Monday, November 2, 2009


colored pencil, oil pastels, crackle paint, and watercolors on muslin

it appears that life has gone from 'slowed down' back to 'speeded up'... each week seems to last about three days, and in those three days all kinds of change happens. after deciding to sell my lampworking equipment, and then not to, i proceeded with the plan i'd been hatching for a couple of months of opening an online store. slowly, slowly it's been incubating, until all that was left was to create the store front and actually do it. which is what i've been doing this past week. i didn't think the store would be hard to create using big cartel, but it was, uh, time consuming... i blithley told my sister it wouldn't take long to create the store or a banner for it - HA! it reminds me of when i got my first tattoo and someone in the car asked if i thought it would hurt much. i said no, it couldn't possibly hurt that much otherwise so many people wouldn't have them. omg, did i really say that?! an hour later it felt like someone was sawing my foot off!!

colored pencil, oil pastels, watercolors and acrylic paint on muslin

but it's done! the Brave Child Me is tickled about this and very happy to be sharing her stuff. some pieces that i do will go in my journal and some will go to the store, as the child sees fit. this is her show, doncha know...

colored pencil, oil pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paint on muslin

i'm still working on the 8" x 10" piece i started a couple of weeks ago... i like it! i have it hanging up so i can look at it!

it's just about done but this little guy needs something. i don't know what, but something...

all my pieces for the store... sigh... don't you love to look at your stuff? ; )

i've been out walking a lot lately too, as we've had warm, sunny weather again. this is a huge dead tree that i've taken many pictures of. it's a bearing tree, and i suppose that's why the forest service hasn't cut it down even though it's been dead a long time. i never feel like dead trees are really dead, though. maybe it's because so much life lives on inside them.

more dead tree love...

some of the sticks that i've drawn on...

the stick on the far left lives with this magnificent juniper. these old growth junipers are more than a thousand years old...

on another note entirely, i was privileged to be asked by alma stoller to write an article for issue #4 of her zine, 'soulcraft'. i wrote about drawing with your non-dominant hand, and i'd like to say that it was pure pleasure working with alma. it'll be out nov. 16, but she's taking pre-orders for it here - she says they sell out quickly.

i'd also like to say a big thank you to cynjon, who helped me figure out how to put imeem music here, and to grrl for telling me how to make my shop pic an active link. i wrote to them at the end of my cyber rope, and they quickly told me what to do... thank you...

You're The First The Last My Everything - Barry White

i'm going to leave you with barry instead of a quote... last week i loaded a bunch of songs onto my mp3 player that i simply cannot listen to and sit still. i can attest to the fact that singing this song to the trees and sky while dancing will sever your earthly bonds, if only for three minutes and 24 seconds...



  1. OK so do you have a new blog look too? It is beautiful.

    LERVE that red head in the red dress scaring the chook.

    Please let me know when it's ready for sale. Chomping at the bit....

    Your Art for Sale site is looking very good. And everything is very affordable.

  2. Good luck with your shop :)

    I never tire of seeing your eatiful trees and the way you decorate them x

  3. Congrats Lynne..... your shop is fabulous!! Way to go! I'm thinking of opening one up soon! : )

    Love the comparison of your banner to your first tattoo.... LOL! When the artist did the top of my foot I though he was gashing through my skin....yikes!!

    Your work is incredible as always!! The sticks are fabulous!!

    Did you get the Sennelier spray yet? I think i really like it!!

  4. How wonderful to get your store set up, I hope you have wonderful sales. I will mention it in my blog. :)
    I've been taking pictures of trees like crazy lately, what's up with that? It's as if I can't get enough of them. I don't believe that trees are dead until they disappear completely from the ground, above and below. There is life in those roots, those roots that touch into the heart of Mother Earth. :)Bea

  5. Wow, Lynne ! That is busy alright ! I think the shop will be a brilliant thing for you. So wonderful to have a place to get some lynne hoppe love of your very own !
    And yes, I love, love love looking at all my work together. I think that is one of the reasons I do so much of it in my journal - I love it as a document just as much as I love some of the individual pieces inside.
    I actually did a piece over the weekend that is very linked to the theme of this post. ?
    May the trees and all the beauty your create keep you "grounded" as you go through to where you are going !
    Big Love !

  6. Glad to hear that I am not the only one who has been thinking about an online for for quite a while now. You are an inspiration!

  7. Good luck with your new shop! I love your color schemes!

  8. Tree-mendous new store! Way to go!
    I wish you success!
    I do love to see you paintings on trees and limbs...beautiful and unexpected fun!
    xox, Lisa

  9. yes I love looking at my work! and I love looking at yours! let me know how this goes...I am thinking of creating a blog just for my shop...congrats and I hope you sell out! xo
    ps, love your trees! and it is 60 here today, snow is gone! : )

  10. Yippee!!!
    Well done sweetie. It looks great, nice and clean and functions well. Burn on!

  11. Lynne Hoppe! what a brilliant move on your part - your new shop is wonderful and I just wish you and 'you child' all the best! the photo of looking up that very old tree is fabulous - I have to now go look up what a 'bearing tree' is xxo

  12. Congrats on your new shop, Lynne. Looking good!

    I love the photo of all your pieces together.

  13. Lynne congrats on the new store.

    I am so excited to keep seeing what you put in.

    I love the heart. yummy

    Everything looks wonderful.

    Love Renee xoxo

  14. You art is always so fun.. I always leave here with a smile on my face..
    Thanks for sharing sooooooooooooo much.. love it all.
    hugs, Darlene xo

  15. way past due! Way past due, for you...
    that shop!!!!

    Brave girl i send EXOBLESSINGS ALL OVER IT~~~~

    i was here earlier but got to Utube to listen to that song and then, well i imagined you out dancing and singing to the trees and joy rises up... i have been doing that too! On the beach...

    o... will there be sticks?
    will there be a one eyed goat somewhere on a card?
    o... wonderful.

    (now i have to do something brave and new, too) a challenge.!

  16. love the irony of getting bearings by a huge "dead" tree... what is that? A polorizing place; the boards of a house of centering>?

  17. Congratulations on taking the step to open up your shop. Great news for you and for all of us. I know you will do well, and judging by my visit there just now, people better be quick!!

  18. Congratulations dear Lynne! :)
    I'm really happy to see your great artworks again,I really missed them.
    Best Wishes

  19. hi loani, i added a couple of things to the sidebar - maybe that's it? thank you, thank you for all of your nice words... they are very much appreciated...

    thank you jasmine... i'm glad you like seeing the trees since i keep showing them. : )

    lol, manon, yes, the tattoo on foot thing - painful! i really had NO idea it was going to hurt that much. (and what was i thinking there? obviously it's going to hurt when someone digs into your skin with a needle!)

    no, i didn't get the sennelier spray - i decided to use the caran d'ache that i already have...

    you go on your shop!! xo

    thank you bea, for mentioning it on your blog and for your well wishes. and oh yes about the life in the roots.... oh yes, yes, yes...

    hiya kim! yeah, ch ch ch changes for sure. and i agree about journals being a document. even if i don't have one word written in mine, they're documents to me. here's to staying grounded in these ch ch ch changes, beautiful big heart walking...

    thank you, linda! this inner child me is very brave and forward moving. ; )

    thank you, darla! and i love your art!

    thank you, lisa... i appreciate your words tree-mendously... (and i do not think that someone who is two adults would think up the word tree-mendously. surely this is proof that you're really two inner children ; )

    hey cat! 60 today - woo hoo! it was warm here too - i was happy! here's to looking at our work, and i'll let you know how this big cartel endeavor goes...

    kathy, yes! onward brightly burning we go!

    thanks, jeane! a bearing tree marks a very particular spot on a map. that marker has the compass coordinates that tell one where it is...

    thanks, robyn! yeah, i like that pic too... ; )

    hello my dear renee... and thank you... xo

    darlene, you have put such a big smile on my face... thank you! : )

    m.! i LOVE these exoblessings falling all over my little shop! thank you! the one eyed goat, yes for sure he will be there, but i have to take a better picture of him first. (my sister thinks that's her jack russell terrier and not a goat) sticks? no, i think they would be too hard to ship. and besides, one can go draw on sticks so easily - it's impossible to mess one up!

    i can see you on the beach dancing! isn't it fabulous?! even though the complete bliss of it was fairly short lived, the residual bliss lived on for days...

    yes, i have thought about this bearing tree being 'dead' and the implications too... very interesting... i'm so pleased that they are letting it do its directional job still. they (the f.s.) seems so intent on cutting down all evidence of 'deadness' here. okay, but i will not get going on that...

    i will be watching to see what your new challenge is...

    in the meantime exoblessings are downloading at ever increasing speeds i feel...

    thank you, seth! onward!

    hello sweet parisa... as i've already told you over at your place, i'm so happy to see *you* again... xo

  20. You're 8 x 10 is really coming along...cant wait to see more, and....that wonderful tree!
    You are brave opening your own shop. I'm about to go and have a mosy your muslin pages so its bound to be a treat!

    Jacky xox

  21. Congratulations on your new shop - it looks really great Lynne! another fun post that has me grinning inside and out. xoxo K

  22. I just discovered your your the art I've seen so far.

  23. Wandered over to your site, somehow. First time here, and I love your work. Especially like the one with the chicken creature and lots of space. Kinda reminds me of an early Kandinsky...

  24. hey everything looks fresh and beautiful.... change is good!

  25. Hi Lynne,
    This is so weird.I spent a lot of yesterday checking out that cartel selling site.i'm doing a new website and trying to decide how to sell off of it.Glad to see somone i know useing it.eveything looks great on your end.

  26. Congratulations on your art shop! It looks beautiful... and I love the banner... life sounds like it is wonderful for you... walks in the sun, the wise old tree and your art... have a beautiful weekend dear one... Roxanne

  27. thanks, jacky... the *child me* is brave. ; )

    karin, good - i like grinning inside and out. : ) xo

    thank you, joyfulploys!

    hi jude, thank you... i don't know kandinsky's early work, but he's next on my list of artists to explore. i recognize some of his pieces and love them, but i want to know more!

    jude! thank you!

    thanks, lisa... it's not a very intuitive process (at least it wasn't for me), but after a few days of messing with it, i pretty much had it figured out. once you get the basics down it's easy (like everything i guess). if you decide to go with them, give me a holler if you have any questions!

    thanks, roxanne... gonna write ya soon... : ) you have a beautiful weekend too.. xo

  28. All beautiful here Lynne...always is :)

    Fantastic you opened an "art shop", well done.

    Love Jo xx

  29. Oh Lynne.....
    I LOVE to see that your work is available and for SALE!!! Yippeeee!

    Will you sell your dolls too? How about your wood people? The two of my favorite muslin pieces are sold, and I can't wait to see what else inspires you.

    What a BRILLIANT idea to do this on your blog!!!! YES, YES!!! I guess I'm excited about this....


  30. Good luck with your store! Not that you will need any. You seem to be off to a great start. I have been sloooowly gearing up myself, so I hear ya.

    I think you were wise to keep your lampworking equipment.

  31. Another beautiful post. You inspire me to run to my studio! :)

    I agree with Kim Mailhot, it is cool to see a bunch of your work together and I think that is also one of the reasons why I love to journal too.

    Good luck with your shop.


  32. You're MORE than welcome...and now I'm off to peruse your shop!

  33. Okay, am I being a goof, or am I missing the link for your store somehow??

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