

it looked like this before - it's an old painting that i used to like, until i began to not like it.   just looking at her made me feel kind of tired...    so i tried different things.  you know how it is, you seem to be going from bad to worse and then it all comes together and you like it.   i'm glad i like it now.  it's so much better working in a book with a pleasing cover.  or a book whose cover is a work in progress - that's good too.   i often don't do anything to the cover until i'm near the end.  that way i know what the  'flavor' of the book is and can make the cover have a similar one.

'intercessor #332' ~ watercolor and graphite on stillman and birn 'delta' paper', 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

i've been painting a lot of intercessors.

watercolor and graphite on stillman and birn 'delta' paper', 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

many of them.   this is one of the last pages that i painted while sitting outside, on a sunny ridge, watching grasshoppers fly around.   they were out and about that day.

'intercessor #531' ~ watercolor and graphite on stillman and birn 'delta' paper', 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

 i do miss painting outside.   i came to love that last summer...

'emergency intercessor #513 ~ watercolor and graphite on stillman and birn 'delta' paper', 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

anyway, intercessors spread beneficial energy around.   they're helpful...

'aquatic intercessor #444' ~ watercolor, graphite, and acrylic paint on stillman and birn 'delta' paper', 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

i'm not sure why an aquatic intercessor would be in a boat (bowl?), but there she is.

watercolor and graphite on stillman and birn 'delta' paper', 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

pencil drawings from this morning...  sometimes i don't want the pencil to smudge onto the opposite page, so i spray it with

this.   one coat (also one coat on the cover of the book), and no more smudging.   this is my hands down favorite spray varnish so far.  it has none of the really bad chemicals in it, and is as close to no odor as any spray varnish i've tried.   it creates a soft, satin finish - not high gloss, just soft.  if you read the reviews at the amazon link, one says that it goes on milky - nope, haven't had that experience;  another says that the nozzle is crap - also nope.

i wanted to tell you about that...  

in the last post jeannie left a link with info about emailing stillman and birn to ask for free paper samples.  it's here.

and janine asked about a good book making tutorial.  i like this one by pam carriker.

* * *

"You can't experiment and be flawless at the same time."

~  Nick Bantock, 'The Trickster's Hat'


  1. That spray sounds interesting Lynne, I've been looking for a fixative myself for things where I can't use a brush on varnish. Have you heard of Spectrafix? I thought it sounded quite interesting

  2. Your art work is magical...and thank you for the info on the spray/fixative!

  3. Our world needs every one of your intercessors. I do love these creatures.
    And thank you for that good binding blog post. I always end up with a cat's
    cradle when sewing the signatures. This one looks straightforward enough
    even for me.

  4. It's always a treat to see your artwork,Lynne I agree with Sherri it's magical.

  5. Thank you LH! Love this post and the info on the art journal! Especially love that mermaid! Wonderful, all of it!

  6. Lynne, Beautiful work as always, love when you post. Thank you for the info, always looking for a good varnish. Love the intercessors, I have many who I call on often.

  7. Your 'intercessors' are such a sweet delight. I love them all. I think intercessors are a very good thing this time of year, everyone gets so tizzy and in such a state over the upcoming holidays and it appears this trend just keeps straying farther and farther from the actual dates that create such a stir. I'm grateful I have something to do that keeps me from being in the middle of it. It would appear you've been doing an awesome job of playing too. I also love your revamped cover for your journal. I know exactly what you mean about work that starts to bother one and then it can become an unwanted distraction. Thanks for sharing so much loveliness, a window thrown open to the sun and allowing a tribe of intercessors to float in on a breath of fresh air, a little chilly here but I don't mind a bit. xoxox

  8. How you can grow tired looking at your beautiful art is beyond me. You made me chuckle though because I get it. I love what you've done here. Your cover art is amazing in both versions. The intercessors are amazing too and I can't help but think good things were happening in the unseen world as you drew them. Have you drawn 500+ intercessors?

    About drawing outside. I am thinking of plein air painters that go out in the snow. I saw a man in a HUGE hooded winter coat, boots and BIG gloves painting a landscape. He looked sort of awkward holding his brush. I can't imagine painting anything with bulky winter clothes on, but I just wanted to throw that out there for you. :)

    I so love seeing Lynne Hoppe art. You've made my day.


  9. Oh Lynne I do share your love of outdoor drawing... brhhh its too cold now. I am fascinated by your intercessors. what a wonderful concept, magical beings spreading beneficial energy around like seeds. The aquatic lady does look like she is sailing in a beautiful china teacup... You have made my day Lynne..
    Inspiring as always x

  10. Hello sunshine ,you can't experiment and be flawless indeed lol the cover is now just right...wonder where the Intercessors have been ,suppose they are busy creatures I love the mermaid in her vessel,she's taking care of business lol

  11. Oh no grasshoppers but lots of noisy lorikeets chattering in the flame tree across the road....noisy little buggers xox

  12. Hi Lynne, I love the face that takes up the entire page. Coming forward, emerging.....very nice :-))!

  13. i love that word: intercessor. brilliant. i certainly am very acquainted with them as they are always interceding for me, with me and through me. Oh how i adore our interconnectedness. And may i add for me through you. Pure magic of interconectedmess. awareness, synchronicity, timing? God at work? All of the above?

  14. your intercessors are amazing, i am besotted with your mermaid intercessor.. and a big thank you on the product info, i need that varnish.. and the quote is so true... i needed to hear that again... xoxo

  15. you are MY intercessor Lynne...i have all winter to try
    and catch all of the sundrops you share.
    {i need that varnish too.}

  16. oh! if you made your blog into a book
    i would buy it for a million dollars!
    {on credit}
    that way i could read it in the comfort of my bed
    and not on this stupid laptop.

  17. I am really taken with your mermaid intercessor, Lynne - i love them all , but that one has captured my heart. Thanks for the spray varnish recommendation, too; I'm going to try it. big big hugs! xox

  18. Delightful, as always! I've been away from your blog for far too long, and I've missed seeing your art and catching glimpses of your part of the world. Your intercessors are delicate, yet very powerful. Lovely, lovely!

  19. Intercessors! Lynne, you are the best intercessor I know! Greetings to you. Love your art as always, always, always. *smiles* and every good wish possible, Norma, x

  20. as usual your work invites me again to step into your world Lynne, and i like it there. whether it are the emotions shining through your delicate painted faces or seeing the intercessors at work, fascinating and attractive.
    happy holidays.

  21. I just wanted to stop by and say that I love your work. I calms me down and makes me sigh. :-)

    1. anna maria, yours are the *nicest* words... thank you... : )



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