Monday, September 2, 2013

'lu ella'  ~ oil paint on sewing pattern paper, 6" x 6"

it seems like only yesterday that summer was starting...   on my wanders i've watched plants from blossom to seed.   i feel like i've seen this summer from start to (almost) finish...

.25 slicci and watercolors in old medical dictionary

until a few weeks ago i painted very little.  i mostly drew with pen,

pencil drawing after otto dix's 'lola'  in pocket moleskine

and pencil.

.25 slicci and colored pencils in old  medical dictionary

i used colored pencils with pen

and pencil.

gouache, watercolors, and stabilo 'marks all' pencil in my 'daily book'

then one day lisa graham sent me a link to gillian lee smith's blog.   i watched this video about her palette and the wheels started turning...  watching her paint here got more wheels rolling...

oil paint on pattern paper, 5" x 7"

a week or so later a friend wrote telling me to try oil paint on sewing pattern paper.

oil paintings on pattern paper drying

my little painting wheels started spinning wildly at that point! 

watercolors, stabilo 'marks all' pencil, oil pastels and gel medium on pattern paper

and so it's been ever since.

i've wondered things like why i never used a palette knife with gouache before, and why did i think a painting had to be done with either a brush or a palette knife but not both?   crazy!

oil paint on pattern paper glued to cover with gel medium

this is the stillman and birn 'gamma' that i started back in april - i've been painting with watercolors in it again.  this morning i glued this painting to the cover...

i'm still drawing...   i got this kind of pocket moleskine - it has thin paper, which i like because pen shows/bleeds through, so i do

'reverse drawings' on the back of the page. 

colored pencils and 8B pencil on stick

 i've drawn on a lot of sticks and rusty cans!

i left that stick at the biggest heart rock  yet.   

it's been a marvelous summer...

* * *

“Painting is to dream. When the dream is over, I don’t remember anything I dreamed about. The painting, however, remains. It is the harvest of my dream.”

~ Friedensreich Hundertwasser (via tumblr)


  1. Oh My Gosh! Where to begin! I was like a kid in a candy store anxiously waiting to view each and every painting you posted!! So glad you have been enjoying your summer. That is what it's all about. Us, too, we have been loving all the summer days!
    These paintings/drawings are all so very lovely! Your work is truly breathtaking.

  2. dear Lynne, i recognize these moments when one wonders why did i never think of trying this or that, a certain routine that suits us maybe?
    i never used gouache with a palette knife either, thanks for the tip.
    the other day i was thinking of trying gouache on fleece cloth(which i use in my garden to keep butterflies from laying their egggs on the cabbages), i didn't try it still but it lays there waiting in my studio.

    the fern...a dream
    your work...touching and wonderful, i love the girl and horse especially, beauty is what i see and more, xx

  3. Wow Lynne what a transformation!! Your work is wonderful and yes I think the only rule is there are no rules. It is a completely freeing experience. Thank you so much for finding my blog and for the lovely mention : )

    Happy painting!!

  4. I love all of these.Thanks for sharing that wonderful video of Gillian Lee Smith painting in her journal.

  5. so lovely
    to hear about your summer
    flowers to seeds, yes that is happening here with very few flowers left blooming

    and birds, so fun watching the birds and now squirrels busy as can be

    i enjoyed seeing each piece of your art, hearing about your thoughts and ways with pen and colors

    you and your art - thank you

  6. Thank you for the summer roundup. I enjoyed seeing and hearing all details. Always do!

  7. Yes, I had the candy store feeling too. So many glorious images. The 4 paintings hanging to dry gave my heart a lift and I love the horse painting too.

  8. oh my... and i have sworn off sugar... but i know how they feel... OIL ON PATTERN PAPER... ?? wow, i did not think it would hold up... did you use gel medium first? and i agree with Robyn the four together on the clothes line is stunning...but also adore the guache and stabilo in your "daily book" and the buddha? on pattern paper... sigh ...

  9. Lynne, Beautiful work as always, so happy to see you working :-).
    It is funny how we get stuck in how we do things, it is good to try everything and lately that is what I have been doing, I have a feeling to go hunting in 2nd hand shops for some kind of treasure to paint on, it is on my to do list :-).
    Happy painting/drawing.

  10. Summer has been interesting this year. It started off sweltering here... then dropped to quite-below-average temperatures for a few months (we actually broke the quilt out a while ago -just after having packed it up for the season!)... now we're back to sweltering again!

    It makes me curious what the winter is going to be like.


  11. My heart just smiles when I see your post pop up in my reader -- and boy this summer has fed your creative juices. Palette knives, brushes, pencils, pens, reverse paintings - wow - each one luscious.

    off to watch the video . . . .


  12. Ahhhh, your artwork is so uplifting! Thank you for reminding me that there is no limit what you can paint on and with whatever! My husband, awhile back, bought me a journal with the pages so lightweight that even pen could run through it. I think I will now have to try painting on it! I only used it to store papers and teabags i was playing around with, now the fun begins!

  13. such a treat to find a post by you this morning and a rich treat to boot, so much to feast the eyes on. I love sewing pattern paper but usually adhere it to canvas so will have to try it alone.

    I know what you mean about this summer, the weather here was incredible, real summer!! and now though it's not officially fall, it seems fall has arrived in the blink of an eye. no worries, it's my favourite season.

  14. I've missed you but I knew in my heart you were out there, doing what you love and I knew that when you were ready to share that it would be so very, very good. Love it all but I think my favorite in the watercolor in the medical dictionary and of course the pattern tissue paintings are divine. When you share here, it seems you always come with your arms full of the wonders your hands have been busy creating...Love it all sweet woman of the wood. xxooxxx

  15. OMG, you just blow me away. your latest oils are just incredible. i love your unique style, especially the doodles in old books and dictionaries and your colors are so you. i, too, am spinning right now. You are my art guru par excellence.

  16. It HAS been a marvellous summer - but gone so quickly! Seems to have just flown past - my girls are getting ready to go back to school - my sadness at what seems to have been such a short summer break with them is edged with glee at the thought of reclaiming my shed for painty experiments :)

    I love everything you've been getting up to - that horse especially! I will go check out that link in a moment but just love how your experiments are still unmistakeably you.

  17. Oh Lynn thank you for sharing this wonderful plethora of summer work...every pieces so gorgeous.. I can't wait to view the video!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Oil on sewing paper!! Who would have thought it. I don't use oils but maybe I should try. You have such a wonderful collection of adorable faces here, it will be lovely once the cold winter months draw in to look at your sketch books full of summers warmth. As for the quote!! I bought a wonderful Hunderwasser book at the weekend at the tate gallery in Liverpool. I find his work inspirational!!

  19. oh wow what an adventure in paint u have had, not to mention your wanderings , ive had the pleasure of sharing the first part of this year with Gillian in a class and shes just amazing artist and so wonderful a person ... now u wont believe it but i have painted Lu ella,s mother just posted her this morning in 29 faces lol
    knew it was time for your resurfacing lol
    hugz bev

  20. Love them all...but I always do! Cannot get enough of that shot of the pieces drying!

  21. Oh my word...go Lynne go! Look at all the marvelous things you've been doing! It's all really really so wonderful...I agree with what everyone is saying...your oil paintings hanging to Lu ella gets the gold though. She's special. Thank you for the mention Lynne.


  22. Wow...that video was so incredible! It's so great watching the transformation that takes place on the page. She starts out gluing some music papers on and in the end you barely even know that they are there! And the faces took many different paths before they ended up where they did. Amazing. I guess I shouldn't worry about where my paintings start and just focus on where they end instead! Thanks for leading me to her video.

  23. These are so incredibly fabulous!! I'm heading to North Carolina for a workshop and it's FACES - aaack - what was I thinking:) ha. Tippi says hello!

  24. Hey there Lynne,

    Mentioned you at my art blog today...



  25. Hello, Lynne Hoppe! If you have a minute will you look at this?
    Thank you!
    Happy Thursday,

  26. Thank you Lynne, once again you have made my heart smile and given me inspiration to boot. What does 'to boot' mean? It just sounded right. :)


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