Thursday, March 12, 2009

synchronicities can build

the weather is gorgeous and my thoughts have turned to roaming... this is a conk on an old juniper tree that i saw yesterday on my wander. there seemed to be something stunning at every turn...

part of a juniper tree that was absolutely loaded with berries. i've never seen anything like it.

i came upon a grassy path that lead under an old juniper. on this dry hillside grass is unusual; a grassy path downright miraculous...

it lead to a cool, quiet spot under the tree where icicles were melting on rich, green moss...

i sat down nearby, and it kept coming to me that this spot was 'deeply quiet'. i read, i dozed, i painted...

how is it that this 3" knob didn't erode while everything around it did?

since i'd walked up along the ridge, there were no footprints on the road walking back. yeah, i was smiling!

these sharpies came in the mail today. they're oil based, AP nontoxic, permanent, and they don't stink! the white isn't as opaque as the ink in a uni-ball signo pen, but the other colors are very opaque and appear to have great potential. i'm thinking about using them on my graffiti wall project,

which looks more or less like this now. i haven't told seth or julie, but thoughts of cutting up my 'wall' are at work in my brain.

synchronicities can build, 3/11/09

a poor photo of my last journal page. i used a color called 'icicles', which is full of glitter, on the wings, so all you see is shine...

which brings me to LuminArte ... they're still taking orders, and all orders will be filled. so if you've been thinking about ordering some paint before they go out of business, you still have time!



  1. I'm so glad you roamed and I got to come along! your perch looking out below is amazing - you've gone quiet? - hmmmmm, it doesn't feel like it - this is a fully loaded post - so much to digest! - the graffiti wall is looking incredible! AND the pens sound very interesting!

  2. lol,jeane, well i WAS quiet. ; )

  3. thanks for taking me on this beautiful walk Lynne x

  4. What gorgeous photos you took on your walk! Those berries are amazing!
    Can't wait to see more of your graffiti wall project!
    Love your journal page..... it glitters a little in the pic!

  5. What a perfect day, lynne. I love that you came across that path untrodden !
    Cutting up the wall? Hmm...well, my gut says if you have the thoughts, maybe that is what your "inner artist" wants to do. Another path untrodden ?

    Happy Friday !

  6. Thanks for sharing your trek. Looks so serene and peaceful.

    I just love this graffiti wall project you guys are doing! Such a cool collaboration.

  7. Lynne!! I love it that you took a pic of your seat!! And that view. holy moly. I'm awed, and scared, too. Isn't it great to focus on the little bits? Thanks for featuring them all.

  8. I can see your chosen spot easily lulling one into sleep with the sun warming you!

    How big is the graffiti wall?
    (and I think your thoughts on cutting it up may be out of the bag!)

  9. Wow! I've missed so much since I went a travelin. It looks like you have been up to some wonderful paintings and travels yourself.
    Thanks for taking us on your walks in the woods. They are so beautiful and still. Can't wait to catch up with all your posts.

  10. My beloved water based sharpie poster paint pens are discontinued...wonder if these are the replacements...look forward to seeing how they look in your art...

    Your scenery is divine...I kept thinking about how that icicle is nourishing the moss below...really beautiful...

    and...of course....your wall....LOVE.

  11. stunning is a bit of an understatement - I, too, enjoyed roaming with you.

    your graffiti wall is pretty incredible - I have a feeling that if you do decide to cut it up, the results will be even more so ... can't wait to see what you decide.

    I have to admit that I am a little bummed that I can't read the words on the journal page, but at the same time am liking the secret of it. Seems to work with the sparkle

  12. lumilyon, i'm so glad you came along.... your presence is welcome any time. : )

    hey manon - thank you! 'icicles' is great for everything besides photography. : )

    heya kim, happy friday to you! yeah, i will cut it up for sure if the muse keeps pointing me in that direction. i'm thinking graffiti book...

    carmen, the graffiti wall collaboration is way cooler than i ever imagined it'd be. i had NO idea the papers would look so gorgeous ripped up and glued down together.

    thank you for coming along with me...

    chris! thank you for noticing the little bits! and yeah, the seat. nice, huh?! p.s. get the pens

    cynjon, i think the cutting up idea is definitely out of the bag now. ; ) the graffiti wall is 2' x 3'. xo

    hey leanne, are you back?! i hope you had happy, happy travels and are settled back into your creative life!

    julie, i had no idea the water based pens have been discontinued... dang, i loved those. try these... so far i'm really loving them because they're definitely waterproof and permanent.

    i'm smiling about you thinking about the icicle nourishing the moss... i kept thinking about that too... xo

    michelle, here's what the words say. they're from the book 'you are god get over it', by story waters.

    "When you are within the unfolding, synchronicities can build up to levels that can shake apart a traditional solid view of reality."


  13. Oh Lynne, it is so good to see your new post and go on this beautiful walk with you. I love your quiet place where you painted and read and dreamed...
    And your graffiti wall is incredible... so rich with ART! Have a beautiful Saturday... Roxanne

  14. A roamin in the gloamin we will go! That quiet spot is so inviting. I can imagine myself sitting there quietly contemplating the snow. Oh and your graffiti wall is looking so good, Lynne!!!

  15. hello roaming heart... the world the earth must sense your worth as you come softly along.

    just peeking in.

    peace and soulful energy all over you till you tingle... xo

  16. a walk homeward on an unsullied path is a gift...

  17. That wall is looking oh so fantastic! Rip, shread, tear to your hearts content!!

  18. roxanne! i am sending you smiles and hugs! you would have loved to walk here with me. i'm thinking about you -- have a beautiful sunday! xo

    robyn, *i* can imagine you sitting there contemplating the snow... or the icicles... or the rocks... thank you about the graffiti wall. xo

    m., my heart is smiling seeing you peek in here... xo

    yes it is, india... a big gift.

    i will seth! and cut, too! ; )

  19. Hi Lynne, yes those nature pics WOW!
    "Quiet" is good...lets you absorb it all...and me too as I sit here reading this post! Love those pens Lynne and your thoughts about the wall!!!looking forward to seeing what happens here. Jo xx

  20. Lynne, I love when you show us around your place and how the woods and the stream and the trees are so beautiful.

    I have a serious question though.

    Do you go alone? Aren't you scared? I am such a suck that even when I see the pictures, I keep thinking 'Lynne is okay because she wrote on the blog.' because I am thinking maybe something happened.

    I read a Truman Capote book about a country house when I was about 12 and someone goes in and shoots the whole family (I think a girl escaped) and seriously I have always been afraid of the country.

    Isn't that crazy, but I think if something happned no one would hear me.

    I think you are terribly brave.


    Love Renee (fraidy cat)

  21. hey jo, yes, quiet *is* good... and i do love these pens. i've used them several times since i got them and they're great... xo

    my dear renee, i think i'm not afraid because i grew up camping and hiking, and always felt so at home 'in the woods'. i was a tomboy... plus my father taught us so much about the natural world, and one of the things that he said over and over again if we saw snakes or animals, was 'just remember that they're more afraid of you than you are of them'. so i always feel that... ... xxoo (p.s. i might not be that brave in a big city : )

  22. my goodness, I dont know where to start... surrounded by such natural beauty it is no wonder that energy comes straight out of your hands to your art.
    The icicle is gorgeous.. and the path..rave rave rave.. and I must be the last person to discover luminarte..which may the other reason your work is so vibrant..


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