Monday, March 2, 2009

have a seat

have a seat, 3/1/09

. . .

we've been having a lot of rain so i'm watching the creek...

this is what it looked like last summer...

and this is what it looks like today.

the first thing i did when i got up this morning was go see what rocks were still above water. it's a riotous celebration... loud - like a big wind blowing! when you stand and look at it you feel joy all over!!

every fall i put my favorite rocks on the creek bank so they don't get washed away. these will go back in the creek this summer, and i'll make a new batch of rock sculptures to get washed away next winter. one year i thought that a beloved rock (in the center of the summer photo above - shaped like a triangle with water splashing under it) had gotten washed away. i couldn't believe it -- it's so heavy! something told me to dig down in the creek bed where it had been, and sure enough, there it was under layers of smaller rocks. i was ecstatic!

these are beside the creek... can i resist photos of prayer flags? no!

this is the paper that came with the prayer flags. still amazingly intact after six months outside. looking at this and the creek made me think about seth's disintegration collaboration...

i took this standing outside our front door when i got back from my creek survey (that's wood smoke on the right). the air has a soft, moist, almost-spring feeling... and that makes me smile!



  1. yum! Such atmospheric scenes.. call me a blogaholic.. sittting at the airport waiting. blogging with wine in hand..ahhh..the start of a holiday.

    I see you have favourite rocks too... hope they make it.

  2. grrl! if you see this before you fly out, have a fabulous time in bali! and i know you will... xo

  3. Love the chair SO MUCH and the final image of the flags is breath-takingley beautiful. What a wonderful way to start the day x

  4. The painting is awesome!
    I just love your whole ritual with the rocks..... the prayer flags...... love it!
    Great post!

  5. I see sometimes you make your own prayer flags. You buy them too sometimes?

    When did you get turned onto using them? They always look lovely.

    I have a great imaginary you pulling rocks out of the stream every year. It's perfect. Like a story book.

    Love it.


  6. I love that you have favourite rocks.

    I love your creek too. Mine is covered in snow right now. We call it a stream. When it gets warmer I'll take some pictures for you.

    I think flags would be a great addition.

  7. Beautiful pictures, I love the chair!

  8. fantastic fotos! Thanks for this natural yumminess. I am craving a hike!

    Don't you love checking on your Seth project? My paper bundle is evolving in a weird way... or is it devolving?

  9. Thank you for taking us to see your wonderland backyard and favorite rocks...the last photo is breathtaking.
    I so like your studio photo in the sidebar!

  10. I really love the first piece!The idea and the presentation are excellent!and then the river from middle of the forest is great,too!
    You live in dreamy place!like a small heaven!
    Be Happy

  11. That is a *LOVELY* scene from your front door!

  12. thank you so much lumilyon -- it makes me smile that you like the chair.

    thanks manon -- i thought about you when i was painting the chair, as i got the caran d'ache crayons out to do some scribbling on top with!

    hey rose... yeah, i buy prayer flags too! whenever we go to mt. shasta i buy one or two strings -- i think i'm a prayer flag addict. : ) i'm not sure, but i think i got turned on to them the first time i saw a photo of a mountaintop stupa in tibet with prayer flags tied off in all directions... there's just something about them that i really love...

    carmen... yes! (and i love your new photo)

    jen, what...? not everyone has favorite rocks and bones? ; ) yeah, flags make everything better...

    thank you very much, janny!

    i'm craving a hike too, chris. it's really muddy now so i'm waiting for the ground to dry up a little. i'm not sure about the devolving or evolving -- yah, i think it's evolving. : )

    you're welcome, mary ann... and thank *you*!

    hi parisa, yes, i think the chair idea is excellant myself. ; ) and i do think i live in a heavenly place... xo

    thanks, cynjon!

  13. whoa! where to start ... breathe first. k ... "have a seat" is STELLAR! and it SINGS!

    *sighs* words can't descibe the rest ... beautiful doesn't quite grasp it, so instead, I thank you.

  14. i wish we lived near one another!!! would love to see your creek/prayer flags in person:) hope you are well... i'm off to india in 10 days... haven't posted on my blog recently because after the show i was pretty burnt out and now i'm writing 160 student comments... hope to have some time and energy soon to make art - or at least to get some supplies ready for my trip. peace, j

  15. Oh Lynne that first piece is so incredible. The image and the colors combine to create an extraordinary work of art. Love it!

  16. Your flags are awesome just like you. I love your creek.


  17. michelle, those are the nicest words! thank you!! sometimes i wonder if i should share things like the creek and rocks, so thank you...

    jennifer, have a wonderful time in india. i haven't been there but many people i know have. it's almost always transformative it seems. i hope your show went well... safe travels... xo

    thank you seth... it felt great to cut loose and free myself up some.

    and your comments are awesome, just like you renee... xo

  18. Hi Lynne...I just love your painting of the seat with wings (I dont know, I seem to have a think for paintings of chairs/seats lately???? Do I need to sit down for a while?). Gorgeous, gorgeous colours too.
    Enjoyed this post and the lovely photos of your stream.

    Jacky xox

  19. Lovely painting. We have had rain for two days on and off, our first since early December, quelled the fires at last.
    Your stream looks wonderful, is it on your property?
    Love the prayer flags too.

  20. Hi Lynne...I feel pretty wonderful after reading this magical post.
    I love the relationship you have going with that creek. it's special.
    I was only looking at prayer flags today...and here they are again.
    The winged chair Hmmm wish my chair had wings! Rosalie Gascoinge created an assemblage of swivel chairs and goose feathers. If the security gaurds weren't doing such a thorough job...maybe I would have had a go :) Jo xx

  21. lol, jacky, i think there's something about paintings of furniture that strike a chord inside... i don't know what it is, but it definitely seems that way to me. i'm happy that all is well with you... xo

    ro, i am just so delighted to hear about the rain! yes, the stream is on our property -- it forms one of the borders. and thank you!

    yes, jo, this creek is very good to me... very sharing of its energy... as for the chair -- well here's what i did when i sat down to meditate after a friend mentioned that she'd just read about an 'ascension chair' (where this idea came from). i felt myself sitting in it, and viola! off i went! ; )

  22. uh oh! a chair! painting! - sometimes that leads to chair obsession! well, I guess that was for me! once I started, I couldn't stop for a very long time! love yours! and all the photos - my, I had no idea you lived so high up to still have snow! - well, that's not true, of course I knew that, but apparently it didn't sink in until seeing the photo outside your door!

  23. hi jeane, yeah, i can see a definite potential for chair obsession. very definite!

    we live at 4700'... xo

  24. I love the idea that you save your favorite rocks from year to year... and I forgot your desk, such a magical place! Roxanne

  25. I love the smell of woodsmoke after snow has fallen. It takes me straight back to my childhood. Rivers, rocks and prayer flags....wonderful!