Monday, February 14, 2011


watercolor and colored pencil on kraft tag

my tag love continues... i got some large (3 1/4" x 6") kraft tags here, and they are a joy to work on. right away i tried watercolors and they work great - very little buckling.

watercolor and oil pastel on kraft tag

my plan is to put them on book rings, which i found here for a very reasonable price. this is about as complicated as i want to get with book making these days!

watercolor and oil pastel on kraft tag

a big fat stack of them on a ring... and i can make covers if i want.

watercolor, colored pencil, gouache, and oil pastel on kraft tag

the great thing about working on kraft paper is that the brown background does a lot of the shading for you. all you have to do is not cover it too heavily (and this piece is not a good example of that).

gouache, watercolors, pencil, colored pencil, and casein paint in 3" x 5" journal

in my zecchi (aka pen and ink) journal... picking it up and painting another page when i feel the urge...

and wood burning! did you know it's called pyrography? i had no idea! this magazine practically jumped into my hands last week at barnes and noble. if you have an inclination to learn more about pyrography, i *highly* recommend it. it covers everything a beginner (like me) might want to know. it appears to be a one time issue - a supplement to 'scrollsaw' magazine...

you can imagine that i was practically drooling in the store as i looked at these examples of patterns that can be made with the three basic tips (which i now know about). i left this especially huge so you can click and read...

i came home and got my woodburner out (trying not to covet the $200 'machines' - that's what they call them - in the magazine). i filed my fine 'writing' tip so it worked better and burned the lines on the bead (only partially colored in with colored pencils here), her face and clothes... her head is a knob and her body is a sawed off piece of stick. the other side of the knob and stick have another face and body on them. the knobs are 12 to a bag at michaels...

and blocks! also from michaels - 13 in a bag. i was going to burn them but oil pastels, ink, and inktense pencils are so much easier! i got the idea for this from robyn's tumblr... she posted an image of a stack of painted blocks, and i thought it was such a fabulous idea; thinking about how you could switch them up and have a different 'painting' every day. i've slowly been working on them - i added the heart today. these could be a form of journaling...

tim holtz distress inks work great on these. the red behind the heart is the color 'fired brick', and the heart is caran d'ache creme oil pastel. i'm not putting a varnish or finish of any kind on them. i like them just as they are. i do take a blending stump and push the oil pastel in, though, so it doesn't smear as easily...

i continue to go back and forth, back and forth, about blogging, so i'm going to take a break for a month and see if that brings more clarity... i want to leave you with a few links, though... some of my favorite new artists from the last couple of weeks. but before i do that,

happy valentine's day!

dominique goblet

dominique goblet
(click on 'peinture' at the bottom of the page to see her paintings)

inez storer ~ a warrior of unknown origin

inez storer

alice leach ~ momentary anger...

alice leach

* * *

"Dare to be naive"

~ Buckminster Fuller, via tumblr



  1. Sighhhh .... this is such an awesome post Lynne. Really awesome! I am loving what you are doing with the tags, the wood burning and the blocks. I can't wait to see if we get this magazine here. My pyrography tool is calling me again.

  2. I agree with Robyn. This is some amazing work you're delving into. If this is what a blog break does for you, I say go for it! Just promise you'll come back and share once in awhile!
    xoxo Kim

  3. Thanks for sharing your block and tag love ! I appreciate the instant art of them...does that make sense ?
    Enjoy your holiday, Beautiful One. Spring is coming...

  4. LH, thank you again for such an inspiring post and with wonderful inspiring links! I have sanded down an old cane and was debating whether to add paperclay to it and make vines or using my (old fashion) wood burning tool. Thanks for the tip on filing the point, I never would have thought of that! Once again I love your tags and paintings! Now where did I put those @#$% tags...I am still looking for them!

  5. Fabulous! You are growing in leaps and bounds, my friend! I understand the need to retreat to find clarity, I'm in the midst of that myself, again. Don't forget about us, though. I'll see you on tumblr, I know.

  6. I love your latest, Lynne. What a joy to see the wood burning works. And thanks for the links to others! love, sus

  7. ahhhhhh take a break but don't go away.
    you are so inspirational to me.

  8. I love the idea of making the tags into a book-I think I might do that too! Just fun to have them around to look at. I have done a little pyrography(much easier to write wood burning!) My brother gave me one years ago and a book to match but I only got it out a couple of years ago when I did an online mixed media course. Mine is a basic one-not one of the ones with the very fine tips! Fun though and a bit like being in a sauna-similar smell.
    I hope you enjoy your blog break and hope you come back too. Thanks for all the lovely links!

  9. Make the most of your blogging break Lynne!!

  10. Hope you have a rejuvenating break Lynne! Thanks for leaving us so much to ponder. Love, love, love what you are doing on tags and blocks!

  11. Love love love the stick know doll thingies.
    Feel another purchase coming on.
    Watching watching.

  12. hope you had a great v day dear one... love your "pyrography" who knew? i like your block pieces and tags and that bucky fuller quote is fab... xo

  13. ps. have a good break, i know you will and that first tag is wonderful and i know just how she feels, i am a big fan of lynne's work...

  14. your faces always bring up some joy.

    love this line, and it made me laugh (hope you don't mind) "her head is a knob and her body is a sawed off piece of stick." It fits perfectly with something i was writing, too much poetics floating about O yes.

    my fave is those blocks. they are perfect.

    thanks. exo etc

  15. I love the tags a lot. They're sweet and wonderful....
    Sweet greetz!

  16. dear Lynne,
    thank you for all these wonderful bits of art you have created, they are eye candy. And the links are fab, you are a dream to share as you do.
    I have that mag on hold at Borders for me xo to you.
    Yes, take a month off, a week, two days a year, what ever feels good to you!

    Thank you for all your help the other night.
    I ended up borrowing a friends light box, worked fabulously, I could see right through 140 lb. watercolor paper, yea. You can see the piece, an angel and a child on my blog now. Still there is another piece that will go behind it, so it is not complete.

    many thanks.

  17. Everything mentioned here is one notch better than the last thing you mention! Stacks of tags. Delicious. Wood Burning. Awesome. The wood at Michael's...pastels?? I can't take it anymore! :)


  18. mmmmm a delicious post full of awesome links and bursting with your creativity. I love the way you are developing your art Lynne x

  19. I really like the blocks..Heck I like all your wonderful creation..I know I know but I found something for you..I think you can create something fun..I hope it gets to you ok. Do you want to know what it is? LOL..Just wait and see...
    Friends in Spirit.

  20. Hello dear Lynne,

    Hope you are well. I had a bad cold but now I'm well again.Thank you so much for your nice comment.I can not update my blog for awhile so I blocked it.But I always check your fantastic place & every time I find new illo & text and learn more of beauty.Thank you.

    Best Wishes
    Parisa beautiful tags.
    p.p.s.I love your new moleskin with your new illos.Bravo for your unique art.

  21. Oh, incredible! stunning! I love texture texture texture! What coolness. And Russell at the end? come ON!!

  22. hehe! i meant: Fuller.

    I call him Bucky.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Lynn, I felt so bad I deleted my original post as I mispelled your name.
    The tags are great! wonderful idea to put them in a ring.. ♥

  25. Working on craft! Great... when the middle tone is taken care of, the shadow and highlights become more fun. -J

  26. I love your tag book and your blocks. Love Alice Leach too, and a blogging break. Enjoy!

  27. WOW what a post! Full of inspiration. I love the tags, and my mind's eye pictures them held together beautifully with a lovely brown ring. Very beautiful. I also love the blocks and burnings on the stick and beads. How very lovely!


  28. Lovely, you have inspired us with your work. Hope to see more of your amazing work & words in a month, cheers.


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