Sunday, March 1, 2009

the seer

the seer, 2/28/09
. . .

a happy flight, ching-chou kuik

these are the paintings that sit on the little table beside my chair... i'd put more on it but i have to leave room for my paints. : )

night patrol, ching-chou kuik

unnamed, lisa luree



  1. These are terrific Lynne! I also love the way you've framed them!

  2. I love your recent series of "head shots" and this grouping of framed paintings is really great.

  3. Your seer is truly wonderful. Here is another I think you'll enjoy. xoxo K
    The Seer by Debra Faulconer Baker
    You come here to the Wild Woods'
    Seeking to find the Seer'
    She senses your presence
    Wait in the opening
    She will appear in the forest
    Her beauty will blind you
    This woman of vision
    Listen to her words
    With a patient heart
    She speaks only the truth
    Sparing no convictions
    Leave with fonder
    Judging each step to come with wisdom

  4. Imagine my surprise ... a third eye!! (did you actually think I would resist that one?!?) I LOVE that the third is violet, but it's the crystal hair that has me doing my happy dance on tippy toes!

    I love seeing what other artists collect, thank you - such fun little pieces. And thanks for their links, too. :)

  5. Wonderful selection, yours included...especially the crystals!

  6. thank you, manon!

    thanks seth! i've been on a 'head shot' kick lately. : )

    oh, yes i DO love that, karin.... thank you. xo

    thanks, michelle! well of course the third eye's gonna be violet. ; )

    thank you, cynjon! those crystals were fun! i used the twinkling h20 color called 'icicles'... very sparkly stuff, it is...

  7. Love the Seer too !! i wonder what she sees!

  8. i think the top one looks like grrl+dog after she comes back from BAli (I'm not jealous you know)

  9. thank you, b & w!

    rosie, i think she sees ALL. ; )

    kate, i swear it DOES look like grrl just back from bali. : )

  10. ahh love the seer - fabulous!