Sunday, October 7, 2012

'marie therese' ~ graphite, prismacolor pencils and albrecht durer watercolor pencils

i'm still drawing a lot of smudgy faces...

manila tags smudge beautifully!

*and* i bought a pocket moleskine to draw them in, right page only so there's no worry about smudging the drawing on the opposite page.  the pencil is my new cretacolor 8B pencil.  i like it even more than the derwent 8B!  it feels almost weightless, sharpens beautifully, and lays down a gorgeous, dark line.

i got it last week in chico, CA at ellis art and engineering -  i love this store!  they have a good variety of stuff to try out...  i also got a pentel triangular eraser that's perfect for erasing in small areas, and a derwent turquoise green watercolor pencil.  it's greenish aqua, which is one of my favorite colors and not easy to find.

one street over i found this book in a used bookstore; i can't remember the name of the bookstore, but it's the big one downtown, and it has a *huge* art book section.  definitely worth checking out if you're in chico.

it's full of sketches and paintings that picasso painted between the ages of 11 and 25.

the images are high quality and  many of them are large.  and there are lots of images from his sketchbooks...

if you click on the link (above) you'll see that there are a  lot of used and new copies for sale at amazon, starting at $5.08 including shipping.  i highly recommend it.

'loves trees and parks' ~ graphite and prismacolor pencils on a piece of shell

left this at a park in chico.  now i'm back home, drawing more smudgy faces...

*  *  *
 early last summer i was interviewed by lesley riley; she was in the process of putting together a workshop, and as part of that she interviewed ten artists that she feels have a unique style.    fortunately she told me what the questions were before the interview because the focus was on composition, which isn't something that i give much thought to in a rational, left brain sort of way when i'm painting.  i can honestly say that i enjoyed the interview a great deal! i felt like i was talking with a kindred spirit who totally 'got' what i was saying...  i could've chatted  for a long, long time, ha!   fast forward to now and her workshop, compose+yourself, is almost ready to start, and  i'm helping her spread the word.  she's incorporated the interviews into the workshop, but there's so much more - it's a three month course for heaven's sake!  if you feel at all inclined, please check it out... 



  1. As always your faces, your words, your amazing book find, all brought a smile to my smile, they always do. I especially liked 'loves trees and parks' a woodland sprite among the leaves. I just bounced myself over to Lesley workshop, looks like it's going to be really good. I'm gonna have to see if I can squeeze that into my budget, the artist list is impressive and many are among my favorites. Thanks for the link and have a delightful week.

  2. This is a great post Lynne! All the good art here...gosh I love your faces. You really do have your own style. I can't wait until that day comes when you decide to have a book made with all your art!

    Loving the art supplies here..and your shell!!! What a gem for the person who finds it.

    And I bought the book! Used hardback ...grand total of $7.49.

    Thanks Lynne! :)

  3. I love the shell piece, how divine to find that on the ground.xoxo

  4. Hello, Lynne - these smudge faces make me smile. What a good find in the Picasso book - you know how important he is to me, I think. Am going to run over to A. and try to get my own copy of this book. xxoo in the new week! -sus

  5. I love the small moleskin journals...they seem to be a wonderful constant companion for using in small pockets of time....beautiful! Peace, Mary Helen

  6. Love the drawings Lynne! I am going to have to get an 8B pencil and give it a try. Beautiful work. I also love the information about the book, and looked at the online course with Leslie.... both look great! I will have to see ... thanks for sharing

  7. I can't wait to see how Picasso influences your work. I love these smudgy faces!!

  8. The book will make a perfect Xmas gift for my MIL the artist. She's painting again after a long hiatus & had a Picasso art book open for inspiration. Thanks!

  9. Picasso Wow.

    Love your shell. Wonder who finds it.


  10. So much to LOVE!!! Your sweet smudgy faces make me want to kiss them on their cute little foreheads. And I think I will have to look into this book! I love early Picasso, middle Picasso, and late Picasso. Haha!
    Love and hugs,

  11. Yes! I love your smudgy faces too... so full of mischief, the one on the shell might have found a new home by now... Leslie Riley's workshop looks wonderful. I especially like the title, and that your interview will be in it.
    Soon we will be on the road again together Lynnie, and finding more pieces of shells perfect for your faces.
    And painting our hearts out!!


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