Friday, November 2, 2012

'bebe' ~ water soluble oils on canvas panel, 4" x 6" 

'bebe'  was going to be at the top of last tuesday's post, but that day we got a bunch of snow and lost our internet service.  the next morning roxanne and i left for camano island and earthtone studios to take an intuitive painting workshop from sue simpson.  even though i got back three days ago i'm still resting;   for me it's 1400 miles up and back, but so worth it...

this is a pic of the cabins that we stayed in at cama beach state park.   some places just feel peaceful, and this is one of them...   yeah, look at all of those pieces of shell for drawing on...  : )

 tempera on heavy paper, 14" x 17"

you can read about the workshop here...  it was not about painting 'good' or 'pretty' pictures, it was about learning and growing through painting, and  i loved it.   the painting above was my first, and i found myself going back and forth wildly between painting what i *felt* and what 'looked good'. 

 tempera on heavy paper, approx. 2' x 4'

this is as far as i got on my last painting;  i can honestly say that the desire to make it 'look good' was just not there.  i was painting and that was that...

sue, thank you - you're a gem of a human being and teacher...

roxanne and i did *so much art* during the six days we were gone!!  every night we painted, drew and/or collaged.  the table in our cabin always looked this messy!

before i go back to resting, i want to send everyone my wishes for warmth and safety after the recent storms... 

 near our cabin when we arrived


  1. Hi Lynne love Bebe and your work from Sue's class , the first one reminds me of Chagall , i like her work thanks for sharing and can only imagine what a great time u had ...
    hugz bev

  2. Bebe is very wee babe like, except for her soulful eyes. And as I'm into cracks and lines these days that little crack in the ol noggin really appeals.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time and your beachside cottage looks like the perfect place to spend the evenings doing art. Happy processing of all those day of work!

  3. Sounds like you had a delicious time, what with that landscape and painting without a care... I adore Bebe.
    Colette xoxox

  4. Bebe looks so very lovely! and love the messiness of your work table, how wonderful to be able to attend such an amazing workshop!

  5. Your six days away sounds sooooo wonderful. How lovely to spend the time with Roxanne too...sharing this new experience.

    Bebe...well she is just gorgeous, so sweet and alive!

    Will leave you to rest again Lynne (all sounding so peaceful at your place).

    Sending love and a hug.

    Jacky xox

  6. Art making for six days in that beautiful setting?! ...just wonderful!I followed the link and really like the sound of the workshop. So glad you and Roxanne enjoyed it.

  7. Wonderful new work...and so varied!

    Just showcased "her name was red" on my EMPTY NEST EVOLUTION blog. It looks beautiful. Thx.

  8. Bebe - soulful
    workshop - wish i could have been there
    love - the only thing that matters
    happy week end, resting friend. xxoo, sus

  9. Lynn, It all sounds so wonderful!
    You are a lucky duck. I love the woman flying with the flower!

  10. Bebe is a gentle, soulful being. I could get lost in her gaze. The workshop looked amazing. Glad you were able to participate in such a beautiful workshop and to spend it with a kindred spirit, so much better. I can understand the need for time to regenerate.

  11. hi lynne, welcome back, i was just setting out to email you as i was worried that you had not posted for a bit. glad to hear you were soaking up some art time! patti

  12. Bebe is quite the sweetpea...she has the most pretty rose cheeks and pale green eyes and thoughtful expression. The place you went to looks like a little slice of getaway heaven...a great place to rest and make fun things like your tempera pieces...those are awesome Lynne and they both LOOK GREAT!

    Welcome back!

  13. I don't know why but this post made me weep. Weep with longing and envy I think. That sounds like heaven and in such an environment...oh...
    I have just made a resolution as I type to get myself to my friend Elizabeth's (e.b.) house in Vermont as soon as possible for some special like-minded girlfriend artist play time. How good for the soul it is...
    So glad to know you have been filled up this way. Of course you need rest - it is in preparation for putting all of that inspiration into your home play, right ?
    Love love love to you, Inspiring and Beautiful One !

  14. Oh Lynn, what a beautiful time we had, yes? I am still working on my art. More and more and more!!! Such lovely memories. Love your golden green-eyed "bebe..."

  15. I saw Roxanne's post- it looks so peaceful there, and I smile thinking of the fun you two must have had. and Bebe is just lovely. She looks like a wise and thoughtful soul, though maybe a bit sad...

  16. Bebe is simply a quiet beauty...I love her eyes especially. be safe. Love, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  17. Bebe is vibrantly alive! Thank you.
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful art retreat. It must have been amazing to work big and bold and free, free, free! Yeahhhhh!

  18. Lynne the work your doing with these water soluble oils are stunners, so much depth and the palatte in all , well it all seems so right. 1400 miles! That shows such perserverance and heart too.

  19. Bebe is extraordinary. Depth and softness!

  20. What a beautiful place for two such lovely people to spend creative time together! Bebe is dreamy. And I love your tempera pieces, too.

  21. just saw your portrait on EMPTY NEST EVOLUTION. Love the expressiveness you put into this.

  22. Lynne, Bebe speaks volumes. The LOVE you found when you arrived at the beach ... so perfect and so loud and clear.

    Having you in the workshop was a true blessing and I thank you for that.

    with love,


  23. I just love Bebe - she is the essence of your painting style! Very lovely.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time on Camano Island - and it does look very peaceful!

  24. I guess I forgot to sign in - duh. The "unknown" above is me.


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