Sunday, June 9, 2013

'carla' ~ watercolors, gouache, oil pastels and black gesso on heavy watercolor paper, 5" x 7"

thinking about what i wanted to include in this post, it felt impossible to leave my trip to virginia out entirely - even though it seems lifetimes away now!   so i'll show a little of my trip, and what i've been up to since then.  but before i start, i want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your comments on the last two posts.  thank you for your kind and thoughtful  words!

pink dogwoods in the rain

i took this pic on my first day in virginia - the dogwoods were in full bloom, and, as you can see, there's a rainbow.   i  *love* dogwoods...

just before i took the dogwood pic, carole and i were hiking and saw a lot of trees with these flowers on them.  they were incredibly beautiful and i'd never seen them before.  i now know they were paw paw trees...     i love the flowers and i love to say 'paw paw'.  according to wikipedia they have a mango like fruit. i would *so* be checking these trees out in early september if i lived there!

carole looking for shells

early in my trip my sister, brother, mother and i went to the outer banks of north carolina where we stayed in a beach house for a week. it was too cold to swim, so we did a lot of beach combing...

l to r - my brother, me, my sister

we  also looked at lighthouses - here we are at the top of hatteras lighthouse.  the park ranger who took this pic had an anemometer - the wind was blowing about 30 m.p.h....

my mom on another windy day of sightseeing...

carole and i drew on a lot of shells...   she drew all of these lighthouses - all four outer banks lighthouses are  here.

we drew on *a lot* more...  these are just a few...  

my favorite piece of 'beach art'...   carole  drew/colored the face with prismacolor pencils, and i went over the white with a signo gel pen to make it pop more.  it's on a piece of found copper and the turquoise hair is the natural copper patina.

the atlantic ocean!!

my brother and sister

back in the mountains i stayed with mom for a while and then back to carole's.  this pic was taken on a day hike on the appalachian trail.  it's so green there!

i left a stick behind...

indian paintbrush

after i recovered from a long trip home, i went out walking to see what i could see.   as you know if you've been reading my blog for long, i live next to a national forest so i have miles of walking outside my door.

i've walked high,

and i've walked low.

i've seen so much beauty,

and left some sticks, shells and rusty stuff behind.

in progress...

i've been drawing and painting a little...

one thing i know for sure

'tippi' ~ watercolors, gouache, oil pastels and black gesso on heavy watercolor paper, 5" x 7"

is that i love to paint soulful faces...


  1. Good to see your soulful faces again, Lynne. The painted shells are so delightfu! BTW, we often eat paw paw for breakfast. Delicious!

  2. Oh, what a blessing, dear Lynne... nature and family! Art and left behinds.... a thrill and big gift for all that walk on your way :)

    xo Ariane

  3. That drawing on copper is beautiful, I love the turquoise area :)

  4. I love the art whimsy of your shell pieces!! it cracked me up and made me think "of course"! all at the same time. Love your artistic sensibility.

  5. and we are so glad you do... lovin your painted shells and so glad to know that things are better ... looks like your trip was great... walking and enjoying nature even if the wind was a bit ... much...
    and thank you for the pic of the paw paw...always wondered what they looked like! xxxooo

  6. What a splendid post filled with art and nature and favorite combination. I have been to the Cape Hatteras's gorgeous (and windy) up there.

    I never ever tire of your soulful faces.


  7. Lynne,

    You are so rich! Look at that lovely family and you live by the forest!
    I do too, but I have to drive 10 minutes.
    I adore your lighthouse drawings! LOVE them and all your other drawings, and sticks and your soulful faces.

  8. Thank you for sharing you wonderful trip, Lynne. I am intrigued by the paw paw blossoms, and love as always, your shell drawings. Your sis is an artist too, I think I didn't know that. How lucky for us!
    I sure like these black backgrounds for your soulful faces.
    love, sus

  9. That dogwood picture is so beautiful, it looks like a tinted photograph. At the edge of the woods you live, just like Little Red. I'm very partial to your soulful faces too. I feel very enlightened with my new paw paw knowledge which I formerly thought was a native American food now nearly extinct!

  10. I love the Outer Banks - we go to Duck quite often. Yes - as Lisa says - family, outdoors, art - and I'm sure good food was part of it too -- the best of all worlds!

    And I never tire of your faces either.

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  12. Oh Lynne,I do so love all the lighthouse and rock paintings you both created. That rock face is my personal fave. WOW and lovin your newest girls, so much life and love in each one. I truly think that you infuse life when you paint, it's not in big, broad, strokes but in the tiny details, you capture a spirit that takes it from being paint on paper to a small life force, one that is gentle and moves like a breeze through the trees. A caress that leaves behind a sweetness that can only make one smile.

  13. Hi Lynne! Looks like a great trip with all my favourite sorts of things to do. I love the beach art, especially the copper man. I find quite a few bits of copper and they are always really beautiful colours. If I had the skill I would make jewellery out of them.
    Glad you had fun!

  14. So beautiful...sigh...It looks so peaceful in those trees. The paw paw flowers are amazing too! I have never seen them before, they look almost unreal.Paw Paw is a great word, it reminds me of the jungle book film, with balloo dancing around singing!. I loVe both your painted shells, I know what I will be doing when I'm next down the beach! So happy to see a new soulful face.. much love x

  15. what a wonderful trip...I have missed you! Peace, mary Helen Fernandez stewart

  16. Lynne what a wonderful trip it must have been and all the treasures u found and turned into wonderful art works love your work on the black gesso .. i think u call Paw paws papaya's over there lol never seen their flowers before they are great .. hugz and glad u are back in the saddle gurlfren
    hugz bev

  17. Loving Carla!! She has loads of personality!

  18. Lynne, I can almost hear your black backgrounds popping!

  19. This post!
    The most delicious soul-food....

  20. What a wonderful relaxing time you had!

    Love the painting and sketching as always!

  21. Oh Lynne, what a delightful post. I love every single line, every single photo, every single story, and above all every single soulful face you have been painting lately.
    I agree with you about the copper finding on the beach, it is priceless. And those lighthouses. I Love stopping by, it brightens my week tenfold.

  22. Seems like a special family gathering ... and I see you met "the Wind" who likes to put ice cubes down the back sometimes!

    Thought of you a few times, when it rained for days, and then some cold days where heat was needed suddenly, wondered if you were out there. It must have seemed so very flat, after coming from such mountain and forest, that lowness still bothers me some.

    The fractured shell face with the Lips and foot.hand etc is amazing. What kind of lipstick is that :)

    30 MPH isn't too bad... a mild day :)

    Glad everyone is well!

  23. Your sisters lighthouses are just beautiful.

    I'm insanely jealous of where you live - we live near the beach and I reckon a trip out to the sea is called for this weekend :)

  24. What a beautiful post Lynne... family time, creative time, sharing time. Your soulful faces always call out to me to return another day. Beautifully done again.

  25. Hello dear woman. It's always such a joy to see your world through your eyes. I adore the simple beauty of the things you value and the things you create. You know what matters. xoxoxo

  26. I always wondered what a 'pawpaw' looked like, and the flowers are so beautiful! My grandma used to talk about pawpaw trees, and wishing she could find a tree.

    Carla and Tippi are wonderful! I too, love your soulful faces!

    Those shell paintings are really special. Your artistic talent runs in your family - how wonderful!

    So glad your life is getting back to normal and your dh is okay. Peace,

  27. Hi Lynne, looks like a beautiful trip. I didn't know your sister was also a talented artist- that face on copper is excellent, as well as all the other art you both made. It must be so much fun doing artwork with your sister!

    Paw-paws grow in the woods in many parts of Kentucky, but I've never tasted one. I'll definitely have to try it this year. I hope you're well, and that your hubby is feeling better! xox

  28. Thank you for sharing with us your journeys and work Lynne, it all bring so much force and sweetness ! x

  29. Great post! I love the idea of drawing on shells/sticks. What did you us to draw on the shells?

  30. Great post. very satisfying on a deep level. Everyone has already said the thoughts I have but do want to add thank you for taking the time to do this one.

  31. hi lee,

    i'll answer you here since i can't reply to your comment via e-mail...

    i use prismacolor pencils on the shells - and sticks, rusty stuff, etc.



  32. lovely to see and hear about your trip. the light houses are adorable. so fun that your sister and you draw together!

    that bitterroot flower photo is gorgeous! I have never seen one in person and it is the Montana state flower. such an amazing presence.

    wonderful as always to see your soulful pieces. lovely end of spring to you ~

  33. And I love your soulful faces Lynne.

    I love how you have used the grey colour around the eyes and to suggest the nose.

    What a beautiful time you had in Virginia. Those forests look amazing, and so sweet that you left one of your painted sticks.

    Jacky xox


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