Thursday, August 9, 2012

watercolors on khadi paper, 6" x 6"

i've been doing a lot of what i think of as comfort painting.  i can feel something brewing inside (art-wise), and when that's happening i feel more or less stalled out creatively... so i just draw willy nilly stuff and paint - like a cat staring at the wall!  he's probably watching a spider, ha ha.

watercolors in my daily book, a  4" x 6" stillman and birn 'gamma'

i saw an insect like this is katherine dunn's 'creative illustration workshop' a few weeks ago and i've drawn a bunch of them since!  comfort for sure!

watercolors and albrecht durer watercolor pencils in my 'daily book'

very comforting!

watercolors,  watercolor pencils, & gouache in my 'daily book'

i think the woman on the left may be wondering why her hat is sitting so low on her head, or what that colored pencil's doing over there beside her - or maybe what the creatures on the other page have in mind! (not to mention that cup hanging over her head)   i painted her face with a  heavy layer of white gouache first to see how i liked it.  i didn't... it was too much white.  so yeah, i'll just blame her whole wonkyness on that.  ; )

it's smoky here from forest fires that are far away.  and hot! 

* * *

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  1. gorgeous work Lynne love the first one somehow reminds me of Chagall and i have Katherine,s book its great , also love the quote , enjoyable post as usual ...

    hugz my friend.... bev

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE no. 1
    oh alright.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them.

  3. Oh, Lynne! My kindred spirit. comnfort painting, yes.

  4. Your whole blog just brings comfort...I love your comfort painting. LOVE! xoxo

  5. Oh lynne, I'm just so smitten with that top interior- beautiful.

  6. Lynne, I love your comfort drawings :-). I did some of that myself this week and I got unstuck. I was stuck because I was resisting the flow. I just did a post about it. I love that cup in the top piece and the cat!
    have a comforting weekend. xoxo

  7. Comfort Painting - certainly more productive than comfort eating! Just lovely.

  8. That adorable cat! Lynne, you should do more of these! They are charming and full of the feeling of "home" where comfort is, if we are lucky, found. Maybe the heat is damping down your usual energy. Oh well, I like the way you are handling it. Graceful as usual...

  9. L O V E em all. I think you just invented a new mindset for me... 'comfort art' the sound of that manifests bright, fall days, hours spent with a paint brush in hand or a bottle of glue...cutting and pasting the hours away and letting the stress of the world fall away for a few wee hours...kind of like the feeling one gets while curled up in a favorite chair and getting lost in the pages of a really good book...comfort art...YES YES YES!!!!!!

  10. Comfort painting......what a good term! Mind if I use it to explain my times of brewing and pondering? Stay cool.

  11. wishing you a cool smoke-free breeze
    lovely to see you pieces, the colors are so appealing to me

  12. Your willy-nilly paint stuff is fabulous! 'Comfort painting' while waiting on the muse . . . great description.

    I have Katherine's book too - you've inspired me to get it out and play.

    I just bought Rilkes letters -- much to ponder.


  13. Wonderfully comforting! Love it!

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  15. Oh, if I just could sneek into this room and pet the kitty:)
    What a wonderful use of your khadi paper!
    Adore this insect! It must be a Lynneris Hoppeolatus for sure:)♥♥♥

    (made a mistake so deleted my first comment:)

  16. Wonderful little paintings! Like that big-jewel ring on the chair. ;)

    Oh, sorry about the forest fire,,,,
    Hope it's not too bad.

  17. forest fires?? yikes...where are you? I thought you were in the pacific northwest? somewhere near oregon and Roxanne? oh nooo, terrible... and I feel so bad ... we have been basking in rain and cool weather for two days.... your comfort work is bella... xoxo

  18. hey. even though i hate the stalled out time, i think i'm actually a little envious because that means when stalled out is over there is always a big change.
    (a good change)
    so stalled out sucks, but the other side of it will be rewarding.

    forest fires make me so sad. i think of all of the squirrels and trees and feel totally bummed.


  19. Lynne I love that interior so much.
    i want to come home to that room!

  20. Wonderful, wonderful stuff Lynne! Very peaceful work. Comfort can never pull you in a wrong direction. Willy nilly is one of my favorite directions! :0)

    Oh yes, I love Katherine's book, too! And I love your bug!

    So sorry about the forest fires. It's so very sad for all the living things that live there.

    Sending you love, love, love.

  21. You are always!! These are lovely!

  22. these pieces remind me of the delicious days of summer;relaxed and fun. you are so could at following your heart. happy summer days. it has finally arrived here too and we are basking in it.

  23. Lynnie! Oh oh, I am in love with your first painting... and that you call it 'comfort painting.'
    It is comforting in it's loveliness, I love the touches of red-orange, the teacup and the cat... and your lady below with the cap pulled low on her forehead, wishing you the happiest of days. I imagine it is smokey there, it sure is here.

  24. Your warming up space is full of comforting bits. Here's to the simmering...
    Light and love, Artist-Gal.

  25. enchanting. u .

    We started summer with a forest fire, set on purpose, then out of hand, then smoldering in the peat for weeks. What about the poor animals. Air!

  26. Oh Lynne - I love your stalled out paintings! I have that book too, and look at it all the time. I am a little stalled out myself, its been a two month stall - hope something happens soon. Maybe I should just take a hint from you and do some comfort paintings - maybe it would open the closed cupboard for me!

  27. Lynne,
    Hello I have not stopped in for a long time..I have missed you and now life has changed for me and I have all this time on my hands..If you remember I am in the south and looking now to get away for some art retreats or classes..
    I see the air is still good where you are..

  28. your art is flows with mystical life. colors that are born at
    dawn. just lovely.

  29. I love that book. I love the whimsy and fantasy of your characters, so magical looking. I also love the floral magic sprinkling into your cup on the first picture.

    I hope the forest fires did not get too close. They always make me sad, even though I know that it is helpful for regeneration as well. Like the stalled out time.

  30. I find your blog so inspiring. Thank you. xox


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