Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sunshine briefly

how do i love the sun? let me count the ways! the clouds parted briefly this morning and then for almost two hours this afternoon. it was heaven. i think i'm a little sad now that it's gone again...

in this morning's sun... havaianas have better traction than most boots.

mostly i've been working on The Face Stick (that wonderful stick/western red cedar branch that i showed you in the video last week). i had it for a couple of days before i knew what i wanted to do. and now i have a vision of a whole grove of sticks. not all of them as heavily decorated as this one - this is sort of a Mother Stick.

starting at the bottom on the left, and going to the top... the last two pics are of the back. an eye for each chakra.

i finished my moleskine and have started in a new muslin journal. oh! i am happy to be working on muslin again!

if you live near london, the museum of everything is now open, and from the pictures in 'raw vision', it looks fantastic. for people who like outsider art...

and have you seen the work of terry turrell? wow...

* * *

"What if you could have an experience to show you that every human, plant, and living creature you have ever and will ever encounter is actually you in another guise - would you allow yourself to realize this?"

michael brown, the daily intent



  1. I love the quote...it is mind bending...Off to check out Terry Turrell...thanks for sharing.
    hug, hug

  2. Your Mother Stick is wonderful...I look forward to seeing a grove...Thank you for the Terry Turrell heads up. I love his figures...inspiring for sure.

  3. My havaianas have been getting a good workout this summer!!
    Your face sticks are wonderful and your grove is growing by the minute...your Mother Stick is fantastic.
    Thanks for the terry turrell link...wonderful art. Love the dogs especially.
    Have a wonderful week Lynne working in your latest beautiful muslin journal. There's just something about fabric and art.

    Jacky xox

  4. Hey Lynne,
    Just what I needed, a good dose of you :)
    All good here, and those toe's and tattoos!!! xxJo

  5. Hey Lynne,

    OMG.... those sticks rock!! I so love them.... i love when you show them to us.
    About the tattoo....I was just speaking to a friend about mine that is around my ankle onto my foot...lol! You're a girl after my own heart!!
    The quote is awesome!!
    Have a great day, my friend!!

  6. a great visit today, all wonderful

  7. Ooh cold toes ! Glad the sun shone on you, even for just a bit. Also glad you are in such wonderful, observant, creative place as you wait for spring. Love the idea of a grove of sticks... ahhh to come upon it - magical.
    Love Terry Turrell too..wow is right...and the finale - love the quote - imagine that realization? Wow...
    Love to you, Beautiful Artist Lady...

  8. awesome quote... fab photos, your sticks and book pages are glorious! thanks for the tip on the museum! your cute sandals are on my forbidden fruit list, but we have so much snow that my feet would be frozen piggies!

  9. LH, love your latest work! Love your pics. Those sticks are wonderful, I love the idea of one for each chakra!

    Thanks for the Terry Turrell link!

  10. I love the sticks a lot, they're great! :-D

  11. your sticks are amazing...wonderful images, something like a mini totem pole...yet not. your paintings are very spiritual...

  12. Your mother stick is amazing. Your art really stikes a chord with me lynn. i think I will have to start the mandala journal tonight. A it late for the celtic tree theme, but we will see what comes naturally!

    Shame i won't be ale to make the London exhibition, ut i do plan to move there very soon, so who knows. Maybe the next one xJ xx

  13. The idea of a grove of sticks is so inspired! Love the way you are binding the new journal. And thanks for those links. That museum looks really intriguing.

  14. i love the face sticks . brilliant work as always .

  15. been thinking of you. AOT has a big Jesse Reno show up, but I'm not sure about her new floor color. The sticks are beyond wonderful! Love Terry Turrell and so glad the zorries are gettin' year round use.
    Too cold for my toes here - blizzard warning until tomorrow a.m. - brrrrr.
    blessings sweet one

  16. hey julie, you're welcome for the terry turrell heads up! i sure love his work... as for the grove of sticks, i'm workin' on it... ; )

    hi jacky, yeah, i love his dogs too. i love *everything*, lol! aren't havaianas the best? i'm telling you, i'm impressed with their traction on ice. i wear them out for a quick walk to get firewood... not for long distance walking of course. : ) yeah, there IS something about fabric and art. xo

    hee, jo! as i said, i'm an advocate of tattoos... : )

    lol, manon, we're tattoo sisters. oh i love my foot tattoo... it was my first one and even though it's tiny, i think it's my fav. thank you about the sticks... xo

    thank you, jude...

    kim, yeah, i think a grove of sticks would be very magical. what a presence they'd have. and yes, imagine if we allowed ourselves to Know that we are ALL. love to you, sweet woman...

    cat, you just wear the havaianas out *briefly* in the snow, ha! thanks for all your kind words...

    janine, yes, a stick for each chakra would be great. i can so see that... thank you. : )

    thank you so much, momo luna!

    hi dianne, yes, a totem pole definitely came to mind... and i'd just read about a man who'd never seen a totem pole in his life and he'd been making them for years. seems they're in our collective unconscious... thank you for visiting... xo

    oh jasmine, i wonder what your mandala will look like? if you feel like sharing, i'll be excited to see. there's something about drawing on the sticks that's very easy - it's as if they tell you what to do next. the museum of everything - i think it's there to stay, so you can check it out after you move! xo

    seth, i wish i could've found pics online of the walls in the museum of everything. there are rows on top of rows of outsider art. just mind boggling...

    kathy, thank you, my friend... xo

    kathy (kvk), oh my havaianas have seen a lot of use this winter, and i thank you for that! so what color is the new floor at AOT? (and thank you about the stick art : ) xo

  17. I love the face sticks. I know I am slow to get to suggestions. I finally ripped up a number of pieces of muslin, gessoed and sanded them and ooooooooh you are so right they feel wonderful. I painted on one and used it for the front and back form of my Full Snow Moon art doll, for the challenge. I love the feel of it. :)Bea

  18. lime green - a color I love, just not sure about the floor of a gallery. Kind of interesting with the dark gray walls - kinda.

  19. Very thought provoking quote. I would like to believe that yes I would allow myself to realize that. Love your face sticks. Did I tell you that I tried making a banner with water color crayons and I hung it out in my woods but with all the rain here in NW Oregon the color washed away. so I will need to use some other form of color for my outdoor banners. I do have sticks aplenty for playing with, if I can get my dogs not to chew on them.

  20. Wow...just like everyone else has said about Terry Terrell's work. I love the diversity too (painting, ceramics, etc.) Where do you find your shoes up in that area (or did you order on-line?) Are they all over $100? They look very comfy though. I am a barefoot person mostly. So glad I don't have to wear such things as heels. I would be a mess!

  21. Your work is amazing! I love your paintings and journal pages. Very inspiring to work in a beautiful muslin journal. Thanks for the link to Terry Turrell. I shall now go and look

    Carolyn ♥

    ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog ... ends on Valentine's Day!

  22. baby its cold outside... my feet are a frozen cold and jealous of your poise in the snow there; here with wind gust of 30-50 across water yest i am chilled; .... but your feet look good and strong!

    great love in me for your sticks; totems of life. and Micheal again... ah ... well, in little bits, people could handle it, i think! Richer than chocolate... nibble these ideas one bit at a time...

    loking forward to a hot hot southern summer sunny day!


  23. heya bea... yeah, sanded muslin *does* feel great! i look forward to seeing your doll... and thank you about the stick. : )

    kathy, hmmmm... lime green. my first thought is that it would draw the eye away from the walls and cases, but maybe it has the opposite effect!

    hi jan, wow, i'm surprised that the color just washed right out! ironing does heat set the colors and make them more permanent, but i don't know if it'd be enough for really wet weather. i guess you'll have to use acrylic paints - or oil pastels or colored pencils! hee, the sticks may be a problem with your dogs... : ) xo

    hi teri, well, i haven't bought any shoes in a long time - besides flip flops. that's all i wear in the summer; a new pair of 'reefs' every year. chico is probably the closest good shoe shopping place for me, and yeah, they're pretty high priced. i ADORE shoes and avert my eyes as i'm walking past the window displays. ; ) xo (oh, these havaianas were a gift - i feel so lucky to have two kinds of flip flops : )

    thank you, carolyn... yeah, the muslin is sweet to work on, that's for sure. and i've been to your blog and written about 'charlotte's web'. : )

    m, i think you're having a colder winter than we are. hey, i'm coming to your side of the continent in just two days. i'm bringing my warm clothes... yes, we'll nibble these eye-deas a little at a time... until we're filled up... blustery exo blessings, my friend...

  24. My first time to your blog and I'm loving what I see.
    I'm intrigued by the use of muslin, I was about to try some myself. The hinged body is an idea that had just occurred to me as well since my mother just sent me a package with some old hinged flat dolls.

    Mind if I follow you and add you to my blogroll?

  25. your Face Stick is incredible, oh how I would love to have your talent for 'faces'!!
    love the journal too - I haven't tried muslin... do you ever offer journaling workshops?

  26. Well Lynne I've had my fill of sun over the last few months!! it's 30 degrees at night here in Alice
    Springs and too hot for most things during the day!! I am looking forward to cooler temperatures!! the work is brilliant and thanks for the link to TT - and all your comments over my place!!

  27. Hey Lynne! So good to be back to see your new work. I love the sticks they are so amazing! Hope you have a great trip.

  28. A whole grove of face sticks would be sheer magic! Thanks for the Terry Turrell link, hadn't seen that work before.

  29. dearest lynne, your "mother stick" has all the strength and soul of a mother, I love your new muslin book and the gentle, mysterious face, and the art of terry turrell! Espcially the long reaching bodies and the horses head. I agree, wow! I missed getting to say goodbye to you before, I was in Portland finishing my river book (!) I will post about it soon. I hope your trip is beautiful... love, roxanne


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