Monday, July 1, 2013

summer joy

'ella' ~ oil pastels, watercolors, acrylic paint, pan pastels and colored pencil on tracing paper

i've been experimenting with working on both sides of tracing paper...    this pic of ella is the back side,

and this is the front.  although you can't really see it here, the expressions  on each side can be very different.   i've also been experimenting with pan pastels, which i think have great potential for faces...  

same ingredients as above

another face on tracing paper - i can't remember if this is the front or the back.  the wrinkles on the tracing paper are from me ironing it too long!  i was ironing out wrinkles left from the watercolors, and i got carried away...   she's a poor rendition of a painting by gregory grenon, who's a master of reverse painting on glass.

otherwise i've been painting in my daily book, and adding a lot of flower pictures.

oil pastels, watercolors, casein paint, colored pencil and beeswax in my daily book

i've slacked up on using wax so much, but i did use it on this page, which comes before all of the pics i took on the solstice.

like this,

and this,

and this.  i found a lot of good rust on the solstice.  : )

from another day...   it's just been a great rust summer so far!

you can see a little of my colored pencil box here - that's all i use on cans

and sticks.

these sticks and cans have been my main drawing joy for the last couple of weeks...

i've also been taking flower pictures like the state of the world depended on it...

* * *


  1. Hello Lynne,

    I enjoy reading your blog posts. Your paintings are so gentle and beautiful.

    I also enjoy how you paint on a variety of objects like sticks, cans, rocks, etc. etc. This is such a lovely idea and it makes for a happy heart! I am so tempted to do this same thing and leave treasures for someone to find while on their journey!

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Oooooohh wonderful treasures, How amazzing to work on both sides of the tracing paper and use different expressions! I just love your rusty solstice pieces too. You seem to work with such love and joy it radiates from the page!

  3. yes it does... always win... and i adore the way ella changes expressions, it is quite fascinating... so glad you are having a good summer looks like you are having fun in your forest... :::::: xoxox:::::

  4. Art Life Bliss...
    Happy Summer to you, Artist Lady !
    And lots of love !

  5. Your painted sticks and cans make my heart swoon. You bring beauty to the world sweet woman of the wood; I imagine a world where everyone walks around with a box of crayons or color pencils and leaves a little bit of beauty everywhere they go, oh what a lovely world that would be, in the meantime I am going to sit here among your treasures surrounded by all your goodness. xxooxxx

  6. I just adore your style and wonderful characters. Love how the tracing paper worked...and the walking stick is so cool all your work, thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. tis a joy to see what you have been up to. what fun to paint both sides of a paper, love the shading in that top piece, so soft and inviting.

    last week i painted on a piece of your treated cloth you sent me years ago.... i will have to send you a pic, or post it sometime soon.
    thank you for that ~

    lovely summer to you

  8. Lynne, of course, the state of the world depends on the flower pictures. This is a very important and needed category in the measurement of the state of the world. But don't forget...even more important to the state, is your drawings of flowers. They are absolutely essential. But let's not split stamens here. I just this second realized that I could paint on one side of the tea bag paper that I love to use, and then turn it right over and see what I get by painting on the other side. Well really, pencil crayons are the most important as they zing with brilliance for some reason. Also, I don't have pan pastels but my daughter has and they are fabulous. You can put on a hint and I mean suggestive hint of colour, or douse the support with piles of colour. And the actual colours that are offered in pans are so great. Talk soon. N,x

  9. of course i love everything ... but the little guy with the green hat and flowers is awesome (:

  10. I love Ella, she's quite stunning.

  11. Oh my gosh. Breathtaking! If I could choose anyone's talent for myself, I would choose your gift! You're so blessed to have it. I adore your work. Adore!

    Sheilain Oregon

  12. sheila, since i can't reply to your comment via e-mail - or on your blog, i'll say thank you here!

    thank you... your words are a gift...



  13. dear Lynne your posts are a joy , little treasures im sure i repeat myself but there it is lol love Elle shes so poised and regal love all the rusty things they speak to me and i think u are right "love always wins" the summer solstice heart with branches coming out is lovely must keep that in mind lol
    hugz my friend

  14. love the new faces! and of course I am always inspired by the things you create and leave out in the woods. I wish I could find one of them when I'm out on a ramble!

    pan pastels! I just bought a little pot of a green one a couple of weeks ago and love it.

    happy summer days!

  15. Hello Lynne, good to see you are still enjoying your wild creativity as well as your studio work. Always a pleasure to stop in here. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  16. I am in a big change and move.......and my daughter Erin quizzically look at me when I would not let her throw out an aged book to create pastel portraits with...oh MOM. Have a Happy 4th! Peace be with you and I love the rust too!!!!!!!!!!! Mary helen

  17. Beautiful you. The state of this earth is blessed by your being. Me too.

    Love always wins. Exo

  18. Just love the way you leave 'pieces of yourself' everywhere you go -- and I can imagine what a thrill it would be to randomly discover one of your art works while out walking in the woods --
    my favorite - this time - well I have two -
    the gnome sitting among the tall flowers in your sketchbook and the blue eyed girl wearing that fabulous hat!

  19. Oh Lynne, the words that come to mind are I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Every single creation of yours, every photo (5the one with your feet in the water) reveal so much about you. What a gift you are to all of us who follow you.

  20. Lynne,
    Everything here is so beautiful!
    You know I love the rusted cans!
    I need to get my pencils out and do some work on my rusted bits soon.
    Love and hugs. xoxo

  21. Ella, Gregory and your flowers and elf shoes are the frosting on the cake this evening. Wonderful Lynne!


  22. I can totally see different expressions on each side of the paper! That's amazing! I love it that you find rusty things in the woods and turn them into thankful things! I actually purchased a collection of rusty stuff on etsy! I was longing for rust and couldn't find any on my own - so voila - Etsy!
    XO livia

  23. Oh Lynne, those two faces are wonderful! Smiling that you draw on both sides of the paper....and that different personalities, nuances appear.

    Jacky xox

  24. I'm feeling this same fragility in life these days. I don't feel much like blogging either but I still come and check everyone else's stuff. I guess I would miss not seeing what all my "friends" out their in blog world have been doing. The world seems sort of different these days and I understand your rush to capture what is beautiful and put it on paper. I have been wanting to go on rides and see things lately. I feel this need to explore and see things with a fresh eye.

  25. Love all your work, Lynne, and just what you do, what you offer as beauty and soul to this planet. Keep it up and don't ever stop sharing. Blessings to you!


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