Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'mona' ~ water soluble oils on canvas panel - 4" x 6"

i was painting with oils until a few weeks ago when i started to run out of places to put them while they dried... 

oils and mixed media pieces hanging on a 'clothesline'  in my art room

i finally got some tiny clothespins so i could hang paintings on paper on a 'clothesline',  but by then i was off into watercolor land.   anyway,  i'm ready when oil painting fever strikes again!  thank you, amy, i got the clothesline idea from you...

mona was painted mostly with a palette knife - everything except her eyes and lips, which i used a small brush for.  i'm fascinated with palette knife painting...

8 1/2" x 11" stillman and birn 'beta'  on easel

i've also been trying out different ways to paint on bigger surfaces.  my tiny art room is *full*; there's no room for anything even slightly big in there, so i set up this easel in the living room.  a friend gave it to me a couple of years ago, and i think it'll be a good solution.  i want to be able to see what i'm working on throughout the day - stuff comes to you at the oddest times as you're passing by or just sitting and gazing...  

otherwise i've been working in my daily book - these are the last pages in the book that i finished last week.  monique, her daughter,

and monique's childhood doll, valerie.  they just all seemed related to monique!

in my new daily  book...   these pics are dark - we've had almost no sunshine in the last week.

the piece on the left is after (way after)  this painting by edouard vuillard.  her eyes and lips fascinated me - they're so subtle, yet so expressive - in edouard vuillard's painting!  he impresses me endlessly...

all of the daily book pages were done with watercolors, watercolor pencils, and graphite...

 four completed stillman and birn 'gamma'  daily books.  i remember very clearly when i started in my first 'gamma' last january.  i was so happy to have  found a  4" x 6" book that had beautiful and versatile paper in it.  i'm still happy...  : )

* * *

“Regularity, order, desire for perfection destroy art. Irregularity is the basis of all art.”

~ Pierre-Auguste Renoir


  1. I LOVE the Vuillard homage! Well, I love everything about this post.

    And of course that's how you hang your work (my laundry line is taped to the wall).

    And, what Renoir said.

    And xoxo

  2. I love this post...there is such innocence in your portraits...I do not use oils often...for the same reason. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Love. Love. Love. Love. Can't say it enough.

  4. Oh Lynne what a beautiful post...filled with such wonderful images and words.
    Loved your homage to Vuillard, your daily *faces* always make me smile and that quote of Renoirs...no wonder I'm all over the shop!!!!

    Four jounals since January. You are amazing. I am lucky to manage a journal a year!

    Enjoyed my visit as always.

    Jacky xox

  5. I love visiting your blog, and enjoy seeing the faces of those mysterious, thoughtful, emotional, intelligent women in your daily book.

    It is so small - 4 x 6 inches.
    I have ordered myself one, and two for Christmas gifts. May we all be able to fill it as beautifully as you do.


  6. The glimpse into your art room this morning just made me happy! I love the clothes line idea and I love that you have all of those wonderful faces you create smiling at you when you enter that space!
    Your faces are so full of emotion -- and mystery. I want to know them all.

  7. I love that quote, I love your wonderful pages, you have been very busy! xoxo

  8. mona is rockin a pretty cool "do"... don't have room for my easel in my new studio either... still trying to figure out how to get that up..
    oh and the sun just came out.. after two weeks of grey... yea... xoxx

  9. your command of these different mediums is amazing - you can manifest a story and feeling from the simplest to the most complex form - a true artist xox

  10. Your portraits are so sensitively painted, I love the eyes especially. :) I love the art of Vuillard too, I used to try to paint in the style of his room interiors when I first started painting, the colours are glorious!
    Jess x

  11. Oh Lynne, I love to see photograph of your art room! And with the clothesline you have added even more wonderment and magic. The magic is art!
    Also LOVE to see your easel right by the window and the plants. There are so many new beginnings here...

  12. Oh girl, I so want your inspiration wall. seriously, I think I stared a hole into the screen, wanting to take in every painting, capture every detail and of course all of those journal pages are pure delight. I'm smitten I tell you, Monique and her daughter are quite sweet, but of course I love all your girls and guys and creatures and blooms.

  13. Lynne, Mona is so lovely! I really like the texture you get by using the palette knife. I've never really painted in oils, because when I was in school I had small children and was afraid of the fumes. I might give these water soluble ones a try, though. Also, the clothesline idea is pretty ingenious; the only place I have to dry things is on top of the dogs' crates!

  14. Favorite in this post...hmmmm...I love everything...but your Vuilard...wow and your oil knife painting- these are my favorites. I love that you filled FOUR journals and I love that you are doing an irregular thing and trying out larger surfaces. Be careful though...they can fill up your space QUICK!

    Stay irregular. :) xo

  15. oh my gosh your art makes my heart sing! I love everything that you do.....

  16. Wow, you are a painting machine. I love the picture of your room with paintings everywhere and all those lovely journals fun of artwork. Your artwork is so sweet!

  17. All of it inspiring! I love it, all of it! Now to go back and view it all again!

  18. What a lovely softness Mona has...palette knife and oils you say...no, I cannot add one more supply or medium right now ! ;-) But what you have created is so lovely.
    How marvelous to have 4 beautiful documents filled with creative juice from a year in the life. Amazing. I would so love to sit and peruse them...
    Love love love the Renoir quote. So good to remember.
    Sending you much love and thanks for sharing your creative flow so generously with us !

  19. oh Lynne your work as always so very lovely. I am feeling the urge to paint/draw a face... yours are always so fascinating. And as for providing you inspiriation - That makes me smile a huge smile!

  20. hi Lynne i think this is my fave post everrrrrrrrrrr lol but i think that with all your posts hehe what a wonderful family of characters , u should write a play i think, palette knives well dont they free u up big time lol u know what i got some Shiva Paintstiks have u used them , im scared to open them lol Mona well she looks like a little dutch girl me thinks...
    hugz bev

  21. Oh my goodness! You're amazing! Mme. Hessel is even prettier than Mona, which I thought was impossible! Love, Love your work!



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