Thursday, March 5, 2009

put your feet up

put your feet up, 3/4/09

so you can see the different page sizes... some days i think i'll make the next journal like this, and some days i think i like it better when the pages are all the same size...

. . .

i think i was, uh, a little premature about the 'almost-spring' thing.

no wait! this looks encouraging!

ahhhhh.... the tidiest it's been in months... i like to just gaze at it in this condition.

i'm going out of town 'til early next week; if i don't take my computer with me, i'll see you then! and thank you everyone for your comments and waves!!



  1. Different journaling moods is part of the reason we all have so many different journals to work in!! Gorgeous winter photos. Brrr. Enjoy your time away!

  2. seth, is that the reason i have so many different journals? that sounds so, well, reasonable... ; )

  3. Similar craziness in the weather realm here, too - from zero to predicted 60's all in the same week. Variety like multi sized pages in a journal?!
    happy trails :^)

  4. *sigh* i love your work...

    send us some snow-or more rain!! ;)

  5. I like the different size journal pages!! I love your work in them!
    I know how you feel about the state of your studio! LOL! Enjoy it right now because you know it won't last! hee, hee

  6. even with the pretty little bench with its lovely lotus leaf edging, that chair still has me.

    Journal options are always good - do you know anyone that has only one? :)

    Safe travels & have a great trip.

  7. I love the look of different sizes of pages in a handmade book. I also love your paintings of furniture. So nice to come home to a tidy studio space; you’ll be able to get to work as soon as the muse says “go!”

  8. Have a lovely trip, Lynne! I your winter shots. A while back I put out a wicker chair to enjoy the sun in, and haven't go to sit in it since. It is now covered in snow... oh well! I like your different size pages, and agree with Seth... we must have many journals! i miss you! Roxanne

  9. karin, yeah, variety all around! i will have happy trails. : ) xo

    aw, kelly, you're so sweet... if i *could* send rain and or snow, i would! i know what it's like to want more, more, more as the dry months draw closer.

    lol, manon! you are so right! it takes me about 3 minutes to get it back to a state of total messed-up-edness!

    yeah, that chair has my heart too, michelle... thank you for your safe travel wishes...

    hi leslie, i think one of my favorite things about the different sized pages is the way they look once the pages are done -- the different images peeking out behind one another.

    hey roxanne! yes, winter is coming and going -- mostly coming, it seems. just about the time the snow melts, it comes again. as for different journals, i'm pretty much a one journal person, although you wouldn't know it by looking in my closet, where there are many journals-in-waiting. ; )

  10. Lynne...I like the idea of putting my feet up! Need to do it more this little foot stool too.
    Odd size journal pages look fab!
    Snow looks good from here...although we are cooling down now...had some life saving rain and all I can say is "bring on Autumn" my favorite time of year!

  11. uh oh! Lynne - the little stool, not exactly a chair, but close - I'm telling you, its addictive! I must say, you live in a very magical place!

  12. Love th feeling of your serene
    Love your photos
    Love your art
    Love your words

  13. I just put my cocktail down long enough to wave to you, and say I went to the medicine man mentioned in that book I asked you about... stand by for the podt, but..., ahem.... it fell wayyyyy short of any expections.. you were the first person I thought of and I raced about to find a tin can to tie to a palm tree to get a signal here to tell you... love,


  14. Wow,I love to see your desk,it is so great and artistic!!!I love every details of your space that you create your fantastic works!
    Have a nice trip

    P.S.They are "Alborz" mountains.They are in"Chaloos" Road that we choose to go to the north from Tehran.

  15. Hey Lynne,
    I just gave you an award on my site!! I couldn't remember if you had already received it!! Don't feel obliged to do all the work that goes with it... lol!

  16. Lynne the pictures are wonderful and I love how the journal looks having different sized pages.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  17. I'd love to put my feet up... thanks Lynne. Gorgeous little footstool and I love that all the pages are different sizes (depending on your whim).

    I love the photo of the fir trees laden with snow and the colourful prayer flags in the foreground.

    Enjoy your time away and see you when you get back.

  18. Love those photos and the flags.

  19. I really like the different sized journal pages. There are so interesting. It's nice to see the layers.

    And I love the photo of your creative space.

  20. Hi there! I just came across your blog through Nancy's "never enough time" blog and was surprised to see the name "Hoppe", which is my maiden name. It is not the most common one, so I thought I'd just stop in and say Hello. I love the photos on your blog and, of course, your artwork! Take care, Lisa C.,

  21. Your work is so lovely, soothing and spiritual...I love it..those prayer flags are awesome.

  22. thank you everyone for taking the time to stop and comment while i was gone... i appreciate it so much! xo