Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the amazing bonegrrls

when i got home there were two packages waiting for me, packages from fellow bonegrrls, jen and grrl. did i open them right away? nope. i gloated over them. i knew they contained bones. i felt wealthy.

first i opened grrl's...

what the &%$#??! it's FULL of vintage fabric and ancient paper -- i just sent her bones wrapped in muslin for crying out loud!

she sent me a boxful of amazing stuff...

i sort of dumped everything back in the box to take a pic of it -- believe me, you can hardly see half of what's in there.

bones? damn, i'd forgotten about the bones, but they were there. jaw, vertebra, femur (?), and a broken piece of bone that she so nicely wrapped with a piece of her knitting.

jen's package sat unopened longer than usual because by that time i was fully under the influence of The Krud. but finally i opened it

and oh my god! she did the same thing as grrl!!!! these bonegrrls!!

the coolest napkins i've ever seen. the one on the left says 'domestically disabled', and on the right it could well be kwan yin -- on a napkin!! there was lace and other cool paper too.

yes, she sent this tooth set in resin... last month a friend sent me the pewter bird's head for my birthday- it immediately went to live beside the tooth.

oh yes, that's right -- bones. and some teeth and claws... the teeth on the left are roughly four inches long. i have mouse sized versions of them. amazing...

two skulls. after sitting in the dry air here for a few hours a lot of the teeth fell out. more amazement...

can i adequately express my gratitude to you, jen and grrl? i think not... can i adequately express my gratitude to all of the kindred spirits i've met in the blogging world? and seth, who's brought so many people, including the bonegrrls, together? no... i don't think that words can do it. but if they could, know that i would write them here with all of my heart and they would say,

thank you...


  1. Shivers, truly and strongly.

    I have shivers wandering up and down and through my bones. It is lovely to "know" you and to be very happy for you!

    And I still think it's weird that I am awake and up after the night, while it lies ahead of you. Oddoddodd. So, good night!

  2. oh jo, i so feel the same! very, very grateful to 'know' you.

    hee! i agree, it's odd this thing of communicating with others who are going to bed while you're getting up -- or having summer while you're in the depths of winter!

    good morning!

  3. SOoo beautiful... look at the richness of your bounty! And the tooth set in resin - delightful.

    I am honoured to have met you through Seth,..hmm... bones of a feather... or something..

    lets make stuff!

  4. Wowza what fabulous packages! The vintage fabrics and those "bones" are amazing.
    Love the tooth set in resin too, goes so well with your bird head.
    What a bounty of treasures...your mind must be buzzing with ideas.

  5. What beautiful gifts! You lucky girl you.

  6. Love these gifts from the universe...that tooth set in resin is awesome...thanks to Seth I found your it ..thanks for sharing your life, art and musings with the world.

  7. Lynne - okay the bone girls definitely know how to wrap a gorgeous package! - this urban girl a bit iffy on the contents but enjoy your excitment! -

  8. Lynne, your gifts from the "bone girls" are wonderful, I love the wrappings and the bones, and the way you photograph them. I went home sick yesterday and stayed home today. The worst thing about feeling bad for me is that my spirits get so low. So I am having a day of looking at incredible blogs, (like yours) and hoping to feel better... We are still on for Saturday!? Roxanne

  9. Gifts wrapped in gifts. And we all get to peep at what is inside. I just love this blogging community.

  10. hey grrl, yes, bones of a feather... i like that.

    hi jacky, ideas are percolating... bubbling and simmering and just generally bouncing around!

    hey tony and lisa! i'm grateful for sure!

    hi supria, thank you so much for stopping by! from seth's to here, universal gifts abound!

    jeane, i knew the boney essence of this post would not excite you, but figured you could divert your eyes to the wrapping. ; )

    hi roxanne, oh yes, i know so well what you mean about the worst about part being sick... i have felt quite low with brief high spots since i got home. i'll e-mail you later today -- i'm still pretty sick myself and more or less just waiting to see how i feel as the day goes by. i hope you get over this thing quickly...

    robyn, yes, gifts within gifts... and the gift that contains all gifts is the blogging community itself.

  11. Lynne...and it's not even Christmas!!! I like that...:)allot.
    What a thrill...and boxes of treasured treasure too.

  12. hey jo! yep, treasured treasure... the packages and all of you creative, kindred spirits here in blogland...

    kate, mmmmmmm indeed...

  13. i guess i am in awe... a bit dumbfounded. The way the bones come to you all, there is power in that, though its not mine to say... love the way the teeth fell out... you know, i think about walking across that cloud, maybe all of us together, could believe!

    Sweet dreams...

  14. Can I be an honorary bone grrl?
    I think I'll be hiking today, as it's warm(ish) and sunny out, and I'm hoping some bones may find their way to me.

  15. mansuetude, your words are such a gift to me...

    the teeth are now sitting out in the rain along with the skulls... i wonder what they'll look like by the end of this winter? this is what i love -- to see how nature and time change things. us.

    yes, yes... all of us together believing about walking across those clouds...

    hey cynjon! grrl and i were just saying that we need a gender neutral name for the bonegrrls. whatever the name, you can be a *charter* member -- to hell with honorary!!

    hoping you find some bones out walking today...

  16. Yay! I'm glad you like everything ... The teeth are from a beaver and only the lower portion would show (maybe 3 or 4 inches?) while the remainder would be in the jaw curved right into the skull. Awesome creatues, beavers!
    I agree fun needs to be a bonegrrl! And in case you don't visit I'm hosting a Twisted Christmas deco swap on ...

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  18. oh fer the love of pete ...FYI my puter died and I'm reduced to using my itouch with a weeny type pad ... I meant CYN should be a bonegrrl

  19. What generous gifts and an amazing collection of objects. I am so happy that I have been a part of bringing the bonegrrls together and so very much appreciate your thoughts about me in this post!

  20. hey jen! so nice to see your smiling face here! yeah, cynjon should be a bonegrrl for sure!!

    hi ritva, thank you for stopping by!

    ahhhh, seth, you are so welcome. thank *you*!

  21. oh man! - Lynne you are so cool - scrolling and scrolling - more cool and more cool - you are such an inspiration - is that a crow head next to the tooth? - wow!

    xox - eb.


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